Our favorite Latix-owned brands in cannabis

18 of the Absolute Best Latinx-Owned Businesses in Cannabis

  • One way to remedy the wrongs of the War on Drugs is to support Latinx-owned businesses in cannabis. 
  • Keep reading for top Latinx-owned cannabis accessories, services, edibles, growers, and CBD businesses.

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Why Buy From Latinx-Owned Businesses in Cannabis?

The decades-long War on Drugs has always been a war on BIPOC communities. Even with social justice initiatives, legal cannabis still favors white-owned businesses. Business Insider found that white men make up 70% of top executives at the top 14 cannabis companies. Not hard to believe, right? But we don’t want to keep it that way. Despite the hardships that Latinx entrepreneurs have faced for years, things are beginning to turn as the world opens up to cannabis. To help you become more intentional with the companies you support, we’ve created this guide to Latinx-owned businesses in cannabis. This is an evergreen resource you can depend on to make conscious purchases that support POC.

Latinx-Owned Cannabis Accessories

HempWick Handmade by Hippies

Our fave hemp wicks are handmade by our fave hippies, Barrett and Javier—a proud Puerto Rican. Why use a hemp wick to light your cannabis? Because it’ll keep you from inhaling any chemicals and make your joint less likely to canoe. Based in New Smyrna Beach, Florida, this delightful pair lovingly hand waxes their organic hemp wicks with locally sourced, organic beeswax. There’s no one else we’d rather get our hemp wicks from! Shop at HempWick Handmade by Hippies and follow @hempwick.

Keeping it Blunt with High Hemp

If you’re into blunt wraps but like to keep things organic, we have just the brand for you. High Hemp Co. is the first ever all-organic herbal wrap company. Paola Fernandez is the 30-year-old founder and CEO of High Hemp. While working at her father’s cigar company, Paola came up with an alternative to tobacco-based rolling paper and wraps. In 2016, her company created the first hemp wraps. So, you can go organic hemp your blunts. This LGBTQ-owned and Latinx-own business in the cannabis industry prides itself on creating tobacco-free organic wraps that contain no nicotine or any other toxic additives. You can find them in smoke shops around the country or on their website. Shop at High Hemp and follow @highhemp.

House of Puff Makes Smoking Chic and Easy

Do you love to smoke cannabis but are sick of ugly or confusing smoking accessories? Enter House of Puff. Yep, we couldn’t help but include ourselves in this guide. After all, our founder, and CEO, Kristina Lopez Adduci, is a proud Puerto Rican. Plus, she has Latina style to burn. Kristina set out on a mission to create puffware you can be proud of. All of our products start in the artist’s studio. Then, we combine art-inspired design with a focus on social justice to raise cannabis above any stigma. Whether you’re a pro or just getting started, check out our sleek one-hitter, Le Pipe, or our Nebula Rolling Tray! Shop at House of Puff and follow @thehouseofpuff.

Latix-owned House of Puff accessories

The American-Made Glass of Your Dreams

Meet MOTA Glass. This company is the industry’s first Latina- and veteran-owned functional glass company. MOTA was launched by Susie Plascencia and Bobby Lady in November, 2020. The business takes its name from Spanish slang for weed. MOTA Glass is different from other companies because of their product standards. They fight against mass-produced glass and the marginalization of the overworked and underpaid Latinx workforce. Instead, they source their glass from American glass blowers and pay fair wages. Shop at MOTA Glass and follow @motaglass.

