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Here’s our guide to black-owned Cannabis businesses.

  • In addition to protesting, donating, educating our white peers, and voting, we want to do everything we can to dismantle systemic racism.
  • So we make it a point to regularly feature Black-owned businesses.
  • For Black History Month 2022, we’ve turned our past features into a categorized resource guide that you can turn to over and over again for the coolest Black-owned cannabis companies. 
  • Scroll down for Black-owned cannabis accessories, bath and body, beauty, beverages, cooking and edible prep, services, supplements, and more!

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Buy from Black-owned businesses

Let’s face it, the War on Drugs has always been a war on BIPOC communities. Even with social justice efforts, cannabis legalization is still heavily privileging whites. According to our friends at @itsnicepaper, as of 2020, 81% of cannabis brands are white-owned. Only 4.3% are Black-owned. And only 1% of those Black-owned businesses are women-owned. We’ll wait while that sinks in…. To help you be more intentional about where you’re spending your money, we consistently add to this guide to Black-owned cannabis business. It’s an evergreen resource you can depend on. And it’s now grown big enough that we’ve split it into categories. We’re also thrilled that it’s perennially at the top of our most-read list!

Black-owned cannabis accessories

024 is the chicest way to control cannabis smell

024 is the Chicest Way to Control Cannabis Smell

Do you love cannabis but not the lingering scent? That’s why Gena Surphlis founded 024. Her son smokes cannabis to help alleviate the symptoms of sickle cell anemia. But Gena worries about the stigma surrounding cannabis use. She wants her son and others to have the freedom to consume cannabis without judgment. So 024 was born. This Black-owned brand makes candles that eliminate the telltale smell of cannabis. 024 combines science and scent. Their NeuAir™ scent technology is what makes their candles unique. It’s designed to specifically target the odorous chemical compounds in cannabis.

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We’re all in for Apothecarry stash box humidors. Just like you want a pretty pipe in your handbag, you also want to ditch the plastic pop-top bottles and store your kush in style. No need for makeshift solutions anymore because Apothecarry’s got your cannabis storage covered. Whether it’s their luxe Original, their travel cases, or the Dabney (you guessed it, it’s specifically for dab). Modeled after classic cigar humidors, the Original includes everything a cannabis connoisseur needs. That includes a locking, vegan-leather-lined, smell-proof case with a decidedly clubby aesthetic. This luxury cannabis brand was founded by Whitney Beatty. A William Morris exec and single mom, she didn’t find medical marijuana until adulthood. But when she did, she did us all a favor by creating more than just another smell proof case. One that lives up to our high design standards.

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Apotheccary's storage case is perfect for traveling with your stash
Gorgeous hand-blown glass pipes from Black-owned Black Swan Creations


It’s hard not to be enamored of Rashan Jones. Whether drop-dead gorgeous or delightfully cute, you’ll fall for his functional art glass. But cannabis connoisseurs will likely be most interested in his hand blown glass pipes. From creamy pastels to jewel-tone swirls, each one is a true work of art. Inspired by his surroundings in Albuquerque, NM, his work at Jones Art Glass captures the fire and spirit of the high desert. “I’ve been a flameworker/glassblower for about 20 years now. I love working with glass, it’s such a humbling medium. Most days it’s not about who you are, where you’re from, or what color your skin is. It’s about who works hardest and what comes out of the oven at the end of the day.”

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Glass-making is also a calling to Edgar Valentine. It’s an art form that’s challenging and stands the test of time. Literally, glass can exist in geologic time. Now there’s a deep thought to ponder the next time you’re pulling on a one-of-a-kind glass pipe…. Edgar has been fascinated with glass art since he was 12. Edgar told us, “I was introduced to hot glass through a middle school and high school program. Although I always had an interest for arts, when I found glass, I was instantly hooked.” Check out his work on his website and you’ll stumble across ornate and imaginative pieces. He even appeared on the Netflix show “Blown Away,” which follows a group of talented artisans competing in the art of glassblowing. From tribal masks and fantastical glass animals to ornate glass spoon pipes, you’ll want to snag an Edgar original for yourself.

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Edgar Valentine's hand blown glass accessories

Black-owned cannabis Bath and body

Black-owned Brown Sugar Botanicals Cannabis Salve

Brown Sugar Botanicals Makes Self Care Easy

Between dry air and constant hand washing, our hands need moisturizing relief. Brown Sugar Botanicals’ healing products are what your hands deserve. Brown Sugar Botanicals brings all the love and healing vibes to the table. Along with their topical herb salves and tinctures, you can get pre-rolls and looseleaf blends. Brown Sugar Botanicals was founded by Chris Wakefield and KaliMa Amilak, two Black, non-binary pals. They source their cannabis from farmers who are also part of marginalized communities.

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Up next on our list is the first Black female-owned CBD wellness brand in New Orleans—Blissful Stoner Body Essentials (BSBE). BSBE’s products are affordable and handmade in small batches using all-natural ingredients. Their goal is to provide CBD products that relieve stress and anxiety while abolishing the shame that can surround cannabis use. Blissful Stoner Body Essentials carries a full range of CBD bath and body products, including CBD pain relief rub, body oils, body butters, and facial masks. We love a good face mask and are dying to try their Matcha + Green Clay CBD Mask, which promises to rid the skin of impurities, tighten pores, tone the skin, and reduce inflammation to leave you with soft, nourished skin. Their Essential CBD Body Oil Set includes a sampling of each of their 5 different types of CBD body oil, each yummier than the next, and makes a great gift.

