Our holiday survival guide will keep your season merry and bright

House of Puff’s Ultimate Holiday Survival Guide

  • This time of year can be chaotic. So, we’re sharing our tips for holiday survival with cannabis.
  • Whether you require discretion or you’re headed to a cannabis-friendly shindig, we have all the ways that the plant can help assuage your anxiety all month long.
  • Read on for carefully chosen cannabis strains to maximize peace on earth—or at least at your dinner table.

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Holiday Survival With Our Favorite Flower

It’s (allegedly) the most wonderful time of the year! But anyone who claims to make it through the holiday season unscathed is almost definitely lying. Unless, of course, they’ve been strategically harnessing the magic of cannabis. The holiday season, with its whirlwind of festivities, can be both enchanting and overwhelming. From cheerful gatherings with friends and family to the craziness of hosting or traveling, the holidays can stir up some nonsense that requires a touch of finesse and indulgence to quell.

High Spirits for the Holidays

We want to help transform your holiday hustle into a stress-free season of exceptional experiences. Since mom probably won’t let you replace the candles in the menorah with perfectly rolled joints or leave out infused Christmas cookies for Santa, here’s your cannabis Holiday Survival Guide. Whether you’re looking to combat seasonal sadness, take part in discreet yet delightful consumption, or mix up your dinner party with some cannabis-infused dishes, we’ve got you. Our guide will walk you through all the steps to thrive in, not just survive the season.

Infuse Christmas cookies for holiday cheer

Holiday Survival When the Stress is High

As joyful as this time of year can be, the weight of holiday responsibilities can cast a shadow over the effervescent environment. Picture this: you’re the host with the most navigating the intricate dance of party planning. The pressure is on to create an atmosphere of joy and warmth. Whether it’s a sublingual to take the edge off as you prep or an edible to unwind after the last guest has departed, cannabis can be the unsung hero of your holiday. The stress of hosting overnight guests, planning elaborate menus, and having to sit across from your worst family member for an entire night are no match for the calming relief of the plant.

Select Your Season’s Best

Not all cannabis is created equal. So, if you’re going to indulge in our favorite flower for holiday survival, let’s make sure you’re choosing a strain that will actually alleviate your stress. Cannabis strains with a higher percentage of THC are more likely to increase anxiety or paranoia. CBD, however, works with THC to help combat that risk. So, try to stick to a strain with less than 22% THC, unless it’s also high in CBD. The closer that the strain is to a 1:1 ratio of THC to CBD, the lower your chances are of having a panic attack between the hors d’oeuvres and the first course. Plus, if you’re crossfading, an extra dose of CBD can also help beat a hangover the next morning.

Our Holiday Survival Wish List

Please don’t forget about the terpenes! They’re the tiny aromatic molecules that influence both the scent and effects of each strain. Our fave strains for the season are the ones that offer maximal relief from all of the holiday hubbub. We don’t want anything that will make us too anxious or jittery. So, we like to go for ones that are high in terpenes like myrcene, beta-caryophyllene, limonene, alpha bisabolol, and linalool to maximize relief and relaxation amidst the festive chaos.


Myrcene is one of the most prevalent terpenes in cannabis. Also found readily in hops, thyme, mangos, and lemongrass, it has a musky, earthy aroma that tastes a bit spicy. Strains high in myrcene provide a calming and sedative sensation, making them perfect for unwinding during the hectic holiday season.


Recognized for its peppery notes, beta-caryophyllene is the only terpene that also acts as a cannabinoid, meaning that it can activate our endocannabinoid system in ways that other terpenes can’t. Outside of cannabis you can find beta-caryolphyllene in cinnamon and cloves. With anti-inflammatory properties, strains rich in beta-caryophyllene offer relaxation without that couch-lock sedation. This terpene adds a unique therapeutic element, making it ideal for managing stress without compromising focus.


Limonene contributes a zesty and citrusy aroma to cannabis. Naturally, it’s also found in the rinds of citrus fruits, such as lemons, oranges, and grapefruits. In addition to its anti-inflammatory properties, this bright and uplifting terpene is known for its mood-boosting effects. Strains high in limonene offer an energetic boost, as well as mental clarity, making them a perfect choice for daytime consumption during festive gatherings or the prep beforehand.

Alpha Bisabolol

Known for its floral and sweet notes, alpha bisabolol is often used in skincare products to soothe and heal our largest organ. So, it’s not surprising that it’s found in other soothing herbs like chamomile and sage. Strains with alpha bisabolol, offer a gentle and calming experience, making them suitable for relaxation without inducing drowsiness.


