Head to one of our fave NYC restaurants when the munchies hit

Highly Delightful Dining: Our Favorite NYC Restaurants to Visit When You Have the Munchies

  • The effects of cannabis can take you on a culinary adventure
  • The fun is in experiencing how cannabis alters the textures and flavors of your meal
  • We’ve compiled some of our fave NYC restaurants to head to when the munchies hit
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High Quality Dining for Your Munchies

The munchies get a bad reputation, and we’re here to change that. Sure, cannabis can drive you to finish an entire Costco-sized bag of trail mix in one sitting. (It was only once….) But cannabis can also be the secret ingredient that transforms a meal into an electrifying experience. The plant has the extraordinary ability to enhance the pleasure of food, bringing you heightened tastes and textures. Picture this: a gentle puff, a swirl of aromatic flavors, and suddenly, every bite becomes a symphony for your senses. The intersection of cannabis and cuisine is where magic truly happens.

Dinner in a New Dimension

It’s not just about the flavors. Cannabis has a way of altering all of your senses and bending time. In the right setting, each bite can take you on a journey. From maximalist decor to inspiring plant-based menus, we’ve compiled some of our favorite NYC spots to hit when you’re blissfully high and have the munchies. Our curated list boasts an explosion of flavors and the promise to turn traditional dining on its head.

A 12-course omakase is a great way to beat the munchies

The Munchies Are No Match for Omakase at Ito

If you’re looking to satiate the munchies with a long meal boasting loads of courses, Ito is the place to go. While it looks unassuming from the outside, this high-end omakase restaurant will flood your senses with a wide assortment of flavors and textures dancing across your palate. Sourced with only the finest ingredients, you’ll be taken on a tip across more than 10 courses that cover everything from miso soup to uni, caviar, and mouth-watering sashimi. If this meal doesn’t make the most of your munchies, nothing will.

Manage Your Munchies among Plant-Inspired Decor at Serra

There’s no denying the impact that aesthetics and ambience have over a dining experience. Like cannabis, decor can influence your senses and offer more depth to your meal. So, why not combine both and head to Serra to satisfy your munchies. With a name that means “greenhouse” in Italian, its plant-inspired, greenery-heavy decor sets exactly the right vibe for a cannabis-fueled meal. Not to mention, its decadent pasta dishes will make your munchies a distant memory.

Head to Manhatta For the Highest High

Take your elevated eats even higher at Manhatta—and that’s not a typo, there’s no “n”. Perched 60 stories above New York City, this spot offers amazing views, made even more spectacular after your edible kicks in. Perfect for date night, the panoramic views are the most beautiful backdrop for a romantic dinner under the euphoric influence of your favorite flower. Famed chef Danny Meyer built a contemporary American menu that rotates seasonally, guaranteeing only the freshest of ingredients. And with dishes as divine as the views, you’ll experience sensory overload in all the right ways.

Guaranteed Fun and Entertainment at Mao Mao

There’s no way to be bored at Mao Mao, especially if you head to this cool Brooklyn spot while you’re high. It’s a super unique restaurant inspired by vintage Thai diners, and the vibes are incredible. The atmosphere is tailor-made for an unforgettable cannabis-infused night out. As your high settles in, groove along with their DJ or sink into the theater-style seating and turn your focus toward the giant projection screen playing a range of old movies. When the munchies hit, head upstairs and play some vintage video games while you wait for your food—which happens to be outrageously good.

Tend to The Munchies With a Little Heat and Spice at Cosme

Known for its innovative and sophisticated take on Mexican cuisine, Cosme is a great spot to play with the effect that cannabis has on the diversity of Mexican flavors, textures, and aromas. We suggest ordering dishes with a mix of different textures—like the herb guacamole, duck carnitas, and lobster al pastor. The haze of your high will leave your mouth with a kaleidoscope of sensations that will set it apart from anything you’ve ever experienced.