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BSBE is a Black-owned brand that makes CBD bath and beauty products
Black-owned Hollingsworth Hemp Company makes hemp beauty products, including hand sanitizer

Hollingsworth Hemp Company Hemp Seed Oil

Since 2013, Hollingsworth Hemp Company, produces a great selection of CBD oils, moisturizers, hemp seed lotions, soaps, and more. A family-owned and operated farm in the Pacific Northwest, Hollingsworth Hemp prides themselves on quality and sustainable practices. And now that hand sanitizer has become de rigueur, Hollingsworth has you covered. With hemp seed oil and notes of lavender, grapefruit, lime, and mandarin, their hand sanitizer is the perfect companion to have in your bag whenever you venture out of the house. 

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Black-owned cannabis beauty

Brown Girl Jane CBD Beauty

Brown Girl Jane, a wellness and beauty company rooted in full-spectrum CBD, has “created a space and product line that supports approachable and realistic wellness centering women of color.” Brown Girl Jane was founded by 2 sisters, Malaik and Nia Jones, who partnered up with beauty/wellness expert Tai Beauchamp. Together, these 3 women have created a line of products sure to make your skin glow and your stress levels decrease. We’re obsessed with their GLOW Luminous Facial Serum! All of their products are non-toxic and formulated with no binders, fillers, etc.

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Black-owned beauty brand Brown Girl Jane's CBD Oil


In 2017, the founder of the CBD beauty product brand Frigg, Kimberly Dillion, found herself stressed out and overwhelmed. A veteran of the cannabis and CBD space, Dillion decided to do something about the state of her health that would help us all. Kimberly told Thrillist, “Haircare and scalp care are a huge part of the day-to-day lives of Black women, Indian women, and most women of color.” Frigg currently produces 3 CBD products. Their hair potion acts as a scalp treatment, deep conditioner, and a natural growth enhancer. Their face potion brings balance back to your skin, and their Beauty Rest Tea contains 10mg of cannabidiol (CBD) to help you get the sleep you need. All of Frigg’s products are made with clean, responsibly sourced, and earth-friendly ingredients. Sign us up.

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To nip problem skin in the bud, treat yourself to Kayaire full-spectrum CBD skincare. With luxe packaging and holistic ingredients, Kayaire is formulated especially for sensitive or irritated skin. Kayaire’s founder, Ebony Clay, is a psoriasis sufferer. She created the healing line to combat her own skin issues. Clay explains, “With the great benefits that CBD has on melanin skin, I didn’t want women and men of color to miss out.”

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Kayaire is a Black-owned CBD skincare brand we love
Hemp skincare from Black-owned brand Kush and Cute


When Iyana Edouard started working in 2016, she was usually the only Black woman in the room. But she didn’t let that keep her down. Instead, she picked up the gauntlet and founded Kush and Cute right out of college. With a decidedly friendly vibe, the brand welcomes newbies and aficionados alike. From High Healthy Skin Beauty Oil to Wake N Bake body scrub, Kush and Cute’s products are all natural and organic. Sensitive skin? No problem! Everything is formulated to be effective for all skin types. In addition to their hemp skincare, shop Kush & Cute for everything from whimsical cannabis keychains to color changing pipes.

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Dorian Morris is out to democratize beauty. She describes Undefined Beauty with the cheeky tagline, “I like my skincare how I like my people: non-toxic.” Packed with powerful botanicals, this CBD-infused brand is cruelty free, vegan, sustainably sourced, and eco-friendly. From full-spectrum CBD to fruit stem cells, Undefined Beauty doesn’t skimp on the good stuff. And it doesn’t have any of the bad ingredients that are typically in cosmetics either. So there’s no sulfates, parabens, or petroleum products. Fans are especially rabid about their Glow Elixir. It’s antioxidant-rich and full of anti-inflammatories (including CBD). So this bestseller brightens, detoxifies, and hydrates—all in one fast-absorbing floral oil.

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Black-owned Undefined Beauty CBD products are all about the good stuff

Black-owned cannabis Beverages

SHOKi: Cannabis-Infused Drinks Inspired by the Caribbean 

If beverages are more your style, check out SHOKi. Inspired by the flavors of the Caribbean and West Africa, they’re unlike any other cannabis-infused drink out there. SHOKi’s got something for everyone. Their line of non-alcoholic, non-cannabis mixers come in the same mouthwatering flavors as their cannabis products. This Black-owned cannabis beverage company was founded by Tiffany Yarde and George Yehouessi in 2018. The duo met back in 2017 while Tiffany was on vacation with her friends in Ghana. George, a sales tech professional, had ideas for making alcoholic mixers with West African flavors. Together, they got to tasting and brainstorming to bring their vision to life.

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Black-owned cannabis Cooking and edibles


Are your two passions cannabis and food? Then 99th Floor is for you! One look at the food porn on their Insta feed is enough to have you ‘gasming for their delectable cannabis-infused creations. Founded by Doug Cohen and Miguel Trinidad (the chef behind Maharlika and Jeepney), their goal is to have the first Michelin star cannabis restaurant. 99th Floor hosts infused dinner parties around the country. Word to the wise, to score a coveted spot, you’ll need a referral from an alum. Or at least someone who’s on their guest list. Once the social distancing lets up, we’re getting in line. But, until then, this Black-owned business is sharing some of their secrets on Instagram Live daily at 4:20EST.

