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The Future of East Coast Cannabis: NYC Dispensary Etain

NYC Dispensary, Etain, is leading the way to a mainstream experience of cannabis. 

  • Far from stoner stereotypes, their Sutton Place flagship feels like a luxury boutique. 
  • Etain is so female-friendly because it’s the only NYC dispensary that’s owned and operated by women. 
  • Although the cannabis at Etain is still only for registered medical patients, anyone can drop by to pick up chic cannabis accessories and CBD products from women-owned brands. 
  • Exclusively at Etain, the Omura x House of Puff dry herb vaporizer is the most elegant new way to experience cannabis. 

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What will the NYC cannabis scene be like?

Post-legalization, everyone’s wondering what the New York city cannabis scene will look like. We were thrilled to get the inside scoop from Hillary Peckham, COO of the NYC dispensary, Etain. Every successful cannabis dispensary has something that makes them stand out from the crowd. For this cutting-edge medical dispensary, that’s their NYC style, their origin story, and their commitment to supporting other women-owned brands. Etain is the only woman-owned medical marijuana brand in New York. Their 4 NY dispensaries include a stunning NYC flagship in Sutton Place on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. Read on to learn how they’re setting the tone for the future of East Coast cannabis.

What can we expect when we visit an Etain NYC dispensary?  

At the Etain NYC dispensary at 242 East 58th Street, you can expect a sophisticated and inviting environment. One that welcomes medical marijuana patients and retail customers to enjoy experiential interactions and integrative wellness offerings. The innovative architect and art consultant, Clodagh, approached the design with her life-enhancing minimalism. She did that by filling it with simple, natural touches that simultaneously elevate and ground its atmosphere. Various elements of nature welcome customers into the space, including a living green wall and an airy mezzanine. There’s also a retreat space that’s permeated by the sounds of running water. By merging this elevated environment with personal consultations and premium products, Etain has created the next level of healthcare and concierge medicine. So customers can feel good about investing in their health and wellbeing.

Describe Etain’s vibe in 5 emojis

Emojis describing Etain's NYC Dispensary

Tell us about where the name Etain comes from

Etain is a Gallic goddess from Irish mythology. In many legends, she represents women in their transformational capacity. The name we chose was the perfect way to honor my mother’s Irish heritage while giving a nod to our female-run NYC dispensary.

Do you need to have a NY medical marijuana card to shop at Etain? 

You don’t have to have a NY Medical Marijuana card to shop at the Etain NYC dispensary. Or our other locations in Kingston/Woodstock, Syracuse, and Yonkers. We source our health and wellness products—including CBD— from a variety of women-owned brands. And they’re available to everyone. Our staff can also assist you interested in joining the NY State Medical Marijauna program.

What advice would you give someone who’s new to an NYC dispensary? 

Ask questions! If you’re new to Etain products, we offer initial consultations and follow-up appointments with staff at our dispensaries. During these complimentary sessions, we do 3 things for you. We work to understand your goals, answer your questions, and ensure that you’re getting the full benefit of our products. Etain has sourced the largest variety of high-quality dosing methods and devices in New York State. So, we can give you multiple options with different onsets—from immediate to longer-term relief.

Etain was founded in memory of Frances “Granny Franny” Keefe. Tell us about her influence  

We founded Etain in memory of our grandmother, Frances “Granny Franny” Keeffe. She filled the smallest moments of our lives with music, laughter, and joy. During her battle with ALS, we started researching medical marijuana and discovered all the potential benefits it could provide. That’s why quality is so important to us. We know that each Etain customer is someone’s parent, spouse, child, or sibling.

The women behind the NYC dispensary Etain

NY is a notoriously tough market. Why did you open your flagship as an NYC dispensary? 

I’m a fourth-generation New Yorker. So having a presence with a NYC dispensary was important to us as a family and a business. Our original location in NYC was on 39th Street, and being in another central location in Manhattan was always the goal. The pandemic delayed our original opening of our flagship on East 58th Street from April 2020 to August. Everything felt impossible then. But not opening was unacceptable. Providing care for our patients was our biggest motivator. We all came together and were able to transform the 5,000 square foot street level space into a dispensary and retail location.

