House of Puff's Le Pipe ceramic one-hitter is a must-have for your cannabis stash.

Our Love Affair with the One-Hitter—Here’s Why You Need One, too!

  • The one-hitter is one of the simplest and most discreet cannabis accessories. 
  • These simple pipes are convenient for on-the-go, stylish smokes. 
  • One-hitters hold just enough cannabis for 1-2 hits, which makes them ideal for microdosing.

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Why a One-Hitter?

When you’re craving a smoke but only want a little bit of  cannabis, packing a bowl will give you more than the 1-2 hits you’re looking for. You might have half an old joint lying around…but old cannabis isn’t the best cannabis. This is where the one-hitter shines. Perfect for microdosing and on-the-go puffs, one-hitters pack a mighty punch. And our Le Pipe is as elegant and sleek as they come. These compact pipes deliver smooth, clean draws every time. And their length also cools the smoke before it hits your throat. Say goodbye to harsh, throat-burning inhalations and enjoy your quick hit.

Our Le Pipe one-hitter is the perfect size for a quick microdose

What is a One-Hitter?

One-hitters are one of our fave smoking accessories—and for good reason. They’re small, thin pipes that fit just enough flower for a hit or two. These pipes are designed to let you easily consume cannabis anytime. Just slip one discreetly into your pocket, purse, or stash bag. Typically, one-hitters are made from ceramic, glass, metal, or wood. They come in a variety of styles. So there’s one out there for everyone. Their shape often  mimics a joint or a cigarette. One end of the pipe has a tiny bowl with a small hole in it for air to pass through. That’s where you pack your cannabis. The other end is what you bring to your lips to inhale from.

Different Types of One-Hitters

All one-hitters have the same basic design. But they do vary some. The 3 types of one-hitters are bats, chillums, and dugouts.


A bat is a type of one-hitter that gets its name from its shape. Unsurprisingly, they resemble miniature baseball bats or cigarettes. Originating in the prohibition era, they’re a very discreet tubular shape. This style of one-hitter is traditionally made of metal. But our fave, of course, is our ceramic bat, Le Pipe. Its minimalist simplicity is its strength. And it comes in 9 absolutely gorgeous colors!

Our Soho Joint Holder doubles as a chillum—another type of one-hitter


Chillums are tubular pipes that were traditionally made from soft stone or clay. They’ve been a fixture in US cannabis culture since the 1960s. But chillums have been around since long before that. Archaeologists have unearthed Pre-Columbian examples of these kinds of pipes. They were also popular in 18th-century India. Later, chillum-style pipes spread to Africa. Traditionally, chillums were accompanied by a stone. At first, it was literally just a pebble inserted into the pipe to prevent direct inhalation of the herb—similar to how a filter or a screen functions. A chillum usually has a small hole drilled down through the center of the pipe and slits on the sides that allow smoke to pass freely.

Chillums Today 

Today, chillums are predominantly made from glass. In fact, lots of our customers use our borosilicate glass Soho Joint Holder as a mini chillum. The dotted design on the holder serves the same purpose as the pebble did. The indents from the dots catch and hold your cannabis, similar to a bowl without actually being one.


Dugouts are a unique twist on traditional one-hitters. Unlike their counterparts, dugouts are usually rectangular 2-piece sets complete with a carrying case as well as a pipe. So they may not offer the same level of discretion as the other options. But dugouts are convenient all-in-one kits for on-the-go consumption. The carrying case contains compartments for both a one-hitter  and ground flower. This ensures that everything you need is neatly organized and readily accessible. We love the convenience!

Why Another Baseball Term for One-Hitters?

Actually, the name “dugout” has nothing to do with baseball. Instead, it stems from the fact that they originated with a piece of wood that was “dug out” to create a prohibition-friendly hidden space for cannabis. But we like to think of the name as a nod to the fact that they allow you to pop your pipe into the flower chamber. So, you quite literally push your pipe down and twist to “dig out” a bowlful of flower that’s nicely packed. Voilá!

What Are the Benefits of Using a One-Hitter?

You’ve got a lot of options when it comes to cannabis accessories and consumption methods. So why a one-hitter? Despite their small size, these pocket-sized pipes pack a punch when it comes to benefits—discreet, convenient, and eco-friendly just to name a few!