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Chef Miguel Trinidad, founder of 99th Floor
Black-owned brand Ardent's decarboxylator will change your edible game


Want to up your homemade edibles game? Pop your cannabis into an Ardent decarboxylator. Push 1 button, wait about 2 hours, and you’ve got perfectly activated weed. Decarboxylation is a fancy word for what you do every time you light up. It’s the process of heating flower or cannabis concentrates to release their healing properties. But, without temperature control, you’re either not fully activating the plant or you’re burning some up. Ardent is the brainchild of Shanel Lindsay, a medical marijuana patient. Ardent is 21st-century cannabis at its best. Their sleek appliances make the most of your stash. They do so by optimally activating the THC, CBD, and CBG at precision temps. And they do it all in eye-catching purple-and-black designs that’ll look gorgeous on your countertop.

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Elevate Your Edibles With Aroma Culinary’s Infused Seasonings

Looking for a way to elevate your cannabis infused cooking? Meet Aroma Culinary. Their line of infused seasonings and condiments are the perfect way to jazz up your favorite edible recipes. They feature seasonings and condiments like hot sauce, olive oil, and honey.

Leighton Murdock is the founder of Aroma Culinary. His business allows him to combine his loves for cooking and cannabis. Whether you’re new to cannabis cooking or an experienced chef, check out Chef Leighton’s recipes. You can find them on Aroma Culinary’s website.

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Chef Leighton Murdock's cannabis edible recipe for Honey Garlic Shrimp is perfect for Valentine's Day
Elevate your cannabis cuisine with Black Chef Andrea Drummer


Ready to graduate to serious gourmet edibles? Meet Chef Andrea Drummer. You might have to wait to sample the innovatively infused dining she delivers via Elevation VIP Cooperative in Los Angeles. But you can still support this Black-owned business right now by buying her cookbook, Cannabis Cuisine: Bud Pairings of A Born Again Chef. Natch, Chef Andrea’s recipes aren’t your typical wake-and-bake fare. This Cordon Bleu chef got her start at the Ritz Carlton and earned kudos cooking for Chelsea Handler on her Netflix series “Chelsea Does… Drugs.” Her cookbook details how to best pair cannabis strains with other ingredients, and will also teach you how to properly dose your infused dishes. In it, Chef Andrea will take you from seeing food only as a vehicle for cannabis consumption to understanding marijuana as one of the most powerful flavors in your culinary arsenal.

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Make your CBD edibles with Satan’s Breath CBD Hot Sauce

Make your barbecue hot AND chill with Satan’s Breath CBD Hot Sauce. Executive Chef, Paul Booker, hails from upstate New York—where the competition for hot wings is scorching. Now he’s based in Charlotte, NC, where the barbecue is just as serious. Booker’s CBD edibles earned their chops by taking first place in Yelp’s 2018 Wing Fling. Satan’s Breath CBD Hot Sauce comes in 3 flavors: original, Sweet Heat, and Jamaican Mango. It’s great for meat. But you could also use it to turn up the heat on your favorite vegan edibles. To keep things interesting, add this Black-owned business’  to your fave cannabis recipes. Each flavor sells for $15 a bottle. Or you can treat yourself to all 3 for a more budget-friendly $30.

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Satan's Breath is a Black-owned brand bringing the heat with CBD hot sauce
Stock your pantry with Black-owned Simply High Extracts vegan edibles


Take your cannabis consumption to a whole new level of healthiness with vegan edibles from Simply High Extracts. They’re a great addition to your pantry, and you can buy their CBD online. Or If you’re in Cali, you can have their Vegan Cannabutter and Olive Oil delivered right to your door. Their Vegan Cannabutter is made from an assortment of pressed oils. You can substitute it for butter in all your favorite recipes. Then use their Extra Light Olive Oil to fry and sauté. It’s specifically formulated for high-heat recipes, and light enough to drizzle on top of a salad without losing its potency. The brainchild of Nigerian-American, Daniel Olujide George, Simply High Extracts was conceived to bring you the cooking extracts you need to create your own edibles. Check out their website for quick and easy cannabis-infused recipes.

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Black-owned CBD supplements


In 2019, these twin sisters turned their passion for holistic healing, community, and plant medicine into a new CBD company, Buena Botanicals. The brand is family-owned and carries a range of products infused with full-spectrum CBD oil. The hemp they use is USDA certified organic, hand-harvested, eco-responsible, and ethically grown. 

We recommend “finding your plant-powered zen” with their Organic CBD Elixir. This organic full-spectrum CBD oil is perfect for beginners with its child-resistant dropper that makes dosing easy for everyone. You can use this CBD product 1-3 times a day by mouth or by dropping it in your favorite beverage. How you dose is up to you, but this elixir is sure to be your new best friend. 

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Buena Botanicals is one Black-owned CBD wellness brand to check out
Check out Black-owned brand Holmes Organics' CBD products for anxiety relief


Like so many of us, Cory Holmes discovered CBD during a personal journey to effectively reduce anxiety. CBD worked for him, and he became a believer. But Cory was frustrated by the wide disparity he found in CBD product quality. He made it his mission to help people cope with stress and chronic pain through “the most bioavailable broad spectrum cannabinoid products on the market.” If you’re wondering how to use CBD tinctures, gummies, or softgels, and you’re concerned about precise dosing, Holmes Organics is for you. What really sets them apart is the lab results they publish on their website. Including all the exact cannabinoid and terpene profiles of their formulas. Whether you’re shopping for yourself, your child, or your pet, Holmes has a CBD product for you. If all that doesn’t have you pulling out your credit card to support this Black-owned business, here’s another reason. Cory’s so serious about giving back to the community that he founded the CBD Startup Academy. He uses it to teach other minority business owners how to earn a living in this multi-billion dollar industry.