What are your 3 go-to cannabis products for 2022?

The Omura x House of Puff Series X in Jade is going to be New York’s new go-to! From the sleekness of the design to the simplicity of filling the Flowersticks with Etain whole or ground flower—it’s going to be a game changer.

Our water soluble powder (available in High THC and 1-1 THC:CBD) is a favorite. It’s extremely versatile and can turn anything—even water— into an edible infusion. My sister Keeley (Etain’s Chief Horticultural Officer) has created some amazing recipes using the powder. You can see them on Instagram.

The Etain Motif Magnetic Vape Pen is a must. It’s a great example of the entire company coming together to ideate, create, and launch something unique to the market within current regulations. With precise dosing, the reusable battery elevates the experience of our pure oil even further. We just launched a charcoal version of the pen. And accessories for the Motif including a charging dock, a protective sleeve and a custom carrying case. They’re all made in collaboration with Brooklyn based LittleJohn New York.

NYC dispensary Etain is exclusively launching this House of Puff X Omura collab

As an NYC dispensary, why are you so excited about Omura’s heat-not-burn technology? 

We’re thrilled to be the first dispensary to carry the Omura x House of Puff dry herb vaporizer collab. The Omura Series X technology is an ideal companion to Etain premium whole or ground flower. This type of device is important for medical cannabis patients in NY, since it allows for them to get the immediate relief provided by inhalation within the context of New York’s no-combustion regulation. We always want to give our patients innovative options for consumption. The sophistication and tech behind the Series X and its “heat-not-burn” technology is something we’re really excited about. Plus, since the device and flowersticks are accessories, anyone—not just medical patients—can buy them at all 4 of our locations. 

What challenges did you face as an NYC dispensary that opened early on in the state’s legalization of cannabis?

Being some of the few women in the space when we were applying and awarded a license was a challenge in itself. We were really fortunate to find the organization Women Grow. Right as we were starting to research the industry, they had their very first meeting. And it happened to be in New York. The organization is very inclusive. Their goal is to help women meet each other and get into the industry. We’re honored to continue to support them and connect with other women who are in the industry, or interested in the industry, through them.

Describe your vision for the optimal NYC dispensary once adult use has gone into full effect

As a woman-owned business, we hope to see more minority-owned and women-owned NYC dispensaries come online.

Has NY legalization of recreational cannabis changed anything for Etain? 

The Office of Cannabis Management recently announced the addition of whole flower cannabis to The NYS Medical Marijuana Program. Our patients have been asking for whole flower for a very long time. So we’re excited to make it available at our NYC dispensary and throughout the state. We’ll continue to be the go-to for a concierge medicine experience within the medical marijuana program as the NY market continues to expand. Another exciting update is that patients are no longer limited by a list of qualifying conditions to be eligible for the use of medical cannabis. Your certifying practitioner can use his/her clinical discretion to issue a certification for your medical use of cannabis.

How does Etain support other women-owned companies?  

Supporting women is a major priority for Etain, both internally and externally. We recently launched a curated selection of women-owned CBD and health-and-wellness brands. When we opened our flagship NYC dispensary, we also prioritized dedicating shelf space to women-owned brands. Now we’ve expanded that initiative to our other 3 locations, too. We’re carrying an assortment of items from a variety of brands. We have CBD Chocolate from Portland-based Gron. We carry gummies from NY-based TribeTokes. And we also have CBD-infused beauty from Maryland based NFZD Beauty. We also carry merch from NJ-based Buy Weed From Women, which is owned by the poet, Jasmine Mans. We also offer a selection of cannabis and wellness books by women authors. And of course, we love carrying House of Puff’s rolling papers, Le Pipes, and herb bowls. 

What kind of events will we be able to attend at your NYC dispensary? 

When it’s safe to, we’ll be hosting a variety of events at our NYC dispensary. That includes trunk shows to support other women-owned brands, wellness events, and educational talks with industry experts.

How can people keep up with all things Etain?