Linalool is the undisputed champion of terpenes when it comes to getting a good night’s sleep. Popular for its floral essence, linalool is responsible for the aroma and calming effects of lavender and lilacs. Linalool can have strong sedative and relaxing effects. So, cannabis strains high in linalool are best enjoyed before bedtime. Be careful with this one too early in the evening—unless you want to be carried home.

Our Holiday Survival Wish List

Jilly Bean is a sativa-dominant hybrid boasting a high myrcene content that offers an uplifting and social high—your perfect companion for festive gatherings. Next is King Kong, a hybrid that’s packed with beta-caryophyllene, myrcene, and limonene. Its euphoric effects will keep you spirited all party long. If you’re seeking some post-celebration salvation, look for Mendo Breath. It’s an indica-dominant hybrid that’s rich in caryophyllene and provides a heavy, sleepy buzz for a restful night. For more ideas about which strains to try—and which to avoid—check out our cannabis strain guide.

Low Key Methods for High Quality Holiday Survival

Holiday celebrations require different levels of discretion depending on where, how, and with whom you’re celebrating. (And if yours doesn’t, we’d love an invite next year!) If lighting up a joint at the dinner table isn’t an option for you, consider some less overt options. With a discreet slip under the tongue and a swift onset, sublinguals are a must-have for holiday survival. They’re especially great for microdosing when you don’t want to go overboard. Plus, they kick in faster than edibles, so you’ll be feeling great before Aunt Susan even gets to the offensive part of her story. AND she’ll be none the wiser.

Infused cannabis cocktails are a great way to raise the bar this holiday season

Higher Key Methods for High Quality Holiday Survival

On the other hand, if your party is cannabis-friendly but smoke-free, consider stocking the bar with infused holiday cocktails for a fun twist. Since cocktails are something that everyone is familiar with, cannabis beverages are also a great way to destigmatize the plant for those who haven’t ever tried it. You can mix your own from scratch with a tincture. Or, if they’re available at your local dispensary, go semi-homemade with infused seltzers as mixers. Finally, end your night on the perfect high note. Eat an edible 20 minutes before your last guest leaves, and it’ll hit just in time to relax you as you finish cleaning up the kitchen.

Feasting On Joy

Did you say your gathering is cannabis-friendly? Let’s turn that drab dinner into a potluck! Baked goods and gummies usually get all the attention when it comes to edibles. And we get why. But your fellow party people will absolutely flip over our cannabis-infused Christmas cookies. With our 1-dough recipe, you can whip up an assortment of delights, including infused snickerdoodles, sugar cookies, and chocolate turtle cookies. New spins on old holiday favorites like these will infuse your party with nostalgic warmth and merry grins. Not to mention that the time you save with this 3-in-1 dough is a holiday survival must. The best part is that it’s easy to tailor the dose to match your group’s tolerance so that everyone has a euphoric time.

Holiday Survival With Savory Snacks and Sips

But why not change it up a bit from the sweets? Go beyond the ordinary with some of our innovative ways to infuse cocktails, appetizers, and entrees with a hint of cannabis. It’s easy to shake up the bar with some infused THC and CBD cocktails. We’re currently obsessed with mixing up this cannabis-infused spicy melon margarita for our friends. But if you’re the one assigned to bring an appetizer or a side dish, have no fear. Just keep the dose low—like a milligram or 2 per serving. Because, whether they’re going for the THC-infused empanadas or the CBD-infused honey glazed turkey breast, your friends will definitely be grabbing seconds. From the first sip to the last bite, these recipes will ensure your holiday gathering is a flavorful adventure that lingers on the palate.

The Walk: The Oldest Holiday Survival Trick in the Book

Let’s not beat around the bush. Sometimes we have to spend the holidays with relatives who…well…suck. As the dinner conversation devolves into shambles over the shape of the earth or late Grandma Ruth’s pecan pie recipe, slip away with your coolest cousin (or parent) for the classic “walk”. Announce to no one that you need some fresh air. Or, even better, just dutifully leash up the pup. Everyone will be so distracted by the mudslinging, they won’t even notice you leave. Pack your handy Le Pipe with your fave flower and trek toward bliss.

Sparking Holiday Joy

The holidays can feel overwhelming, but they don’t have to be. Under the glow of a cannabis haze, you can shrug off the stress and chaos to simply enjoy some cherished time with your friends and family. There’s so many ways to indulge yourself. You could whet your palate with a sneaky sublingual just before the appetizers. Or raise an infused cocktail with your guests to toast the season. Even if it’s just a quick puff on your one hitter at the end of the night to unwind, there’s no shortage of ways to include cannabis in your holiday survival kit. Treat yourself to the stress-free season you deserve. Cheers to a heightened holiday for all!

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