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K’dara CBD was founded by Katrina Thompkins, a Dallas-based cardiovascular ICU nurse who saw firsthand the debilitating effects of chronic pain and sleeplessness. Determined to be part of the solution, she sourced the finest ingredients to create her line of CBD products which ranges from full-spectrum CBD oils to gummies and pet products. We always honor our sweet tooth and were thrilled to discover K’dara CBD’s delicious and de-stressing CBD Watermelon Delights. Each watermelon gummy is infused with 25mg of premium quality CBD isolate and is the perfect way to discreetly and precisely dose throughout the day. If sweets aren’t your thing, K’dara carries lemon, mint, and natural flavored CBD oils that are more subtle—and don’t forget to check out their range of CBD pet products!

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K'Dara is a Black-owned cannabis co for pain relief
The herbalists at Black-owned brand Life Gardening Tools make a variety of CBD oils


Take your wellness routine to a whole new level with the unique herbal formulations you’ll find only at Life Gardening Tools. We’re talking turmeric CBD tincture, raw creamed lavender honey with full spectrum CBD, and Roll On Relief CBD oil—stuff you didn’t even know you had to have. Based in NYC, these herbalists handcraft high potency honey, tonics, and herbal blends. Their hemp products are organic and sustainably sourced from farms upstate. In keeping with their overall commitment to nature, all Life Gardening Tools CBD products are whole-plant extracts. Plus, their extraction process doesn’t include heat or solvents. So you get the benefit of the entire spectrum of cannabinoids. Bring on that entourage effect!

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Want CBD without any excess calories or flavor? Enter capsules from The Ounce. Discreetly take their full-spectrum CBD Oil Gel Capsules anytime you need pain relief. The Ounce’s CBD Isolate powder is even more versatile, because you can take it like a pill or add it to oils, drinks, or edibles. The Ounce’s founder, Ray Dixon, actively gives back to his community. He’s working to redress the adverse effects of the War on Drugs as an organizer of National Expungement Week. He also serves on the board of Black Women Benefit, a grassroots non-profit that empowers and invests in Black women.

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Black-owned company The Ounce's CBD capsule edibles
Black-owned Mary Jane makes vegan edibles


Gummies are the most popular cannabis edible in the US. But vegan gummies, however, have been hard to find, but not anymore. Plant-Based Mary Jane’s CBD gummies have you covered in either a full-spectrum or a broad-spectrum formula. Founder, Tracy Wright, is a vegan herself, a registered ER-trauma nurse, and a self-described cannabis nurse. After improving her own health with CBD and a plant-based lifestyle, she set about giving the rest of us easier ways to improve ours. All of Plant Based Mary Jane’s CBD products are vegan, including their strawberry flavored CBD oil. They’re also broad spectrum, treating your endocannabinoid system to the full healing power cannabis has to offer.

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Xula, loosely translated, is to “feel good in your own skin”. Their womxn-centric drops, with exclamatory names like Whew!, Ah!, and Mhm!, fuse ancestral herbal remedies with science and their proprietary CBD to help you achieve optimal wellness. Drop them under your tongue, into your favorite smoothie, or in your CBD cocktail of choice. Xula is a Latinx and Black-owned CBD brand that was founded by Karina Primelles and her partner, Mennlay Golokeh Aggrey. They’re based in Mexico, but ethically cultivate their hemp in Oregon, where their farm is pesticide and plastic free. Mennlay is also the author of The Art of Weed, a definitive guide to making cannabutter. Like us, they support the larger BIPOC community via Broccoli Mag’s anti-racist Floret Coalition.

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CBD oil from Xula a Black-owned edible brand

Black-owned Cannabis services


You want to take the plunge and get a medical marijuana card. But how do you do it? You don’t necessarily want to ask your family or friends. You’re in pain and need relief—you definitely want to avoid anything judgey. Enter Presto Doctor where you can get your medical marijuana card online. It’s fast, easy, and, best of all, private. You just make an account, fill out your profile, set up a video appointment with a doctor (we’re certainly all good at that by now!). And either print out your recommendation or get your card in the mail. This Black-owned business is live in California, Missouri, Nevada, New York, Oklahoma, and, most recently, Pennsylvania. If you are, too, what are you waiting for?

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Roll Up Life: More Than a Delivery Service

There’s a lot to love about the New Jersey-based company. While Roll Up Life is a cannabis delivery service, this Black-owned brand is rooted in social equity. Roll Up Life was founded by Precious Osagie-Erese and Tiyahnn Bryant. They’ve been friends since childhood and created their company with their community in mind. Their social equity program has helps funding for minority businesses. It’s also opening up new doors for them in the cannabis space.  One of their focuses is to educate their community about the cannabis industry. Which they do by sharing resources, and hosting webinars and workshops. 

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Roll Up Life's social equity program is changing their community for good!

Elevate Your Smoke Sesh with SMK BRK

Whether you’re a newbie or more of a cannabis connoisseur, Laura OG of SMK BRK is your girl. She’s got all the tips for making the most of your smoke sesh. To start, she suggests setting the mood with a playlist, and turning your smoke sesh into a ritual. Make it a form of self care—classy cannabis accessories, craft flower. Dare we suggest House of Puff? 😉 Use more precise measurements to find what works best for you and gives you the ideal high.