We’re @etainhealth on all social platforms. You can also sign up on our website to receive our emails for sales and promos. Or you can read our Blog for a deeper dive into our products, press, and partnerships.

A Canna-Curious Guide to Boston Dispensaries

One of our team, Gavi Azoff, just turned 21! As a birthday present to herself, Gavi decided to explore her local Boston dispensaries. Here’s a look inside a recreational cannabis dispensary through the eyes of a first timer.

Exploring Boston Dispensaries 

For most of my teenage years, I was excited about my 21st birthday because it meant I could drink legally. But lately, because of the health benefits, I’ve been drawn more to cannabis than drinking. Boston dispensaries have been around since medical cannabis was legalized in Massachusetts—one of the first to do it on the East Coast. Then, in 2016, MA legalized recreational cannabis. So, on my 21st birthday, I went downtown with my girlfriend to visit 2 of them.

My relationship with cannabis

My interest in cannabis piqued in college when I started learning more about its health benefits. Like a lot of teenagers, I experimented a little with cannabis in high school. But then I just consumed it to try to be cool and get high. I really knew nothing about the plant. For starters, I didn’t know there were different strains. I was also clueless about what indica and sativa meant. Then, a couple years ago, my therapist asked me if I’d ever considered using cannabis to treat my anxiety. Of course, I never had. Since then, I kept it as a thought in the back of my mind. But I never discussed it with anyone else. Even with medical and recreational cannabis use being legal in Massachusetts, I was still put off by the cannabis stigma.

Synthetic THC

Fast forward to the summer of 2020. My gastroenterologist prescribed a medication for me called Marinol, or Dronabinol. It’s a Big Pharma medication that’s synthetic THC. I have a condition called gastroparesis that causes chronic nausea. So my doctor was hoping it would give me some relief. Nothing else I’d tried had even touched my debilitating nausea. Initially, Marinol worked for me like a miracle. For the first time in months, I could eat, drink, and keep it down. But over time, it became less effective for me. So I started doing more research on the benefits of cannabis and wellness. I still use Marinol daily. ​​But I’m excited to see how incorporating more cannabis into my life could help me. I decided I was going to enter the cannabis scene as soon as I was legal. And I figured there was no better way than to check out my local Boston dispensaries.

What are Boston dispensaries like?

From the 2 I visited on my birthday, I learned that Boston dispensaries each have their own unique vibe. But, at both of them, kind, helpful people welcomed me. One of the first things that struck me was that the only payment options are cash or debit card. Since I didn’t know that in advance, I ended up using my debit card. But don’t worry, as I discovered, it only showed up as an ATM withdrawal on my bank records.

The Cannabist

The first of the Boston dispensaries we visited was The Cannabist. It was mid-December, and we didn’t have to have an appointment. The entrance is at street level, and a friendly security guide greeted us. After carefully checking our IDs, they directed us downstairs to the shop. Then they brought us to one of the counters. Below street level, The Cannabist is dark and feels like a speakeasy. I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect, and I get easily overwhelmed. So I really appreciated the calm atmosphere of this dispensary. Around the shop, wall-mounted TVs display some of the many cannabis products they carry. Everything they sell is also listed in printed packets that are organized by category. A helpful budtender answered our questions and told us about the products we were interested in. At this dispensary, we weren’t allowed to walk around the store browsing. Instead, the budtender brought products out for us to look at.

Ascend is one of the Boston dispensaries our young friend visited


The next stop on our tour of Boston dispensaries was Ascend’s downtown location. Their vibe is equally welcoming—just brighter and more crowded. We were able to go in without an appointment here, too. Again, at the entrance, we went through the obligatory ID check. Then, they directed us to kiosks where we could look through their products and order electronically. Budtenders were on hand to recommend products and answer any questions we had. Once we placed our orders, the staff sent us to another room, where we waited to check out. After a few minutes they called us to the registers to pay for our new cannabis products.

My faves from Boston dispensaries

I went on this little tour of Boston dispensaries in search of the best products I could find for anxiety, pain, and nausea. It was a really cool experience for me to know exactly what I was buying and to have a real choice in the cannabis I bought. I also looked at both dispensaries’ websites ahead of time. That way, I had a better sense of which products I could get and where. 

