Elevate your smoke sesh with Laura OG

9 Secrets for Elevating Your Smoke Sesh

  • Laura OG of SMK BRK has all the secrets for elevating your smoke sesh. 
  • From creating a ritual to using the best flower, here are 9 ways to improve your smoke. 

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Wondering how to elevate your smoke sesh? Laura OG can help

We’re always looking for ways to make our smoke sesh more enjoyable. So we tapped Laura OG of SMK BRK to help us. Laura is a cannabis cultivator, educator, and consultant. She uses storytelling, design, events, and music to destigmatize and demystify cannabis. Use these 9 secrets to take your everyday smoke from satisfying to superb.

Secret 1: Put on a play list

Cannabis is all about putting yourself in a great mood. Music is perfect for doing the same. So why not spin up a play list to enhance your smoke? You don’t even need to make your own. Laura puts out a playlist with a new feeling every week. So no need to create your own. Just choose your vibe and enjoy!

Secret 2: Make a smoke sesh ritual

More and more of us are consuming cannabis daily. Most of us smoke right before bed. And many of us treat a good smoke sesh like our parents did a nightly cocktail. We enjoy cannabis to ease out of work mode. Whenever you imbibe, take a few minutes to make it a ritual. Step out onto your terrace or patio to enjoy the sunset. Or combine your smoke with your nightly bath. Just take a few minutes to make your sesh an intentional moment of self-care.

Beautiful cannabis accessories are sure to take your smoke sesh ritual up a notch.

Secret 3: Surround yourself with beautiful cannabis accessories

Wine culture really has the accessories right. What’s better than a sip of wine from a tall, crystal goblet? It’s just not the same in a juice glass…. So now that legalization is sweeping North America, it’s time for cannabis culture to level up. Very few of us would think twice about stocking our home with beautiful wine glasses. And soon, none of us will have to hide our cannabis anymore. So a sophisticated rolling tray, a gorgeous pipe, or a hand-blown glass joint holder are just what the doctor ordered to take your smoke sesh ritual up a notch. But, if you’re on a budget, Laura reminds us, “We can’t forget that cannabis is an herb. So I’ve typically found that what works for either coffee beans or herbs will work for cannabis.” So lose that plastic bag and replace it with a beautiful canister. With a little luck, you can find one on your next bargain hunt at Home Goods.

Secret 4: Treat Yourself to Craft Cannabis

Gone are the days of settling for whatever “your guy” has to offer. Your local dispensary has a world of choices. That includes truly fabulous craft cannabis. If you’re not sure which one to try, ask your budtender for advice. We’ve all been in financial straits when box wine or 2-Buck-Chuck was our only option. But even if you can’t always splurge on your cannabis, at least treat yourself now and then. Flower is still the most economical way to enjoy it. So indulge yourself with a connoisseur-worthy variety whenever you can. Truth be told, quality bud isn’t just more satisfying. You also need less of it to go as far.

Secret 5: Get precise about your cannabis measurements

Getting serious about measuring can really improve your cannabis enjoyment. Laura explains, “The more into coffee I got, the more I started to understand that precise measurements, ratios, and techniques could really elevate your coffee drinking experience. The products made for coffee also work amazingly well for cannabis. There are coffee scales that weigh right down to 0.01 of a gram and up to 500 grams. That type of precision is nice to have when weighing out cannabis for cooking.” Of course, measuring isn’t necessary for smoking. But if you’re looking to improve your dosing, measuring can be a great way to do it. Half gram joints are standard for loads of us. But the new rage is mini joints. To roll a mini, measure out just .35 grams. The beauty of a mini is that you can finish it in just one smoke sesh. That means no more messy, half-smoked joints. It also means that your cannabis will always be freshly ground and rolled. So you’ll really get the best of it.

Play Video about How to fix a canoeing joint in your next smoke sesh

Secret 6: Level up your rolling skills

Rolling your own can be a challenge. But there’s nothing like an expertly rolled joint to give you a huge burst of satisfaction. Like anything, practice makes perfect. So if you’re not satisfied with your rolling skills, give it some time. If you’re running into the common problem of uneven burn (called “joint canoeing”), check out our newest video to learn how to fix it. And you don’t have to waste good cannabis to practice rolling. Instead, dig out those expired herbs from your pantry. Oregano, thyme, or basil will do perfectly. Then, roll that herb up until you’ve mastered it.

Secret 7: Get fancy with your filters

Increasing the air flow in your joint is another great secret to elevating your smoke sesh. One of the easiest ways to do that is to make an M filter. If you can make a regular filter, you can do this—it’s just a couple extra steps. Or really take your puff to a whole other universe with a pasta tip. Laura introduced us to this trick. “The pull you get from a pasta tip is a smoother, yet stronger pull. It’s like having a percolator on your joint. Rotini for bigger joints. Fusilli for smaller ones.”

Take your puff to a whole other universe with a pasta tip

Secret 8: Ditch the Telltale Smoke Sesh Smell

Laura’s advice to beat the cannabis smell is to use her stove. “Spark up while cooking and allow the aromatics to mask the weed—especially if you’re an apartment dweller.” But if you’re less about cooking and more about ordering delivery, just light a candle with a gorgeous scent during your smoke sesh. And if you’re trying to be really discreet, treat yourself to one of 024’s amazing aromatics. Their deliciously scented candles don’t just mask the scent of cannabis. With patented technology, they actually remove the molecules that cause that that telltale aroma from the air. So you can smoke in peace, without any neighbor stress.

Secret 9: Post-Sesh Clean Up

Let’s face it, cannabis can get sticky. It’s all that resin that the plant produces. But, of course, the resin is where the good stuff is. That includes all the cannabinoids (like THC and CBD) plus the terpenes. So, if you can, try to wipe down your accoutrements right after you use them. That’s especially important for whatever you’re using to grind it up with. And if immediate clean up isn’t for you, you’re still all good. 90% isopropyl alcohol. will remove even the toughest resin. Just make sure to rinse it off with clean water afterwards.

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