TAP CANNACLUSIVE for more Black-owned and diverse cannabis businesses

Cannaclusive is your go-to for diverse actors in the cannabis space. Peruse their InclusiveBase or mine their free database of inclusive photos for your blog/business—like we did! Or take advantage of their educational programs. Their Accountability List is a thoughtful response to the heightened push for social justice in the wake of the murder of George Floyd. It tracks the concrete actions taken by cannabis industry members. Use it to spend with companies who are working to better our world. | Follow @cannaclusive 

Cannaclusive is your go-to for finding diversity in the cannabis community

The Future of East Coast Cannabis: NYC Dispensary Etain

NYC Dispensary, Etain, is leading the way to a mainstream experience of cannabis. 

  • Far from stoner stereotypes, their Sutton Place flagship feels like a luxury boutique. 
  • Etain is so female-friendly because it’s the only NYC dispensary that’s owned and operated by women. 
  • Although the cannabis at Etain is still only for registered medical patients, anyone can drop by to pick up chic cannabis accessories and CBD products from women-owned brands. 
  • Exclusively at Etain, the Omura x House of Puff dry herb vaporizer is the most elegant new way to experience cannabis. 

7-minute read

What will the NYC cannabis scene be like?

Post-legalization, everyone’s wondering what the New York city cannabis scene will look like. We were thrilled to get the inside scoop from Hillary Peckham, COO of the NYC dispensary, Etain. Every successful cannabis dispensary has something that makes them stand out from the crowd. For this cutting-edge medical dispensary, that’s their NYC style, their origin story, and their commitment to supporting other women-owned brands. Etain is the only woman-owned medical marijuana brand in New York. Their 4 NY dispensaries include a stunning NYC flagship in Sutton Place on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. Read on to learn how they’re setting the tone for the future of East Coast cannabis.

What can we expect when we visit an Etain NYC dispensary?  

At the Etain NYC dispensary at 242 East 58th Street, you can expect a sophisticated and inviting environment. One that welcomes medical marijuana patients and retail customers to enjoy experiential interactions and integrative wellness offerings. The innovative architect and art consultant, Clodagh, approached the design with her life-enhancing minimalism. She did that by filling it with simple, natural touches that simultaneously elevate and ground its atmosphere. Various elements of nature welcome customers into the space, including a living green wall and an airy mezzanine. There’s also a retreat space that’s permeated by the sounds of running water. By merging this elevated environment with personal consultations and premium products, Etain has created the next level of healthcare and concierge medicine. So customers can feel good about investing in their health and wellbeing.

Describe Etain’s vibe in 5 emojis

Emojis describing Etain's NYC Dispensary

Tell us about where the name Etain comes from

Etain is a Gallic goddess from Irish mythology. In many legends, she represents women in their transformational capacity. The name we chose was the perfect way to honor my mother’s Irish heritage while giving a nod to our female-run NYC dispensary.

Do you need to have a NY medical marijuana card to shop at Etain? 

You don’t have to have a NY Medical Marijuana card to shop at the Etain NYC dispensary. Or our other locations in Kingston/Woodstock, Syracuse, and Yonkers. We source our health and wellness products—including CBD— from a variety of women-owned brands. And they’re available to everyone. Our staff can also assist you interested in joining the NY State Medical Marijauna program.

What advice would you give someone who’s new to an NYC dispensary? 

Ask questions! If you’re new to Etain products, we offer initial consultations and follow-up appointments with staff at our dispensaries. During these complimentary sessions, we do 3 things for you. We work to understand your goals, answer your questions, and ensure that you’re getting the full benefit of our products. Etain has sourced the largest variety of high-quality dosing methods and devices in New York State. So, we can give you multiple options with different onsets—from immediate to longer-term relief.

Etain was founded in memory of Frances “Granny Franny” Keefe. Tell us about her influence  

We founded Etain in memory of our grandmother, Frances “Granny Franny” Keeffe. She filled the smallest moments of our lives with music, laughter, and joy. During her battle with ALS, we started researching medical marijuana and discovered all the potential benefits it could provide. That’s why quality is so important to us. We know that each Etain customer is someone’s parent, spouse, child, or sibling.

The women behind the NYC dispensary Etain

NY is a notoriously tough market. Why did you open your flagship as an NYC dispensary? 

I’m a fourth-generation New Yorker. So having a presence with a NYC dispensary was important to us as a family and a business. Our original location in NYC was on 39th Street, and being in another central location in Manhattan was always the goal. The pandemic delayed our original opening of our flagship on East 58th Street from April 2020 to August. Everything felt impossible then. But not opening was unacceptable. Providing care for our patients was our biggest motivator. We all came together and were able to transform the 5,000 square foot street level space into a dispensary and retail location.

What are your 3 go-to cannabis products for 2022?

The Omura x House of Puff Series X in Jade is going to be New York’s new go-to! From the sleekness of the design to the simplicity of filling the Flowersticks with Etain whole or ground flower—it’s going to be a game changer.

Our water soluble powder (available in High THC and 1-1 THC:CBD) is a favorite. It’s extremely versatile and can turn anything—even water— into an edible infusion. My sister Keeley (Etain’s Chief Horticultural Officer) has created some amazing recipes using the powder. You can see them on Instagram.

The Etain Motif Magnetic Vape Pen is a must. It’s a great example of the entire company coming together to ideate, create, and launch something unique to the market within current regulations. With precise dosing, the reusable battery elevates the experience of our pure oil even further. We just launched a charcoal version of the pen. And accessories for the Motif including a charging dock, a protective sleeve and a custom carrying case. They’re all made in collaboration with Brooklyn based LittleJohn New York.

NYC dispensary Etain is exclusively launching this House of Puff X Omura collab

As an NYC dispensary, why are you so excited about Omura’s heat-not-burn technology? 