Attune’s Medicated Lotion 1:1

I’ve had chronic pain for as long as I can remember. But I’ve never found anything to soothe it. One of the budtenders suggested Attune’s medicated lotion, and I’m very happy with it. I rub it on my sore muscles and joints every day after I shower. I have sensitive skin and a lot of allergies. So it was important to me to find a topical that didn’t irritate my skin. This one rubs in nicely and doesn’t leave a gross, sticky feeling. I start feeling pain relief in the first 10-15 minutes. For me, that’s faster than taking a couple Advil or Tylenol. And, unlike them, the lotion doesn’t irritate my digestive system. Once the full effect sets in, the lotion eases my pain for 6-8 hours. The best way to describe the pain relief I get from it is that it’s soothing. Sometimes, the pain is still there. But it’s a dull soreness—which is much easier to tolerate than the searing, sharp pain I experience without it.

Edie Parker’s Early Bird Berry Lemonade Pre-Roll

Although my primary use of cannabis is to improve my health, I also like to have fun with it. That’s why I decided to try Early Bird Berry Lemonade Pre-Rolls. This strain is supposed to have energy-enhancing, uplifting effects. I’m an artist. As many artists do, I experience creative blocks when I lack motivation. So I was curious to see how a sativa-dominant strain could boost my creative juices and energy levels. I find sativas help me focus and concentrate on tasks, and this strain didn’t disappoint. A couple puffs keep me focused on a painting for a few hours at a stretch.

The Heirloom Collective Calm Cubes

I knew I wanted an indica or indica-dominant hybrid edible for anxiety. So, I went with The Heirloom Collective’s Calm Cubes. They’re citrusy gummies that complement the limonene terpenes in the cannabis. Each one is 5mg, and I tend to take them at night. The calming effects ease my nighttime anxiety and also help me fall asleep more easily. Even though Calm Cubes can apparently boost your energy, for me, they act as sedatives.

She bought these Heirloom Collective Calm Cubes at her first trip to Boston dispensaries

My Overall First Impression of Boston Dispensaries

One of the highlights of my first visit to Boston dispensaries was the birthday wishes. For legal reasons, dispensaries have to check your ID more than once during every visit. First, they check it before they let you in. Then they check it again before you’re allowed to buy. Every time someone saw the date on my license, they wished me a happy 21st. They were genuinely excited that I’d chosen to make cannabis part of my first day as a fully legal adult. It made the experience really welcoming for me. Many dispensaries offer pickup and delivery options that don’t require a trip into Boston. But actually being there was so much fun. Needless to say, I’m looking forward to checking out more Boston dispensaries in the future.

Ditch Your Vape Pen for Omura’s Revolutionary Dry Herb Vaporizer

It’s the holidays, so everyone’s looking for that special new gadget. For the cannabis lovers in your life (including yourself!), look no further than the Omura dry herb vaporizer. Because of all the worries about chemical processing, we’d gotten away from vaping. But Omura’s revolutionary heat-not-burn tech brought us running back. Nothing beats the convenience of a vape. Omura’s devices give you all that convenience with none of the downsides. AND their design is so sleek that it’s Apple-esque. We love these stunners so much that we jumped at the chance to collab with Omura with our own Flowersticks. We’re doing it just in time to pair them with their brand new limited edition Omura device. Get it in just a few days in a sleek black that will go perfectly with your most citified chic. Keep your eyes peeled to our @thehouseofpuff for the drop. In the meantime, we turned to Omura’s CMO, Shannon Reed. Hot off their feature in Forbes, she explains exactly why you need an Omura right now. 

What’s the difference between smoking a joint and using an Omura dry herb vaporizer?

In a lot of ways they’re similar. Omura dry herb vaporizers deliver many of the same sensations we know and love about smoking a joint. There’s the same sharing, the incremental high, the inhale, the rapid onset, etc. The difference is that Omura is extremely discreet. It also eliminates the negatives around combustion by creating minimal vapor and odor. One of our fans recently told me, “Omura is the closest I can get to smoking a joint, without smoking.”

