Our Favorite Black-Owned Businesses in Cannabis to Shop in 2024

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  • We regularly highlight Black-owned businesses as part of our commitment to dismantling systemic racism. 
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Buy from Black-owned businesses

The War on Drugs has always been a war on BIPOC communities since the beginning. Even with social justice efforts, cannabis legalization still privileges whites. According to Leafly’s most recent jobs report, less than 2% of all cannabis companies are black-owned. Worse, only 1% of those Black-owned businesses were women-owned. Yikes! But, together, we can change that. We regularly add new favorites to this guide of Black-owned cannabis businesses. That way, we can all be more intentional about how we spend.

New and Noteworthy

Precious Canna Co. is gearing up for their big New Jersey Launch

Precious Canna Co. Coming Soon

Get ready, because serial entrepreneur and House of Puff fave, Precious Osagie-Erese, is gearing up to launch her eponymous brand, PRECIOUS Canna Co. in New Jersey. This marks her entry into the space with a line of luxury pre-rolls and as the first Black woman-owned flower brand in the Garden State. Precious, however, is no stranger to the cannabis industry, and she witnessed, firsthand, the obstacles that minorities face in the world of cannabis. With a mission to diversify the industry, she previously worked as the Director of Communications for the Minority Cannabis Business Association and co-founded Roll Up Life,  the first black-owned tech, delivery, and logistics cannabis company in New Jersey. We’re so excited to see what else Precious has in store for us. Follow @preciouscannaco and @precioustheproducer for updates.

ButACake is New Jersey's first Black-owned edibles brand

Indulge in the Culinary Creations of New Jersey’s First Black-Owned Edibles Brand

You might call Matha Figaro a Jane-of-all-trades. While running her legacy brand ButACake, Matha teamed up with her childhood friend, James Barrett, to found Cannpowerment Contract Manufacturing. CannPowerment supports emerging brands by streamlining their go-to-market processes. They handle the formulation, packaging, labeling, and distribution for everything from edibles to sublinguals and tinctures. But it doesn’t stop there for Matha! In 2023, ButACake made the successful jump from legacy to legal in Delaware and New Jersey, making it the first black-owned edibles brand in New Jersey. Trust us, you don’t want to miss the PB&J brownie. Shop at Cannpowerment and ButACake and follow @butacake.

Black-owned cannabis accessories

How To Keep An Ounce Fresh With Black-Owned Apothecarry

Your flower deserves better than to be stored in a baggie. That’s why we’re obsessed with Aothecarry’s luxe cannabis storage. Their stash box humidors, modeled after classic cigar humidors, are gorgeous and don’t sacrifice practicality or smell-proofing. Whether you’re looking for a travel case or even a solution designed for concentrates, Apothecarry has something to meet all your needs. The company’s super stylish founder, Whitney Beatty, first discovered medical cannabis as an adult and wanted chic and sophisticated storage solutions. In keeping with that, all their products are made with vegan leather linings and locking capabilities for added security. With Apothecarry on your side, there’s no need to worry about storing your kush in style! Visit Apothecarry and follow @theapothecarry.

024's candles are perfect for eliminating the smell of cannabis

024 is the Chicest Way to Control Cannabis Smell

Sometimes you just want to indulge in your favorite flower without the lingering scent. That’s why Gena Surphlis founded 024. Her son smokes cannabis to alleviate the symptoms of sickle cell anemia. But Gena knows there’s still a stigma surrounding cannabis use. She wants her son and others to enjoy the freedom to consume cannabis without judgment. Thus, 024 was born. This Black-owned brand makes candles that eliminate the telltale smell of cannabis by combining science and scent. Their NeuAir™ scent technology specifically targets the chemical compounds that give cannabis its recognizable smell. Not only do they eliminate the odor, but they have incredible scents of their own, too. Visit 024 and follow @discover024.