We’re thrilled to be the first dispensary to carry the Omura x House of Puff dry herb vaporizer collab. The Omura Series X technology is an ideal companion to Etain premium whole or ground flower. This type of device is important for medical cannabis patients in NY, since it allows for them to get the immediate relief provided by inhalation within the context of New York’s no-combustion regulation. We always want to give our patients innovative options for consumption. The sophistication and tech behind the Series X and its “heat-not-burn” technology is something we’re really excited about. Plus, since the device and flowersticks are accessories, anyone—not just medical patients—can buy them at all 4 of our locations. 

What challenges did you face as an NYC dispensary that opened early on in the state’s legalization of cannabis?

Being some of the few women in the space when we were applying and awarded a license was a challenge in itself. We were really fortunate to find the organization Women Grow. Right as we were starting to research the industry, they had their very first meeting. And it happened to be in New York. The organization is very inclusive. Their goal is to help women meet each other and get into the industry. We’re honored to continue to support them and connect with other women who are in the industry, or interested in the industry, through them.

Describe your vision for the optimal NYC dispensary once adult use has gone into full effect

As a woman-owned business, we hope to see more minority-owned and women-owned NYC dispensaries come online.

Has NY legalization of recreational cannabis changed anything for Etain? 

The Office of Cannabis Management recently announced the addition of whole flower cannabis to The NYS Medical Marijuana Program. Our patients have been asking for whole flower for a very long time. So we’re excited to make it available at our NYC dispensary and throughout the state. We’ll continue to be the go-to for a concierge medicine experience within the medical marijuana program as the NY market continues to expand. Another exciting update is that patients are no longer limited by a list of qualifying conditions to be eligible for the use of medical cannabis. Your certifying practitioner can use his/her clinical discretion to issue a certification for your medical use of cannabis.

How does Etain support other women-owned companies?  

Supporting women is a major priority for Etain, both internally and externally. We recently launched a curated selection of women-owned CBD and health-and-wellness brands. When we opened our flagship NYC dispensary, we also prioritized dedicating shelf space to women-owned brands. Now we’ve expanded that initiative to our other 3 locations, too. We’re carrying an assortment of items from a variety of brands. We have CBD Chocolate from Portland-based Gron. We carry gummies from NY-based TribeTokes. And we also have CBD-infused beauty from Maryland based NFZD Beauty. We also carry merch from NJ-based Buy Weed From Women, which is owned by the poet, Jasmine Mans. We also offer a selection of cannabis and wellness books by women authors. And of course, we love carrying House of Puff’s rolling papers, Le Pipes, and herb bowls. 

What kind of events will we be able to attend at your NYC dispensary? 

When it’s safe to, we’ll be hosting a variety of events at our NYC dispensary. That includes trunk shows to support other women-owned brands, wellness events, and educational talks with industry experts.

How can people keep up with all things Etain?

We’re @etainhealth on all social platforms. You can also sign up on our website to receive our emails for sales and promos. Or you can read our Blog for a deeper dive into our products, press, and partnerships.

Ditch Your Vape Pen for Omura’s Revolutionary Dry Herb Vaporizer

It’s the holidays, so everyone’s looking for that special new gadget. For the cannabis lovers in your life (including yourself!), look no further than the Omura dry herb vaporizer. Because of all the worries about chemical processing, we’d gotten away from vaping. But Omura’s revolutionary heat-not-burn tech brought us running back. Nothing beats the convenience of a vape. Omura’s devices give you all that convenience with none of the downsides. AND their design is so sleek that it’s Apple-esque. We love these stunners so much that we jumped at the chance to collab with Omura with our own Flowersticks. We’re doing it just in time to pair them with their brand new limited edition Omura device. Get it in just a few days in a sleek black that will go perfectly with your most citified chic. Keep your eyes peeled to our @thehouseofpuff for the drop. In the meantime, we turned to Omura’s CMO, Shannon Reed. Hot off their feature in Forbes, she explains exactly why you need an Omura right now. 

What’s the difference between smoking a joint and using an Omura dry herb vaporizer?

In a lot of ways they’re similar. Omura dry herb vaporizers deliver many of the same sensations we know and love about smoking a joint. There’s the same sharing, the incremental high, the inhale, the rapid onset, etc. The difference is that Omura is extremely discreet. It also eliminates the negatives around combustion by creating minimal vapor and odor. One of our fans recently told me, “Omura is the closest I can get to smoking a joint, without smoking.”

Play Video about House of Puff Video about why you should use a dry herb vape

Omura devices are Heat-Not-Burn—what difference does that make?

The Omura device is essentially a convection oven that slowly heats flower instead of burning it. The heat-curve chart below shows the temperature levels that preserve cannabinoids and terpenes. Above these levels, you lose some of that good stuff. Disposable butane lighters can produce flames as hot as 2257° celsius. That’s way above the optimal temperatures for cannabinoids and terpenes. In contrast, Omura devices heat flower to much lower temperatures—temps that are optimal for experiencing both.

The Omura dry herb vaporizer heat flower to much lower temperatures that are optimal for experiencing both cannabinoids and terpenes

What’s a Flowerstick and how does it work?

A Flowerstick is a paper cartridge that’s filled with ground cannabis or hemp CBD flower. You can buy pre-filled Flowersticks or empty ones to fill with your favorite flower. When you insert our Flowersticks (flower-side down) into the device, they start our dry herb vaporizers automatically.


There are two buttons on the bottom of the new Omura XLE, one for flavor and one for effect. Can you talk about the intention behind that?

