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The Future of East Coast Cannabis: NYC Dispensary Etain

NYC Dispensary, Etain, is leading the way to a mainstream experience of cannabis. 

  • Far from stoner stereotypes, their Sutton Place flagship feels like a luxury boutique. 
  • Etain is so female-friendly because it’s the only NYC dispensary that’s owned and operated by women. 
  • Although the cannabis at Etain is still only for registered medical patients, anyone can drop by to pick up chic cannabis accessories and CBD products from women-owned brands. 
  • Exclusively at Etain, the Omura x House of Puff dry herb vaporizer is the most elegant new way to experience cannabis. 

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What will the NYC cannabis scene be like?

Post-legalization, everyone’s wondering what the New York city cannabis scene will look like. We were thrilled to get the inside scoop from Hillary Peckham, COO of the NYC dispensary, Etain. Every successful cannabis dispensary has something that makes them stand out from the crowd. For this cutting-edge medical dispensary, that’s their NYC style, their origin story, and their commitment to supporting other women-owned brands. Etain is the only woman-owned medical marijuana brand in New York. Their 4 NY dispensaries include a stunning NYC flagship in Sutton Place on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. Read on to learn how they’re setting the tone for the future of East Coast cannabis.

What can we expect when we visit an Etain NYC dispensary?  

At the Etain NYC dispensary at 242 East 58th Street, you can expect a sophisticated and inviting environment. One that welcomes medical marijuana patients and retail customers to enjoy experiential interactions and integrative wellness offerings. The innovative architect and art consultant, Clodagh, approached the design with her life-enhancing minimalism. She did that by filling it with simple, natural touches that simultaneously elevate and ground its atmosphere. Various elements of nature welcome customers into the space, including a living green wall and an airy mezzanine. There’s also a retreat space that’s permeated by the sounds of running water. By merging this elevated environment with personal consultations and premium products, Etain has created the next level of healthcare and concierge medicine. So customers can feel good about investing in their health and wellbeing.

Describe Etain’s vibe in 5 emojis

Emojis describing Etain's NYC Dispensary

Tell us about where the name Etain comes from

Etain is a Gallic goddess from Irish mythology. In many legends, she represents women in their transformational capacity. The name we chose was the perfect way to honor my mother’s Irish heritage while giving a nod to our female-run NYC dispensary.

Do you need to have a NY medical marijuana card to shop at Etain? 

You don’t have to have a NY Medical Marijuana card to shop at the Etain NYC dispensary. Or our other locations in Kingston/Woodstock, Syracuse, and Yonkers. We source our health and wellness products—including CBD— from a variety of women-owned brands. And they’re available to everyone. Our staff can also assist you interested in joining the NY State Medical Marijauna program.

What advice would you give someone who’s new to an NYC dispensary? 

Ask questions! If you’re new to Etain products, we offer initial consultations and follow-up appointments with staff at our dispensaries. During these complimentary sessions, we do 3 things for you. We work to understand your goals, answer your questions, and ensure that you’re getting the full benefit of our products. Etain has sourced the largest variety of high-quality dosing methods and devices in New York State. So, we can give you multiple options with different onsets—from immediate to longer-term relief.

Etain was founded in memory of Frances “Granny Franny” Keefe. Tell us about her influence  

We founded Etain in memory of our grandmother, Frances “Granny Franny” Keeffe. She filled the smallest moments of our lives with music, laughter, and joy. During her battle with ALS, we started researching medical marijuana and discovered all the potential benefits it could provide. That’s why quality is so important to us. We know that each Etain customer is someone’s parent, spouse, child, or sibling.

The women behind the NYC dispensary Etain

NY is a notoriously tough market. Why did you open your flagship as an NYC dispensary? 

I’m a fourth-generation New Yorker. So having a presence with a NYC dispensary was important to us as a family and a business. Our original location in NYC was on 39th Street, and being in another central location in Manhattan was always the goal. The pandemic delayed our original opening of our flagship on East 58th Street from April 2020 to August. Everything felt impossible then. But not opening was unacceptable. Providing care for our patients was our biggest motivator. We all came together and were able to transform the 5,000 square foot street level space into a dispensary and retail location.

What are your 3 go-to cannabis products for 2022?

The Omura x House of Puff Series X in Jade is going to be New York’s new go-to! From the sleekness of the design to the simplicity of filling the Flowersticks with Etain whole or ground flower—it’s going to be a game changer.