Omura devices are Heat-Not-Burn—what difference does that make?

The Omura device is essentially a convection oven that slowly heats flower instead of burning it. The heat-curve chart below shows the temperature levels that preserve cannabinoids and terpenes. Above these levels, you lose some of that good stuff. Disposable butane lighters can produce flames as hot as 2257° celsius. That’s way above the optimal temperatures for cannabinoids and terpenes. In contrast, Omura devices heat flower to much lower temperatures—temps that are optimal for experiencing both.

The Omura dry herb vaporizer heat flower to much lower temperatures that are optimal for experiencing both cannabinoids and terpenes

What’s a Flowerstick and how does it work?

A Flowerstick is a paper cartridge that’s filled with ground cannabis or hemp CBD flower. You can buy pre-filled Flowersticks or empty ones to fill with your favorite flower. When you insert our Flowersticks (flower-side down) into the device, they start our dry herb vaporizers automatically.


There are two buttons on the bottom of the new Omura XLE, one for flavor and one for effect. Can you talk about the intention behind that?

The intention behind the two heat settings is to give every cannabis consumer a way to customize their experience of using an Omura. Most inhalable products on the market don’t cater to different preferences on the spot. With Omura, you can tailor your cannabis experience to suit your taste through the combination of our Flowersticks and heat settings. 


We didn’t want to design a dry herb vaporizer that was purely technical. Instead, we made a device that fits seamlessly into your life. In tandem with Michael Young Studio, we envisioned a sculptural object that people could proudly display in their homes—like a favorite watch or a custom speaker. The Omura Series X is also engineered to be compact, discreet and easy to use. We wanted it to slide into your pocket or purse. So we’re really proud that it’s received accolades like the Chicago Athenaeum’s Good Design Award. 


We’re continuing our design-forward trend with our new Omura Series X Limited Edition (XLE). We created this new model specifically to be stylish yet ergonomic. The exterior has a tactile metal knurling finish. The knurling was developed through an algorithm and 3D-surfacing technology to give it the perfect depth, width, and texture. The XLE also comes with a charging base that includes storage for our flowersticks. So they’re even more easily accessible.

The Omura Series X dry herb vaporizer was also engineered to be compact, discreet and easy to use.
Omura's brand new limited edition dry herb vaporizer in black

How does smoking a traditional oil vape compare to a dry herb vaporizer?

Like enjoying a glass of fine wine, ingesting cannabis flower is a holistic sensory experience. The terpenes and the taste of the flower play play an essential role. The concentration of cannabis into an oil can remove a lot of the impact of cannabis terpenes. We created our dry herb vaporizer to give you the convenience and discretion of using an oil vape plus the benefits of the whole-flower experience. Terpenes and cannabinoids work in concert on our nervous system’s cannabinoid receptors. This “entourage effect” is much more powerful physiologically than just cannabinoids, like THC and CBD, on their own. For a more powerful hit, there’s a high heat setting on our new XLE. Or you can use the low heat setting to maximize your experience of the terpenes. Our heat-not-burn technology allows you to enhance the effects of terpenes in a way that oil vapes can’t.

Is Omura just for Victorian-throated lightweights? Or does it still work for heavy cannabis consumers?

Whether you’re a microdoser or a heavy consumer, Omura is simply the best way to take cannabis. Its lack of combustion will enhance your experience and protect your throat. If you’re a flower connoisseur, you can experience the full flavor profile of the flower that growers put so much time into creating. We hear all the time, “Wow, I can taste the flower in a completely different way. This is the first time I’ve really tasted all the terpenes.”

Consuming cannabis can be very social or it can lock you on your couch. How does Omura fit into that spectrum?

The Omura high is a social high. With dosed Flowersticks, you efficiently vaporize a small amount of whole flower. So you can consistently achieve a high that’s both relaxing and uplifting. The controlled dosing of Flowersticks helps you prevent yourself from getting too high or experiencing couch lock.

What’s your favorite terpene and why? 