One of a Kind Glass Pipes from Black Swan Creations

If you’re looking to level up your cannabis accessories, don’t miss Rashan Jones’ captivating and functional art glass. Cannabis connoisseurs will absolutely love his mesmerizing hand-blown glass pipes. They come in a color wheel of hues and styles inspired by the fire and spirit of the high desert surrounding him in Albuquerque, NM. That’s where Jones has been a glassblower for 20 years. He explains, “I love working with glass, it’s such a humbling medium. Most days it’s not about who you are, where you’re from, or what color your skin is. It’s about who works hardest and what comes out of the oven at the end of the day.” Shop & follow @blackswancreations.

Get Your Piece of Eternity with a Hand-Blown Glass Pipe from Edgar Valentine

Glass-making is also Edgar Valentine’s calling. He’s especially drawn to it because it’s an art form that’s challenging and that stands the test of time. Glass can literally exist in geologic time. Now, there’s a deep thought to ponder the next time you’re pulling on a one-of-a-kind glass pipe…. Edgar’s been fascinated with glass art since he was 12, and he showcased his ornate, imaginative pieces on the Netflix show “Blown Away”. Edgar told us, “Although I always had an interest for arts, when I found glass, I was instantly hooked.” From tribal masks and fantastical glass animals to ornate spoon pipes, you’ll want to snag an Edgar original for yourself. Shop at Valentine Glass and follow @valentine.glass

Black-Owned Culinary Businesses

We can't get enough of SHOKi's cannabis-infused beverages

Shoki: Cannabis-Infused Drinks Inspired by the Caribbean 

Inspired by the flavors of the Caribbean and West Africa, SHOKi’s unlike any other cannabis-infused drink out there. SHOKi’s got something for everyone. That starts with their line of non-alcoholic, un-infused mixers that come in the same mouthwatering flavors as their cannabis products. Founded by Tiffany Yarde and George Yehouessi in 2018, SHOKi was born from a shared passion for innovative mixology. Tiffany and George’s journey began in 2017 during a chance meeting in Ghana, where they embarked on a flavorful exploration. Together, they got to tasting and brainstorming to bring their vision to life. Shop at SHOKi and follow @feel.shoki.

Easily Make Gourmet Edibles with Black-Owned Ardent

Making your own homemade edibles is as easy as cannabis-infused pie with the Ardent decarboxylator. Just push 1 button, wait about 2 hours, and—voila—you’ve got perfectly activated weed. Decarboxylation is a fancy word for what you do every time you light up. It’s the process of heating cannabis to release the healing properties of cannabinoids. But, without temperature control, you’re either not fully activating the plant or you’re burning some up. Ardent was developed by medical marijuana patient, Shanel Lindsay. With a sleek design, Ardent optimally activates your THC, CBD, and CBG by heating it at precision temps. And they do it all in eye-catching purple-and-black designs that’ll look gorgeous on your countertop. Shop at Ardent and follow @ardentllc.

Seasonings and condiments from Aroma Culinary will jazz up any recipe

Make your CBD Edibles with Satan’s Breath CBD Hot Sauce

Wanna kick up the heat? Satan’s Breath CBD Hot Sauce will definitely do it. Executive Chef Paul Booker originally hails from upstate New York—where the competition for hot wings is scorching. Now he’s based in Charlotte, NC, where the barbecue is just as serious. Booker’s CBD edibles earned their chops by taking first place in Yelp’s 2018 Wing Fling. Satan’s Breath CBD Hot Sauce comes in 3 flavors: original, Sweet Heat, and Jamaican Mango. It’s great for meat. But you could also use it to turn up the heat on your favorite vegan edibles. Shop Satan’s Breath CBD Hot Sauce and follow @satans_breath_cbd

Elevate your Edibles with Aroma Culinary’s Infused Seasonings

Shake up your favorite edible recipes with Aroma Culinary. It’s the perfect way to jazz up your favorite edible recipes the easy way. They feature seasonings and condiments like hot sauce, olive oil, and honey. Headed by passionate chef and cannabis enthusiast, Leighton Murdock, the company provides users with delicious recipes for any skill level. So, if you’re looking for an innovative way to bring more life into your cannabis cooking, shop Aroma Culinary and follow @aromaculinary @chefleighton.