Our water soluble powder (available in High THC and 1-1 THC:CBD) is a favorite. It’s extremely versatile and can turn anything—even water— into an edible infusion. My sister Keeley (Etain’s Chief Horticultural Officer) has created some amazing recipes using the powder. You can see them on Instagram.

The Etain Motif Magnetic Vape Pen is a must. It’s a great example of the entire company coming together to ideate, create, and launch something unique to the market within current regulations. With precise dosing, the reusable battery elevates the experience of our pure oil even further. We just launched a charcoal version of the pen. And accessories for the Motif including a charging dock, a protective sleeve and a custom carrying case. They’re all made in collaboration with Brooklyn based LittleJohn New York.

NYC dispensary Etain is exclusively launching this House of Puff X Omura collab

As an NYC dispensary, why are you so excited about Omura’s heat-not-burn technology? 

We’re thrilled to be the first dispensary to carry the Omura x House of Puff dry herb vaporizer collab. The Omura Series X technology is an ideal companion to Etain premium whole or ground flower. This type of device is important for medical cannabis patients in NY, since it allows for them to get the immediate relief provided by inhalation within the context of New York’s no-combustion regulation. We always want to give our patients innovative options for consumption. The sophistication and tech behind the Series X and its “heat-not-burn” technology is something we’re really excited about. Plus, since the device and flowersticks are accessories, anyone—not just medical patients—can buy them at all 4 of our locations. 

What challenges did you face as an NYC dispensary that opened early on in the state’s legalization of cannabis?

Being some of the few women in the space when we were applying and awarded a license was a challenge in itself. We were really fortunate to find the organization Women Grow. Right as we were starting to research the industry, they had their very first meeting. And it happened to be in New York. The organization is very inclusive. Their goal is to help women meet each other and get into the industry. We’re honored to continue to support them and connect with other women who are in the industry, or interested in the industry, through them.

Describe your vision for the optimal NYC dispensary once adult use has gone into full effect

As a woman-owned business, we hope to see more minority-owned and women-owned NYC dispensaries come online.

Has NY legalization of recreational cannabis changed anything for Etain? 

The Office of Cannabis Management recently announced the addition of whole flower cannabis to The NYS Medical Marijuana Program. Our patients have been asking for whole flower for a very long time. So we’re excited to make it available at our NYC dispensary and throughout the state. We’ll continue to be the go-to for a concierge medicine experience within the medical marijuana program as the NY market continues to expand. Another exciting update is that patients are no longer limited by a list of qualifying conditions to be eligible for the use of medical cannabis. Your certifying practitioner can use his/her clinical discretion to issue a certification for your medical use of cannabis.

How does Etain support other women-owned companies?  

Supporting women is a major priority for Etain, both internally and externally. We recently launched a curated selection of women-owned CBD and health-and-wellness brands. When we opened our flagship NYC dispensary, we also prioritized dedicating shelf space to women-owned brands. Now we’ve expanded that initiative to our other 3 locations, too. We’re carrying an assortment of items from a variety of brands. We have CBD Chocolate from Portland-based Gron. We carry gummies from NY-based TribeTokes. And we also have CBD-infused beauty from Maryland based NFZD Beauty. We also carry merch from NJ-based Buy Weed From Women, which is owned by the poet, Jasmine Mans. We also offer a selection of cannabis and wellness books by women authors. And of course, we love carrying House of Puff’s rolling papers, Le Pipes, and herb bowls. 

What kind of events will we be able to attend at your NYC dispensary? 

When it’s safe to, we’ll be hosting a variety of events at our NYC dispensary. That includes trunk shows to support other women-owned brands, wellness events, and educational talks with industry experts.

How can people keep up with all things Etain?

We’re @etainhealth on all social platforms. You can also sign up on our website to receive our emails for sales and promos. Or you can read our Blog for a deeper dive into our products, press, and partnerships.

A Canna-Curious Guide to Boston Dispensaries

One of our team, Gavi Azoff, just turned 21! As a birthday present to herself, Gavi decided to explore her local Boston dispensaries. Here’s a look inside a recreational cannabis dispensary through the eyes of a first timer.

Exploring Boston Dispensaries 

For most of my teenage years, I was excited about my 21st birthday because it meant I could drink legally. But lately, because of the health benefits, I’ve been drawn more to cannabis than drinking. Boston dispensaries have been around since medical cannabis was legalized in Massachusetts—one of the first to do it on the East Coast. Then, in 2016, MA legalized recreational cannabis. So, on my 21st birthday, I went downtown with my girlfriend to visit 2 of them.