One of my personal favorite terpenes is caryophyllene. It has aromas of pepper, clove and cinnamon. And it’s a stress-reliever. High concentrations of caryophyllene are commonly found in strains like Sour Diesel, Gelato, GSC and Purple Punch. Compared to other terpenes, caryophyllene is a larger molecule. It’s also the only terpene that acts like a cannabinoid. Our endocannabinoid system contains two major types of cannabinoid receptors: CB1 and CB2. When we ingest cannabinoids, they bind to CB1 receptors. That what produces the euphoria. Unlike other terpenes, caryophyllene’s molecular structure allows it to bind to CB2 receptors, too. That provides anti-inflammatory benefits, too.


Terpenes are volatile compounds. So they’re easily lost at high temperatures. Both standard cannabis extraction processes and traditional smoking methods use those high temperatures. Terpenes provide a lot of the flavor you experience when you enjoy whole flower. Since we engineered our dry herb vaporizers with a lower heat curve, they activate terpenes gradually, instead of burning them off.

What are the potential benefits of terpenes in combination with cannabinoids like THC & CBD?

Terpenes and cannabinoids interact synergistically to produce an entourage effect—the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. For example, our Omura x Caliva THC Flowersticks are available in  Watermelon Sorbet and Alien OG. Both strains contain the cannabinoid THC. But the dominant terpene in Watermelon Sorbet is caryophyllene. So it gives you a fruit-forward aroma and a happy high. In contrast, one of the dominant terpenes in Alien OG is limonene. So this stick has a lemon-pine flavor and gives you a more bodily high. For a full guide to terpenes, check out the Herb Somm’s quick guide to cannabis terpenes.

You do a lot of collabs with other brands. How do you choose your partners?

We strive to partner with brands that are moving the cannabis conversation forward. As a strong women- owned and Latina-led brand, House of Puff is leading this movement with their modern lifestyle accessories. Their mainstream appeal opens up the cannabis space to new audiences. We also have very strong standards for our growers. They have to guarantee no trim or chemical additions in our sticks—only 100% pure flower. Taste and quality are essential parts of the Omura experience. So we believe in working with growers who produce  exceptional, terpene-rich flower.

Omura dry herb vaporizer Flowersticks are also fully biodegradable and compostable.

How does using Omura’s dry herb vaporizer affect the planet?

At Omura, we strive to be as sustainable as possible. We’re especially conscious of all the waste the cannabis industry generates. Omura Flowersticks are made of FSC certified paper. So our paper is from responsibly managed forests that provide environmental, social, and economic benefits. To eliminate waste, our Flowersticks are also fully biodegradable and compostable. Even our packaging is created from paper and plant-based fiber. So it’s fully recyclable, too.

What do you need to do to clean a dry herb vaporizer?

Unlike most dry herb vaporizers, the Omura never needs cleaning. The flower is contained in the Flowerstick. So it never actually touches the oven. Because of that design, the oven never needs to be cleaned at all.

How long does the Omura dry herb vaporizer hold a charge?

The Series X battery should last you approximately 6 to 8 sessions. The devices come with a USB-C charging cable and while charging, the LED lights indicate the device’s battery level.

How can we keep up with Omura’s newest product drops?

Follow us on Instagram @omura or sign up for our newsletter at

6 Next-Level Smoking Gifts for Holiday 2021

It’s that time of year again—the holidays are almost upon us. More than ever,  everyone we know is already holiday shopping to make sure they get those gifts on time. Adding to the joy of the season and the FOMO, most of us are actually getting to spend the holidays with our loved ones in person, too. After such a rough holiday season last year, this year can’t help but bring heightened expectations. So we’re here to make your gift giving as thoughtful as possible this year. Of course, that includes smoking gifts for the cannabis lovers in your life. We won’t steer you wrong. Here’s our 2021 gift guide.


Looking for something special but small to slip in their stocking? You’re sure to knock their socks off completely with either of these exceptional smoking gifts.