Black-Owned Cannabis Dispensaries

Holistic Solutions—the First NJ Dispensary Owned by a Black Woman 

If you’re in South Jersey, Holistic Solutions is a must-visit. Holistic Solutions is first dispensary in NJ that’s owned by a Black woman. Suzan Nickelson is the driving force behind this pioneering dispensary. Despite personal adversity stemming from the War on Drugs, Suzan remains unwavering in her commitment to the healing power of plant medicine that was passed down to her through generations of women herbalists in her family in West Africa and Jamaica. She also runs Ital Daughters LLC, a cannabis consulting company that specializes in working with women, minorities, and veterans. Shop at Holistic Solutions and follow @myholisticsolutions.

Smacked Village—the First Black-Owned Cannabis Dispensary in NYC

The owner of Smacked Village, Roland Conner, is a poster child for the reparations that a conscious cannabis industry can create. His Greenwich Village dispensary was the second to open in the state. More importantly, Roland is the first person who was personally harmed by the War on Drugs to become a New York dispensary owner. As an NYC teenager in the 90s, Roland faced cannabis-related charges. But, now, he, his wife, and their son are at the vanguard of bringing legal cannabis to his hometown where they, hopefully, can create generational wealth for their family and community. Support this historic Black-owned dispensary by shopping at Smacked Village and follow @smackedvillage.

Black-owned Cannabis Supplements

Holmes has a CBD product for everyone—even your dog!

Want CBD For Anxiety? Black-Owned Holmes Organics Has Your Back

Cory Holmes was determined to treat his anxiety, but frustrated by the differences in quality from product to product. He made it his mission to help people cope with stress and chronic pain through “the most bioavailable broad spectrum cannabinoid products on the market.” Holmes Organics sets themselves apart with exact cannabinoid and terpene profiles. Holmes has a CBD product for everyone—even your dog! And, if that doesn’t have you pulling out your credit card, here’s another reason. Cory’s so serious about giving back that he founded the CBD Startup Academy. Through it, he teaches other minority business owners how to earn a living in this multi-billion-dollar industry. Shop at Holmes Organics and follow @holmesorganics.

Feel Better in Your Own Skin with Xula Cannabis Edibles

Loosely translated, Xula means to “feel good in your own skin”. And just the names of their products, like Whew!, Ah!, and Mhm!, do just that. By blending ancestral herbal remedies with cutting-edge science and their proprietary CBD, Xula empowers you to live your best life. Whether taken straight or added to smoothies and cocktails, their drops offer versatile relief. Xula cultivates its hemp on an Oregon farm that’s free from pesticides and plastic. Co-founders Mennlay Golokeh Aggrey and Karina Primelles are committed to supporting the BIPOC community, contributing to Broccoli Mag’s anti-racist Floret Coalition. Experience the intersection of tradition, innovation, and community with Xula. Shop at Xula and follow @xulaherbs.

Buena Botanicals Full-Spectrum CBD Oils

In 2019, twin sisters, Coral and Rah, turned their passion for holistic healing, community, and plant medicine into CBD brand Buena Botanicals. Find your own “plant-powered zen” through their hand-harvested hemp. That’s because it’s USDA-certified organic and environmentally conscious. Plus, their Organic CBD Elixir is a full-spectrum oil that’s perfectly suited for beginners. Its child-resistant dropper makes dosing safe and easy. And you can use this CBD by mouth or by dropping it in your favorite beverage. Of course, how you dose is up to you. But their CBD is sure to be your new best friend. Shop at Buena Botanicals and follow @buenabotanicals.