Latinx-Owned Businesses in CBD

Find Your Hustle and Flow with CBD Wellness

Hustle + flo founder, Jamie Galvis is a first-gen immigrant and woman of color living in New York City. She understands firsthand the importance of physical, mental, and spiritual wellness. That’s because she got burned out by her natural desire to hustle in the city that never sleeps. So, she turned to CBD. This WOC-owned and operated brand makes beautifully packaged CBD products that take the guesswork out of round-the-clock consumption. Shop hustle + flo and follow @hustlenflo.c

High-Quality CBD in the Heart of Wisconsin

Kattia Jimenez founded Mount Horeb Hemp in 2018. This small farm grows organic hemp flower for CBD producers. In addition, Jimenez co-founded the Hemp Can Do It podcast and the Wisconsin Hemp Alliance. Kattia advocates for hemp because it could jumpstart Wisconsin’s agriculture sector. It’s an industry that’s been central to the state’s culture from the beginning. A shining star for Latinx-owned businesses in Wisconsin, she’s continually advocating for access to hemp. Shop Mount Horeb Hemp and follow @mounthorebhemp.

Feel Yourself Again With Xula CBD

Xula is a Latina and Black-owned herbal brand that centers on bodies with wombs. Developed with the guidance of expert herbalists and doctors, their formulas provide comprehensive womb and cycle support by promoting easeful periods, PMS and Menopause hormonal balance, and overall wellness. The brand grew out of Karina Primelles’ and Mennlay Golokeh Aggrey’s mutual respect for plant medicine. Recognizing the lack of herbal solutions for  painful cycles, they became one of the first botanical brands to offer a solution. And if you’ve been wanting to try out a CBD/CBG combo to help with inflammation, check out their Relief tincture. Shop Xula and follow @xulaherbs.

Latinx-Owned Businesses in Edibles

Artisanal Edibles from Flame Princess Confections

Jeni Cohen’s creativity blossomed in the kitchen from a young age. She started in Miami, where her Cuban roots profoundly influenced her. In Chicago, Jeni refined her skills and became a well-known restaurateur, event caterer, and music festival food vendor. Jeni is also a daily cannabis consumer. So, she brought her passion for food and the green herb together as the founder of Flame Princess Confections. As many Latinx-owned businesses do, she creates edibles that are as colorful and fun as she is. Visit Flame Princess Confections and follow @flame_princess_confections.

CBD Chocolate That Will Change Your Life

What’s better than luxe chocolate? Gourmet CBD chocolate, that’s what. Flor de María is the brainchild of Venezuelan-born American, Willian Zitser. Capitalizing on his Latinx background, William creates truly delicious chocolate edibles with nuanced flavors like Ghost Pepper Caramel and Lemongrass. He explains, “I want to use Flor de María as a tool to elevate people’s consciousness through the edibles experience. Education about the source of the ingredients is a big part of this. I’ve been using cacao exclusively from Latin American producers I’ve come to know personally. Flor de Maria celebrates their traditions of excellence in every aspect of life.” Shop Flor de María and follow @enjoyflordemaria.

Latinx-owned brand Flor de Maria

Dine Higher with Latinx-Owned Businesses 

Higher Dining was founded by 2 sisters—Roshelly and Shanelly. Building on their rich Dominican roots, they’re cannabis experts, seasoned chefs, and top-of-the-line event planners. Based in NYC, they craft exquisitely prepared meals with Latin flair and distinct cannabis doses in each course. But their dining experiences aren’t just about fun. They also outline the medicinal benefits of cannabis in their dishes. So, when you’re planning your next event, consider an artful cannabis dining experience that your guests will be sure to remember. Explore Higher Dining and follow @higherdining.

Latinx-Owned Businesses in Flower

It’s the Magic Hour for Cannabis in Portland

Magic Hour Cannabis is a top producer of organic cannabis located outside of Portland, Oregon. This cannabis lifestyle brand is committed to producing clean, high-quality cannabis. The founders, Will Perry and Adriana Ruiz Carlile, are dedicated to changing the perception that cannabis consumers are slackers. Building on Adriana’s Latinx heritage, they also work to empower POC and women in leadership roles in the cannabis industry. Explore Magic Hour Cannabis and follow @magichourcannabis.