Le Pipe is the ultimate smoking gift

LE PIPE | $32

Our Le Pipe now comes in six gorgeous colors—one to match every outfit. Our ceramic one hitter embodies New York style. It’s minimalist in design but maximal in impact. Choose from Adela Lavender, Birgit Blue, Gentileschi Green, Mickalene Marigold, O’Keeffe Camellia pink, or Signature Pink. Regardless of the color, our sleek ceramic one hitter is sure to delight. And who can’t always use a new pipe? It’s the perfect gift you don’t have to think twice about.


They might think they have everything…but they don’t. Because our Soho Holder is brand new! This hand-blown borosilicate glass holder will add sophistication to their everyday sesh. And they won’t just feel fabulous using this holder. This gorgeous accessory also safeguards your throat, fingers, makeup, and clothes. The length of the holder cools your smoke before it gets to your throat. It also keeps your fingers away from the flame and keeps your rolling papers off your lips—or anyone else’s. Choose from Emin Orchid pink, Gentileschi Green, Keun Cornflower blue, or Taeuber Tuxedo white.

The perfect smoking gift—our new Soho Joint Holder
Our artsy joint holders and pretty rolling papers make wondering smoking gifts


This one’s for that friend who always makes an entrance. They step to a different beat, like Folktronica—yep, that’s a thing. Their hero is Swedish painter, Hilma af Klint. And somehow they rock sequins as daywear. We don’t know how they do it. But we love them for it. So make their smoking gifts as artistic as they are with our Soho Duo. This gift set includes our most artsy accessories—our new Soho Holder and our Paula Flores Collection Rolling Papers. They’ll adore our sophisticated joint holder. They might look like seductively gossamer jewelry. But an artist in California hand blows them for us in resilient borosilicate glass. This joint holder will give them that extra dash of fancy that they crave. Choose from Gentileschi Green or Emin Orchid Pink. Plus, gift them with a new artist to obsess about. Our pretty rolling papers come wrapped in the vibrancy of an original painting by internationally acclaimed Latine artist, Paula Flores. Endear yourself to them even more with the fact that a portion of the proceeds from your gift went directly to support the artist. 

Our matching one hitter and ashtray are great practical smoking gifts


Matching sets are one of those things that will always be in style. You know it’s true. It’s one thing to have a dramatic green dress. It’s a whole other level to add fabulous shoes to match. A matching set is double the chic. We love matching our pipes to our outfits. But they’ll love our Downtown Duo with a monochrome Le Pipe ceramic one hitter and herb bowl/ashtray. No matter whether they grind their mix into our Barrow Street Herb Bowl, use it as a unique footed ashtray, or both. They’ll smile every time they puff with this most practical of smoking gifts. Choose from Adela Lavender, Gentileschi Green, or O’Keeffe Camellia pink. Match your gift to their bedroom decor. Or choose a contrasting color that will really pop on their nightstand.

Forget about stuffing their stocking—gift them our Stuffed Stash Bag


Do something more than just stuff that special someone’s stocking this year. Indulge them instead with our Stuffed Stash Bag! Our luxe Crosby Pouch isn’t the usual stash bag that’s doomed to dark colors to stay looking chic. In pale Signature Pink, the Crosby is still stain-resistant, antimicrobial, and odor-resistant. That’s because we used state-of-the-art Krypton performance fabric. So the outside of the Crosby has a soft chenille hand with a matching, textured pink satin lining. But that’s not all! Exclusively for this holiday, we’re stuffing our posh stash bag with matching pink puffware. First, they’ll love our bestselling ceramic one hitter, Le Pipe, in Signature Pink. Then they’ll adore our seductive new Soho Cigarette Holder in Emin Orchid. And finally, you’ll gift them with our pink king-sized Signature Rolling Papers. This year, give them everything they really need to have the happiest of holidays.


Do you long to share your daily sesh with your spouse, but they can’t get into it because of their delicate throat? Tested by our most fragile-throated, we have a new gift set on the way that’ll solve this problem forever! We can’t share the details yet. Not until just after Thanksgiving. But our exquisitely designed, high-tech marvel will have you sharing the intimacy of a sunset smoke with your boo just like you’ve always wanted. Sign up for our mailing list or follow our Insta to be the first to know when they drop.

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