Vegan CBD Gummies from Black-Owned Plant-Based Mary Jane

Discover a vegan-friendly solution for all your CBD needs with Plant Based Mary Jane’s CBD gummies. Founder Tracy Wright, a registered ER-trauma nurse and vegan helsef, transformed her own health with CBD and a plant-based lifestyle. Inspired by her journey, she created a line of full-spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD products, including the popular strawberry-flavored CBD oil. Every product from Plant Based Mary Jane is vegan-friendly, reflecting Tracy’s commitment to wellness and compassion. Treat your endocannabinoid system to the healing power of cannabis with their broad-spectrum formulas, carefully crafted to enhance your well-being in every way. Shop at Plant Based Mary Jane and follow @plantbasedmaryjane

Happy Hounds CBD dog treat come in a smoky bacon flavor your pup will love

Happy Hounds CBD Treats and Tinctures

Don’t overlook your furry friends when shopping for cannabis products! Happy Hounds CBD makes their Mobility CBD Dog Chews in a smoky bacon flavor your pup will love! Founder Rianna Young emphasizes that “our CBD products are not just CBD dog chews and tinctures. They’re packed with superfoods to help dogs be healthier and live longer.” Each treat contains 2.5mg of CBD, suitable for dogs of all breeds and sizes. Additionally, their tinctures can be conveniently added to your pet’s regular feed. Happy Hounds’ treats were created to increase mobility, lower anxiety, and calm joint pain. With all that goodness, they’ll make your Fido feel fantastic. Shop at Happy Hounds and follow @happyhoundscb

Black-Owned Cannabis Services

Tap Cannaclusive for More Black-Owned and Diverse Cannabis Businesses

Cannaclusive supports diversity in the cannabis space by offering a range of services. First, use their InclusiveBase to find more BIPOC-owned cannabis companies or mine their free database of inclusive photos for your blog/business—like we did! Also, take advantage of their educational programs. Finally, their Accountability List is a thoughtful response to the heightened push for social justice over the last several years. It tracks the concrete actions taken by cannabis industry members. Use it to spend your dollars with companies who are working to better our world. Follow them @cannaclusive.

Learn How to Microdose at Menopause Made Modern

Kamili Wilson turned to microdosing cannabis for relief from menopause symptoms only to realize the lack of resources for women of color navigating this life phase. While Kamili was looking for symptom relief, she discovered the medical benefits of cannabis. With her newfound appreciation for the plant, she founded Menopause Made Modern. This online community connects women of color who are going through menopause to others for support and advice.  Kamili’s mission extends beyond symptom relief; it’s about empowerment, connection, and reclaiming wellness. Visit Menomademodern.com to learn more.

How to Get a Medical Marijuana Card Online with Black-Owned Presto Doctor

Taking the plunge and getting a medical marijuana card doesn’t have to be an intimidating process. Just visit Presto Doctor, an easy and private solution that can help you get your medical marijuana card quickly. All you have to do is create an account, fill out your profile, and set up a video appointment with a doctor. Then, presto, you’ll get your recommendation or card in the mail. This Black-owned business is live in California, Missouri, Nevada, New York, Oklahoma, and Pennsylvania. If you live in one of these states, what are you waiting for? Visit Presto Doctor and follow @prestodoctor_official.

Elevate your Smoke Sesh with Black-Owned Smk Brk

Whether you’re a newbie or more of a cannabis connoisseur, Laura OG of SMK BRK is your girl. She’s got all the tips for making the most of your smoke sesh. To start, she suggests setting the mood with a playlist and turning your smoke sesh into a ritual. Make it a form of self care—craft flower, classy cannabis accessories—dare we suggest some from House of Puff? 😉 Or learn more precise measurement hacks to find the dosing that works best for you. Take her advice on a lot or a little. Either way, Laura will help you get closer to your ideal high. Visit smkbrk.com and follow @smkbrkco.

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