Cannabis legalization is spreading across the US. So, there’s a good chance you live in a state where recreational use is already legal—or will be soon. But we’re still fighting against the stigma fostered by 85 years of prohibition. (Yep. Cannabis hasn’t been illegal since time immemorial. It’s only been illegal in the US since 1937.) That said, it’s understandable that everyone isn’t open yet about their cannabis consumption. We get it. Luckily, that’s where one-hitters shine. They’re a great option for those of us who want to be more discreet about our consumption. Since these pipes are small and slender, they’re also easy to tuck away almost anywhere.

Fantastic for When You’re on the Go

Another perk of the one-hitter’s diminutive size is that they’re perfect to bring anywhere you go. Do you want to get in a quick smoke after work? Do you anticipate craving a quick hit before a night out in the city? Stash a one-hitter in your clutch, and you’re good to go. Slip it out for a quick smoke. It’ll cool off almost immediately. So, right after you’re done, you can stick it right back in even your smallest handbag.

Conserving Your Stash

In the cannabis world, there are few things worse than wasting perfectly good flower. But there are ways to conserve your stash. With bongs and pipes, it’s too easy to pack the entire bowl—even if you don’t want to smoke it all. But overpacking often leads to your cannabis going to waste. With joints, you can put them out when you’re done and relight them later. But once you’ve started burning a joint, the flower is never quite as fresh again. On the other hand, when you pack a one-hitter, you’re not using much flower. You just use the exact amount of cannabis you want to smoke.

A one-hitter is fantastic for when you're on the go!

One-Hitters Make Microdosing a Dream

Microdosing is becoming an increasingly popular consumption method because it lets you reap all the benefits of cannabis without getting too high. Beyond its recreational appeal, microdosing may also have health benefits. Many report microdosing to aid in getting better sleep, alleviate anxiety, and even manage menopause. One-hitters are all about consuming just a little. So, one-hitters are a game-changer for microdosers. Edibles and tinctures are common ways to microdose, too. But once you take an edible, you have to wait up to 4 hours to feel its full effects. So, if you’ve taken too much, there’s nothing to do but wait…sometimes for 8-9 hours.

Microdosing With a Quick Puff

On the other hand, when you inhale, you feel the effects almost immediately. This allows you to take a puff at a time to figure out your personal sweet spot. The flexibility to fine-tune your dosage will prevent any overwhelming effect. A one-hitter holds only about 25mg of flower. Depending on your strain, that means you’re getting just a few milligrams of cannabinoids like THC and CBD. And that’s a perfect way to microdose.

One-Hitters are Ideal for the Environment

One of the many beautiful things about one-hitters is that they’re an environmentally conscious smoking method. These days, it seems like everyone is thinking about what they can to reduce their carbon footprint. And that includes our cannabis use. Unlike rolling papers, one-hitters are reusable. And unlike many vapes, they’re not made of plastic. They also don’t need batteries or electricity for charging.

How to Use a One-Hitter

We love the beautiful simplicity of one-hitters. We’re hooked, and we know you will be, too! Using a one-hitter is similar to smoking out of a larger pipe but with added portability and discretion. All you need is your one-hitter, your strain of choice, and a lighter. Then, you’re all set!

Let’s Get Packing

You’ll want to start by grinding your flower. Pack it lightly into the pipe’s bowl to get rid of any big air pockets. If you pack it right and your cannabis is fresh, it should stay nicely in your bowl and not fall out. Once it’s packed, raise your one-hitter to your lips with the mouthpiece towards you. Then, bring the flame of your lighter to the bowl of the pipe. The trick here is to hold the pipe at an angle, so you keep the flame as far away from your face as possible. Watch how Kristina does it in our YouTube video on how to use a one-hitter.

Taking Care of Your One-Hitter

Like with any cannabis accessory, for the best experience, it’s important to properly clean your one-hitter. One of their other benefits is that they’re easy to clean. While you don’t need to clean them daily, it’s definitely something you want to do regularly. Otherwise, resin will build up and restrict the airflow that you need to get the most out of your cannabis. Cleaning rarely sounds fun to us. But here’s our 12 secrets for easy pipe cleaning.

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