Hit Up Francie for Mouth Wateringly Decadent Munchies

If you’re looking for a way to transform an already incredible meal, pack a quick puff and head on over to Francie. Francie’s menu is a guide to true culinary excellence with European-inspired dishes that offer a wide range of flavors and textures cooked to perfection. We recommend the Spanish duck chorizo or the lobster ravioli for when your munchies strike. Cannabis is your fuel for that extra sensational burst of spice and flavors, making the meal even more memorable.

Crossfade with cocktails at Dante when you have the munchies

Crossfade with Cocktails at Dante

Looking to enhance your high even more? Crossfading is our favorite way to enjoy both cannabis and alcohol. There’s no better way to level up your night than grabbing cocktails and a bite at Dante after a smoke sesh with friends. This historic eatery’s list of signature cocktails and rotating selection of seasonal cocktails means that you’ll never be left unsatisfied. Try out the El Diablo on Tap, a tart and smoky concoction of mezcal, tequila, grapefruit juice, and a kick of spicy salt while you revel in the way cannabis influences the feelings and flavors of your entire meal.

Indulge in Highly Baked Goods at Frenchette Bakery

Take the term “baked goods” to a new high at Frenchette Bakery. The only thing more delicious than a fresh baked pain au chocolat is a fresh baked pain au chocolat after a puff or 2 of your favorite strain. Be prepared to experience a medley of munchies-demolishing sensations as you devour buttery croissants and fluffy baguettes. You’ll begin to wonder why you ever ate these pastries without the airy aura of cannabis enhancing them.

Add On A Sugar High at Economy Candy

If you feel like taking a real life visit to Willy Wonka’s factory, pop an edible and head over to Economy Candy. Every corner in this shop holds a sweet surprise, so you’ll feel like a kid again. Select your favorite candies to elevate the joy of your cannabis-infused adventure. Personally, we’re headed there for the Sour Patch Kids and Fun Dip. With cannabis involved, it’s not just a candy shop—it’s a playground for your taste buds.

House of Puff’s Highest Praises

The House of Puff team is very familiar with the munchies and high dining. The best part is that there’s no wrong way to do it. From hole-in-the-wall eats to upscale bistros, our staff picks showcase the medley of options available for every palate and preference when dining under the influence.

Wake and Bake at La Pecora Bianca at Bryant Park

Who said this is a dinner list? Change up your routine and kickstart your day with a wake and bake brunch at La Pecora Bianca. Nestled at the edge of Bryant Park, Holly loves this charming spot to appease the morning munchies. While they serve up delectably unfussy Italian all day long, she recommends, “Try a sublingual microdose combined with their soft scrambled eggs. The stracciatella cheese and basil will turn your tastebuds up to 11. Or sometimes I go sweet with the lemon ricotta pancakes and blueberry compote.”

Bottino To Go

“You can’t go wrong with a sandwich—my personal fave is the eggplant with peppers and goat cheese!” Cassie’s favorite spot when the munchies strike is Bottino To Go because nothing quite hits the spot like a well-crafted sandwich. The beauty of a sandwich lies in its handheld convenience and versatility. The layers of fresh meats, crisp vegetables, and creamy condiments are waiting for the effects of cannabis to kick in and turn up the flavor. 

There's no beating the ambiance at El Quijote when you have the munchies

El Quijote for Savory Snacks and Sips

Simplicity can go a long way. Bar seating and an array of delicious snacks are the perfect setting when you have the munchies. According to Kristina, “El Quijote at the Chelsea Hotel is my ultimate haven after leisurely, high strolls. I find my favorite spot at the bar and indulge in their legendary Quijote G+T (I’m a big fan of crossfading) while savoring their irresistible pan con tomate and croquettes. When I’m riding that high, my palate craves the savory, and these dishes hit just the right note!”

Pommes Frites

Sometimes all you need is a good french fry. “If I’m craving food, I’m craving french fries,” Laura tells us, “and Pommes Frites is the ultimate spot to fight the munchies with fries.” Crunchy, crispy, fluffy, salty, and warm—there’s really nothing better than grabbing a late night cone of fries as you make your way home blissfully high. The assortment of dipping sauces means that every bite has the potential for a totally new sensation every time.

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