Pure Beauty is one of our favorite Latinx-owned brands

Pure Beauty

We’re BIG Pure Beauty fans. First, the company is Latina-led by Imelda Oropez Walavalkar. She describes the company as “American, but through the lens of a brown person.” Even more importantly, she’s created a brand that puts the earth first. They collect all their cultivation water from the air, instead of a tap. Plus, to protect wildlife of all kinds, they engineer their grows to have no runoff. And they donate all their used soil to public parks. So, their growing practices are some of the most thoughtful in the industry. All that makes for simply great flower! We especially love their mini joints, which they call Babies. We can’t think of a cuter baby to admire! Learn about Pure Beauty and follow @purebeauty.

Latinx-Owned Cannabis Services

Happy Munkey

In New York City, Happy Munkey has become known for fostering community and celebrating cannabis culture with their epic events. Founded in 2017 by Ramon Reyes and Vladimir Bautista, Happy Munkey has grown from its humble beginnings into a full-scale cannabis movement. What started as small-scale, speakeasy-style cannabis gatherings in their early days has blossomed into a cultural safe space for enthusiasts and novices alike to connect, learn, and celebrate the plant. Happy Munkey stands as a testament to the power of community, education, and the magic of cannabis, all intertwined in an experience that continues to make waves in the industry and beyond. Learn more about Happy Munkey and follow @happymunkey_.


Take a walk down memory lane with Budega, where the vibrant spirit of old New York bodegas meets the ever-evolving cannabis culture. This Latinx-owned cannabis lifestyle brand, blog, and online dispensary concept store pays homage to the legacy cannabis culture of New York City, celebrating its rich history of community and diversity. Every aspect of their concept, from product curation to storytelling, weaves a tapestry of heritage and innovation. Budega is a testament to the resilience and creative flair of Latinx entrepreneurs in the cannabis industry, igniting a sense of nostalgia and excitement, all wrapped in the rich, multifaceted layers of cannabis culture. Learn more about Budega and follow @budeganyc.

A Cannabis Attorney Who’s Focused on Minorities and Consumer Rights

Jessica Gonzalez is a cannabis and intellectual property attorney at Bressler Amery & Ross. She also serves as General Counsel for the national organization, Minorities for Medical Marijuana, and sits on the Policy Committee for the Minority Cannabis Business Association. There, she provides advice to Latinx-owned businesses. As a cannabis advocate, Jessica has spoken publicly about social justice/social equity, IP, legislation, banking, and licensing at both the city and state levels. In the cannabis industry, locking down your intellectual property is incredibly challenging. To get it done right, you need someone like Jessica on your side! You can follow and connect with Jessica @jessfgonzalez.

Your Ticket to the World of Cannabis

Adelia Carrillo is the co-founder and CMO at EventHi. She’s also the co-founder of Blunt Brunch. She created EventHi to be the world’s first ticketing site for cannabis events. Discover cannabis events, buy tickets and sponsorships, or you can create your own event to meet people with shared interests. EventHi is one of those Latinx-owned businesses that everyone in the cannabis community can use to enjoy events all around the country. For instance, you can use it to find the ever-popular Blunt Brunch in your neck of the woods. Discover EventHi and follow @eventhi.io.

Hemp Lab

Co-founded by Stephanie Diaz and Manos Lupassakis, Hemp Lab is the first shop in the NYC to offer an extensive range of hemp-based products in a brick-and-mortar setting, Hemp Lab showcases a commitment to quality, education, and accessibility. Their thoughtfully curated selection of hemp-infused products spans from health and wellness items to skincare and artisanal treats. The store serves as a hub of knowledge and innovation, aiming to educate consumers on the versatility of hemp and its potential to transform lives. Learn more about Hemp Lab and follow @hemplab_nyc.

Knock-Knock, Your Cannabis is Here

Do dispensaries overwhelm you? Enter Kush Cart home delivery service. Lisa Hopkins and Kris Gould racked their brains to make cannabis hassle-free. Then, they connected with Eddy Martinez Montes while he was working for a rideshare app. The 3 of them launched their delivery service in 2018. They work to make their menu as easy to use as possible with convenient payment methods and stress-free delivery in the Portland area. You can shop Kush Cart and follow @kushcart.pdx

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