The intention behind the two heat settings is to give every cannabis consumer a way to customize their experience of using an Omura. Most inhalable products on the market don’t cater to different preferences on the spot. With Omura, you can tailor your cannabis experience to suit your taste through the combination of our Flowersticks and heat settings. 


We didn’t want to design a dry herb vaporizer that was purely technical. Instead, we made a device that fits seamlessly into your life. In tandem with Michael Young Studio, we envisioned a sculptural object that people could proudly display in their homes—like a favorite watch or a custom speaker. The Omura Series X is also engineered to be compact, discreet and easy to use. We wanted it to slide into your pocket or purse. So we’re really proud that it’s received accolades like the Chicago Athenaeum’s Good Design Award. 


We’re continuing our design-forward trend with our new Omura Series X Limited Edition (XLE). We created this new model specifically to be stylish yet ergonomic. The exterior has a tactile metal knurling finish. The knurling was developed through an algorithm and 3D-surfacing technology to give it the perfect depth, width, and texture. The XLE also comes with a charging base that includes storage for our flowersticks. So they’re even more easily accessible.

Omura's brand new limited edition dry herb vaporizer in black

How does smoking a traditional oil vape compare to a dry herb vaporizer?

Like enjoying a glass of fine wine, ingesting cannabis flower is a holistic sensory experience. The terpenes and the taste of the flower play play an essential role. The concentration of cannabis into an oil can remove a lot of the impact of cannabis terpenes. We created our dry herb vaporizer to give you the convenience and discretion of using an oil vape plus the benefits of the whole-flower experience. Terpenes and cannabinoids work in concert on our nervous system’s cannabinoid receptors. This “entourage effect” is much more powerful physiologically than just cannabinoids, like THC and CBD, on their own. For a more powerful hit, there’s a high heat setting on our new XLE. Or you can use the low heat setting to maximize your experience of the terpenes. Our heat-not-burn technology allows you to enhance the effects of terpenes in a way that oil vapes can’t.

Is Omura just for Victorian-throated lightweights? Or does it still work for heavy cannabis consumers?

Whether you’re a microdoser or a heavy consumer, Omura is simply the best way to take cannabis. Its lack of combustion will enhance your experience and protect your throat. If you’re a flower connoisseur, you can experience the full flavor profile of the flower that growers put so much time into creating. We hear all the time, “Wow, I can taste the flower in a completely different way. This is the first time I’ve really tasted all the terpenes.”

Consuming cannabis can be very social or it can lock you on your couch. How does Omura fit into that spectrum?

The Omura high is a social high. With dosed Flowersticks, you efficiently vaporize a small amount of whole flower. So you can consistently achieve a high that’s both relaxing and uplifting. The controlled dosing of Flowersticks helps you prevent yourself from getting too high or experiencing couch lock.

What’s your favorite terpene and why? 

One of my personal favorite terpenes is caryophyllene. It has aromas of pepper, clove and cinnamon. And it’s a stress-reliever. High concentrations of caryophyllene are commonly found in strains like Sour Diesel, Gelato, GSC and Purple Punch. Compared to other terpenes, caryophyllene is a larger molecule. It’s also the only terpene that acts like a cannabinoid. Our endocannabinoid system contains two major types of cannabinoid receptors: CB1 and CB2. When we ingest cannabinoids, they bind to CB1 receptors. That what produces the euphoria. Unlike other terpenes, caryophyllene’s molecular structure allows it to bind to CB2 receptors, too. That provides anti-inflammatory benefits, too.


Terpenes are volatile compounds. So they’re easily lost at high temperatures. Both standard cannabis extraction processes and traditional smoking methods use those high temperatures. Terpenes provide a lot of the flavor you experience when you enjoy whole flower. Since we engineered our dry herb vaporizers with a lower heat curve, they activate terpenes gradually, instead of burning them off.

What are the potential benefits of terpenes in combination with cannabinoids like THC & CBD?

Terpenes and cannabinoids interact synergistically to produce an entourage effect—the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. For example, our Omura x Caliva THC Flowersticks are available in  Watermelon Sorbet and Alien OG. Both strains contain the cannabinoid THC. But the dominant terpene in Watermelon Sorbet is caryophyllene. So it gives you a fruit-forward aroma and a happy high. In contrast, one of the dominant terpenes in Alien OG is limonene. So this stick has a lemon-pine flavor and gives you a more bodily high. For a full guide to terpenes, check out the Herb Somm’s quick guide to cannabis terpenes.

You do a lot of collabs with other brands. How do you choose your partners?

We strive to partner with brands that are moving the cannabis conversation forward. As a strong women- owned and Latina-led brand, House of Puff is leading this movement with their modern lifestyle accessories. Their mainstream appeal opens up the cannabis space to new audiences. We also have very strong standards for our growers. They have to guarantee no trim or chemical additions in our sticks—only 100% pure flower. Taste and quality are essential parts of the Omura experience. So we believe in working with growers who produce  exceptional, terpene-rich flower.

Omura dry herb vaporizer Flowersticks are also fully biodegradable and compostable.

How does using Omura’s dry herb vaporizer affect the planet?

At Omura, we strive to be as sustainable as possible. We’re especially conscious of all the waste the cannabis industry generates. Omura Flowersticks are made of FSC certified paper. So our paper is from responsibly managed forests that provide environmental, social, and economic benefits. To eliminate waste, our Flowersticks are also fully biodegradable and compostable. Even our packaging is created from paper and plant-based fiber. So it’s fully recyclable, too.

What do you need to do to clean a dry herb vaporizer?