My relationship with cannabis

My interest in cannabis piqued in college when I started learning more about its health benefits. Like a lot of teenagers, I experimented a little with cannabis in high school. But then I just consumed it to try to be cool and get high. I really knew nothing about the plant. For starters, I didn’t know there were different strains. I was also clueless about what indica and sativa meant. Then, a couple years ago, my therapist asked me if I’d ever considered using cannabis to treat my anxiety. Of course, I never had. Since then, I kept it as a thought in the back of my mind. But I never discussed it with anyone else. Even with medical and recreational cannabis use being legal in Massachusetts, I was still put off by the cannabis stigma.

Synthetic THC

Fast forward to the summer of 2020. My gastroenterologist prescribed a medication for me called Marinol, or Dronabinol. It’s a Big Pharma medication that’s synthetic THC. I have a condition called gastroparesis that causes chronic nausea. So my doctor was hoping it would give me some relief. Nothing else I’d tried had even touched my debilitating nausea. Initially, Marinol worked for me like a miracle. For the first time in months, I could eat, drink, and keep it down. But over time, it became less effective for me. So I started doing more research on the benefits of cannabis and wellness. I still use Marinol daily. ​​But I’m excited to see how incorporating more cannabis into my life could help me. I decided I was going to enter the cannabis scene as soon as I was legal. And I figured there was no better way than to check out my local Boston dispensaries.

What are Boston dispensaries like?

From the 2 I visited on my birthday, I learned that Boston dispensaries each have their own unique vibe. But, at both of them, kind, helpful people welcomed me. One of the first things that struck me was that the only payment options are cash or debit card. Since I didn’t know that in advance, I ended up using my debit card. But don’t worry, as I discovered, it only showed up as an ATM withdrawal on my bank records.

The Cannabist

The first of the Boston dispensaries we visited was The Cannabist. It was mid-December, and we didn’t have to have an appointment. The entrance is at street level, and a friendly security guide greeted us. After carefully checking our IDs, they directed us downstairs to the shop. Then they brought us to one of the counters. Below street level, The Cannabist is dark and feels like a speakeasy. I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect, and I get easily overwhelmed. So I really appreciated the calm atmosphere of this dispensary. Around the shop, wall-mounted TVs display some of the many cannabis products they carry. Everything they sell is also listed in printed packets that are organized by category. A helpful budtender answered our questions and told us about the products we were interested in. At this dispensary, we weren’t allowed to walk around the store browsing. Instead, the budtender brought products out for us to look at.

Ascend is one of the Boston dispensaries our young friend visited


The next stop on our tour of Boston dispensaries was Ascend’s downtown location. Their vibe is equally welcoming—just brighter and more crowded. We were able to go in without an appointment here, too. Again, at the entrance, we went through the obligatory ID check. Then, they directed us to kiosks where we could look through their products and order electronically. Budtenders were on hand to recommend products and answer any questions we had. Once we placed our orders, the staff sent us to another room, where we waited to check out. After a few minutes they called us to the registers to pay for our new cannabis products.

My faves from Boston dispensaries

I went on this little tour of Boston dispensaries in search of the best products I could find for anxiety, pain, and nausea. It was a really cool experience for me to know exactly what I was buying and to have a real choice in the cannabis I bought. I also looked at both dispensaries’ websites ahead of time. That way, I had a better sense of which products I could get and where. 

Attune’s Medicated Lotion 1:1

I’ve had chronic pain for as long as I can remember. But I’ve never found anything to soothe it. One of the budtenders suggested Attune’s medicated lotion, and I’m very happy with it. I rub it on my sore muscles and joints every day after I shower. I have sensitive skin and a lot of allergies. So it was important to me to find a topical that didn’t irritate my skin. This one rubs in nicely and doesn’t leave a gross, sticky feeling. I start feeling pain relief in the first 10-15 minutes. For me, that’s faster than taking a couple Advil or Tylenol. And, unlike them, the lotion doesn’t irritate my digestive system. Once the full effect sets in, the lotion eases my pain for 6-8 hours. The best way to describe the pain relief I get from it is that it’s soothing. Sometimes, the pain is still there. But it’s a dull soreness—which is much easier to tolerate than the searing, sharp pain I experience without it.