Unlike most dry herb vaporizers, the Omura never needs cleaning. The flower is contained in the Flowerstick. So it never actually touches the oven. Because of that design, the oven never needs to be cleaned at all.

How long does the Omura dry herb vaporizer hold a charge?

The Series X battery should last you approximately 6 to 8 sessions. The devices come with a USB-C charging cable and while charging, the LED lights indicate the device’s battery level.

How can we keep up with Omura’s newest product drops?

Follow us on Instagram @omura or sign up for our newsletter at

5 Things to Do When You Get Too High

Whether you’ve had a little too much alcohol, cannabis (or something else), we’ve all been there. Getting too high or drunk happens, and more often than you’d think. You’re not the only one who’s overdone it. We asked our community about their experiences with getting too high and how they’ve handled it. Many of you were happy to share with us. Here are your stories, remedies, and tips.


Have you ever gotten too high?

Most people we surveyed have exceeded their THC tolerance at least once. 173 people responded to our poll, and 146 of them told us that they’ve been there. So it’s safe to say that many of us have found ourselves getting too high a time or two. Of course, part of that problem has been prohibition. When you’re just tapping “your guy”, you probably don’t have a choice about where your flower comes from. Worse, when you’re not buying legal cannabis, it’s hard to be sure what’s in it—let alone exactly how much THC. Happily, with legality spreading, dosing is getting a whole lot more precise.


Where were you when you got too high?

With recreational cannabis being legalized in North America, it’s easier than ever to get high outside your home. Some of you got too high in places the rest of us could easily guess. We got answers like at someone’s house, a party, or a concert. Others were a bit more unusual. One of our followers got too high while on a hike. The poor guy ended up laying face down on a dirt path. We love a good hike—especially at elevation. But the whole face-down-in-the-dirt thing would definitely kill our vibe. At the opposite end of the spectrum, someone else got too high at a Beverly Hills nail salon. Her husband ended up having to drive across town to pick her up because she couldn’t drive herself home. But at least her nails looked dope….

Our community shared their stories of when they got too high and what they do to come down.

Can you overdose on cannabis?

The spins, feeling out of body, nausea, dizziness, migraines, or paranoia…we’ve all been there. The sensations that come with getting too high don’t last forever. You can just ride it out. Or you can try some common remedies to come down quicker. Most importantly, did you know that you can’t fatally overdose with cannabis? That’s because our autonomic nervous system doesn’t include any cannabinoid receptors. The autonomic nervous system is the part of your body that controls your breathing and heart rate. So, unlike other drugs that do affect these autonomic functions, cannabis can’t stop your heart or your breathing.

How do you feel when you get too high?

Typically, people consume cannabis for its positive effects, like calmness, euphoria, and higher energy. But when you get too high, these feelings can be outweighed by less desirable ones. Sometimes ingesting too much THC can leave you feeling physically unwell. That’s the case for the 37% of you who reported either being dizzy or nauseous after getting too high. Even more of you, 40%, said you’ve felt paranoid. The other 23% of you have had out of body experiences. To some people, that might be a good thing. But, to each their own. Fortunately, any unwanted symptoms you’re experiencing with THC will eventually just go away.

How much THC gets you too high?

THC content is what makes or breaks the optimal cannabis experience. It’s the compound responsible for the majority of cannabis’ psychological effects. Keep in mind that everyone’s tolerance is different. So some people can handle higher doses of THC than others. With THC, there’s a point where the dosing is optimal for you. Over that dose is the point where negative effects can kick in. Microdosers prefer very small amounts, like 2.5-5mg. For a stronger effects, though, you might need to use strains and products with higher THC content. That’s usually around 5-15 mg of THC.

How much THC is too much for you?

People consume THC for different reasons. Some people prefer a light buzz over an out of body high. It’s all personal preference and the effects you’re trying to achieve. About 8% of you aim to microdose and stay under 10 mg. 17% of you draw the line at 20 mg, and 24% at 30 mg. Anything over 50 mg is where 51% of people who responded consider their cutoff.  

What can you do if you get too high?

If you ever get too high again, here are our community’s tips and tricks for weathering the storm. 

Super Simple Remedies

If you’re looking for a simple solution, try orange juice. Yes, we seriously mean that. Two people say they drink orange juice to come down from a strong high. Why? Because citrus contains an enzyme that counteracts the effects of THC. We haven’t tried it ourselves, but now we sure will. And chances are that you’ll already have OJ in your fridge. Hopping into the shower is another popular way to come down faster. 

What else can you use?

Chugging water is really popular in our community. And that’s a remedy that doesn’t require any forethought. For some, chewing on a few peppercorns works like magic. About 30% of you turn to CBD, while about 50% have gone the water route. Less than 1% of you have tried the peppercorn remedy. But if you have, you swear by it. The rest of you have come up with other coping mechanisms like just sleeping it off. There’s several remedies out there, so it’s all about what floats your personal boat.

If you get too high, try these 5 remedies.

Our go-to when we get too high: CBD

This may sound contradictory, but research suggests that CBD may have the ability to counteract the negative effects of THC.  Why? For starters, while CBD is a cannabinoid, it doesn’t make you feel high. That’s THC’s role. CBD modulates the THC receptors in your body. And CBD may reduce THC’s ability to bind to the receptors in your brain. So CBD modulates excess cannabinoid activity in the brain, which can cause anxiety. That’s why using CBD is a popular choice. An edible or tincture can do the trick. But, if you’ve got some CBD flower on hand, you can get it into your system much faster by smoking it. We find that if you pair CBD with sleep and hydration, you’ll be feeling better in no time. 

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