Edie Parker’s Early Bird Berry Lemonade Pre-Roll

Although my primary use of cannabis is to improve my health, I also like to have fun with it. That’s why I decided to try Early Bird Berry Lemonade Pre-Rolls. This strain is supposed to have energy-enhancing, uplifting effects. I’m an artist. As many artists do, I experience creative blocks when I lack motivation. So I was curious to see how a sativa-dominant strain could boost my creative juices and energy levels. I find sativas help me focus and concentrate on tasks, and this strain didn’t disappoint. A couple puffs keep me focused on a painting for a few hours at a stretch.

The Heirloom Collective Calm Cubes

I knew I wanted an indica or indica-dominant hybrid edible for anxiety. So, I went with The Heirloom Collective’s Calm Cubes. They’re citrusy gummies that complement the limonene terpenes in the cannabis. Each one is 5mg, and I tend to take them at night. The calming effects ease my nighttime anxiety and also help me fall asleep more easily. Even though Calm Cubes can apparently boost your energy, for me, they act as sedatives.

She bought these Heirloom Collective Calm Cubes at her first trip to Boston dispensaries

My Overall First Impression of Boston Dispensaries

One of the highlights of my first visit to Boston dispensaries was the birthday wishes. For legal reasons, dispensaries have to check your ID more than once during every visit. First, they check it before they let you in. Then they check it again before you’re allowed to buy. Every time someone saw the date on my license, they wished me a happy 21st. They were genuinely excited that I’d chosen to make cannabis part of my first day as a fully legal adult. It made the experience really welcoming for me. Many dispensaries offer pickup and delivery options that don’t require a trip into Boston. But actually being there was so much fun. Needless to say, I’m looking forward to checking out more Boston dispensaries in the future.

New York Gets a New Immersive Cannabis Experience

With legalization, cannabis experiences are multiplying with lightning speed. High culture cannabis events are creating a new cannabis scene with a distinctly New York vibe. First, there was Happy Munkey’s art-and-cannabis extravaganza at the Van Gogh show. But the newest high culture cannabis event is The Stone Age NYC. This exhibition is a gorgeous interaction of art, cannabis, and activism that’s right off art gallery row in Chelsea. 

Don’t expect Stoner Stereotypes

Regardless of its name, don’t expect stoner stereotypes. This immersive art installation showcases both the plant’s delights and the destructiveness of its prohibition in BIPOC communities. Sasha Perelman and Liz Santana are the driving forces behind The Stone Age NYC. In it, they’ve created one of the most moving explorations of the plant that we’ve ever seen. That’s no surprise. Because this isn’t their first time around the event block. Liz is a seasoned producer who’s created programming for heavy hitters like Netflix and Disney. And Sasha produced her first cannabis experience in 2017. It was such a hit that Rolling Stone dubbed it “the best pot party in California.”

So, if you’re in NYC this fall, have a smoke or pop an edible. Then head to this must-see show. But first, read on to get all the behind-the-scenes details from Sasha herself. 

What was your inspiration for creating a cannabis experience like The Stone Age NYC? 

NYC is the epicenter of the world. It’s the melting pot of cultures, art, fashion, business, theatre, and more. With the announcement of cannabis legalization,  creating our flagship in New York is divine timing. It’s an opportunity to educate mainstream audiences and build up conscious consumption.

The Stone Age NYC focuses on 7 states of being—enlightenment, pain, awareness, euphoria, arousal, creativity, and mindfulness. Talk to us about how that plays out. 

Regardless of your relationship to cannabis, we can all relate to these 7 states of being as foundations of the human condition. So we focused this cannabis experience on them. We also wove in cannabis education and drew on the intersections between them all.


This section of our cannabis experience acknowledges the plant’s role as a psychoactive substance. It can expand consciousness and support spiritual growth. Participants step off of busy NYC streets. Then we guide them through a heightening of their senses and their self-awareness. 


This part of the installation explores the dynamic interaction of sex and cannabis. Those are two commonly stigmatized topics. The artists explored these often difficult conversations through 4 stages of arousal. Those stages include anticipation, excitement, plateau, and orgasm. Each stage of our arousal activation draws on the parallels between cannabis and sex.


This part of our cannabis experience highlights the plant’s ability to cultivate creativity and help us express new ideas. That includes how to discover, interpret, and perceive new ways of thinking. Historically, cannabis has complemented inspiration and ingenuity. So The Stone Age NYC encourages visitors to be imaginative and carefree as they play with our creativity activations.


This section showcases the euphoric high you can get from THC. That starts with how THC floods the body with feel-good dopamine. Guests step inside a vortex of crystal energy that immerses them in a new age of cannabis culture and plant-based wellness.


This part of the installation examines the role that cannabis has in practicing mindfulness. Cannabis can support the synergy of the body, brain, and spirit into blissful alignment. As visitors absorb this section, we prompt them to choose their favorite way to practice mindfulness. That includes journaling, visualization, and practicing gratitude.

One of the states of being focused on in The Stone Age NYC's cannabis experience is pain, and is a commentary on Big Pharma's role in the opioid crisis


Our Pain section starts with a commentary on the role of Big Pharma in the opioid crisis. The installation leads visitors through a hazy maze that simulates the highs and lows of opioid addiction. We also provide information about what cannabis has to offer instead. We’ve defined that in terms of pain relief and how it might relieve the symptoms of opioid withdrawal.


The Stone Age NYC is working in partnership with The Last Prisoner Project. LPP is a nonprofit coalition that’s dedicated to bringing restorative justice to the cannabis industry. This awareness aspect of our cannabis experience features thoughtful call-to-action integrations. They’re meant to promote the visibility of social justice reform and community engagement. We aim to educate visitors on the sweeping effects of The War on Drugs and the prison industrial complex it fostered. Specifically, it examines the role that cannabis prohibition has played in mass incarceration for communities of color. Viewers are drawn through art and poetry. We commissioned them from currently and formerly incarcerated individuals. Along with these works, there’s a timeline of the War on Drugs. Visitors are able to scan QR codes that provide resources for signing petitions, making donations, and reading educational material for real-time calls-to-action.

Tell us more about your partnership with the Last Prisoner Project

We value the work Last Prisoner Project is doing as a national non-profit. They bring awareness and resources to those impacted by the War on Drugs. When you’re creating an experience centered around cannabis, it’s so important to bring the conversation about social justice and racial injustice to the table. Tens of millions of people have been arrested for cannabis. 40,000 people still sit in prisons around the country for it. We want to ensure that people know these astonishing statistics. We also want them to know how they can support efforts to free every victim of the War on Drugs.

Why art and cannabis? 

There are many reasons. Cannabis has been used as a creative catalyst for centuries. It can expand our minds, enhance our senses, and deepen our perspective. Art is also integral to NYC. It’s the art world capital of the world. This city is home to renowned museums, galleries, and a vibrant street art scene. We’ve been very fortunate to partner with extraordinary local artists to create one-of-a-kind pieces throughout the space.

What’s your favorite part of the cannabis experience you’ve created? 

We’re not allowed to pick favorites. Because we love all our kids equally! The experience as a whole is truly remarkable. It’s informative, thought-provoking, unique, and truly transformative. 

How would you like to see New Yorkers’ relationships with cannabis change after they experience The Stone Age NYC? 

We’re hopeful that attendees walk away feeling more empowered, informed, and inspired. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a cannabis consumer or not. The experience is so multi-dimensional that there’s something for everyone.

Edibles or inhalants? 

Depends on the activity. But I’m definitely having a love affair with edibles!

Why did you make the switch from corporate events to work with controversial industries like cannabis?

Because cannabis helps enhance the quality of people’s lives. It’s a catalyst for profound conversations. These are the kinds of discussions we should be having on a much larger scale. 


The Stone Age NYC includes work made by wonderful artists, like Distort (a personal fave for us)—how did you decide which artists to include? 

Our creative director, Anna Sibel, was instrumental in corralling the perfect army of artists (including Distort). She’s been working with us since we started conceptualizing the experience. She was also really instrumental in identifying the right artists for each space.

Art is an integral part of The Stone Age's cannabis experience in NYC

What’s your endgame when you’re creating a cannabis experience? 

There is no endgame. We intend to keep growing. That includes cultivating community as well as redefining old narratives and stereotypes. Most importantly, we intend to keep enhancing the quality of people’s lives through plant wellness.

How can people get tickets to and learn about special events at The Stone Age NYC? 

Come check us out if you’re in NYC. 607 6th Avenue. The show will be on until the end of November…maybe longer. 🙂 We’re also on IG  @welcomethestoneage and online at If you’re not in New York, look for us in cities near you in 2022!

Header image courtesy of Johnny Nunez.

8 Secrets for How to Clean a Pipe

If you’re just getting the whole cannabis smoking thing down, your next question is probably about how to clean a pipe. Since we couldn’t live without our Le Pipe, we’ve got you covered. We know that even after just one hit, your pipe gets dirty. Here’s the cleaning secrets you need to know.


Whether you use alcohol, cotton swabs, or a boiling technique, it’s important to regularly clean your pipe. First, every time you do, you’ll extend its life by keeping plant resin from building up. And, if your pipe is ceramic, you’ll keep that resin from corroding the glaze. Resin might not just render your pipe nonfunctional, it’s also a health thing. Resin buildup can eventually cause ceramic glazes to crack or craze. Any reputable manufacturer will use non-toxic, food-safe glazes. Nonetheless, ceramic glazes are made from natural materials and can contain trace elements of minerals and metal. As long as the glaze is sealed and smooth, you’re totally golden. But if you do see any cracks or crazing develop with age, just to be safe, replace your pipe. 

With regular cleaning, you’ll also get rid of blockages that can inhibit your draw on any pipe. Plus, you’ll avoid the awful taste of a dirty pipe. Just like those designer shoes in your closet, you’ve gotta take good care of your puffware!


You can definitely buy fancy cleaning solutions for your pipe. But you don’t need to. What you have in your pantry will work just fine. We find that the solution you prefer depends on what else is important to you. Are you going for speed, an environmentally friendly solution, or a deep clean? No matter what your preference, here’s the inside scoop.


There are tons of ways to clean your pipe. But we know you’ve got a lot on your plate. If you’re looking to do it fast, our preferred method is rubbing alcohol. Hands down—it’s the quickest, and it’s as easy as it sounds. Just soak a cotton ball or swab with alcohol and gently rub all the soot and resin off your pipe. Make sure to get into all the nooks and crannies until any gunk or discoloration comes off. Alcohol isn’t the most environmentally friendly option, but this is your go-to if you just want it done. Literally in seconds, your pipe will be fresh, clean, and ready to go again.

Pro tip: After you finish with the rubbing alcohol, rinse your pipe thoroughly under warm water to remove any lingering medicinal taste or smell.


Kymberly Byrnes from TribeTokes is a big believer in the overnight soak. “I use my glass pipe by GravLabs daily, and it gets so gunked up! I use an old plastic container with a lid from takeout order (REUSE), that I fill with 99% Iso Pure Alcohol—enough to cover the pipe bowl. It soaks overnight with the lid on so the alcohol doesn’t evaporate (99% evaporates quickly). Boom, next morning I rinse it with hot water and I have a clean pipe to puff on.”

You can also use this technique with any of the other solutions we’ve detailed above. You might just have to do a little bit more scrubbing in the morning if you’re not using alcohol.


We feel you. But, unfortunately, no. For the same reason it’s important to clean your pipe regularly, it’s also important to do it by hand. Cannabis resin is sticky, and you’re burning it in your pipe with an open flame. Just like you can’t throw a pan with burned-on residue straight into the dishwasher, your pipe won’t really get clean unless you rub, soak, or boil off any schmutz.

Using household appliances for a quick deep clean

Sticking your pipe into the dishwasher isn’t a super safe method. But, using this microwave method can give you incredible results. Start by filling a microwave-safe container, like Pyrex, with enough water to cover your pipe. Microwave it for 2 minutes. It’ll be really hot, so use an oven mitt to take it out of the microwave. Pour in a generous amount of liquid dishwasher soap and microwave for another 1 minute and 30 seconds. Carefully take the container out, and stir until all the detergent has fully dissolved. Then gently place your pipe into the solution. After a few minutes of soaking, it should be sparkling clean. If there’s any remaining residue, submerge it again and give it a rub with a soft rag or a dish sponge. Once you’ve gotten rid of any stubborn bits, rinse it off and voila! You’ve got yourself a clean pipe in just a few minutes. 

Deon Hawkins of Cannaclusive


Deon Hawkins, of Cannaclusive, was kind enough to share her pipe cleaning secrets with us, too. “When cleaning anything, I strive to be a conscious cleaner, using products that are green, but get the job done. When sanitizing and refreshing my pipe and bong mouthpiece, I use Higher Standards Salt Rox with a combination solution of alcohol and Dr Bronner’s Castile Soap in almond scent. It works best to get out the smell and taste from the alcohol. Finally, I sweep away any debris with pipe cleaners or Q-tips.  


If you’re like Deon but want to keep it completely green, try soaking your pipe in a combination of salt and vinegar. Baking soda and vinegar work well, too. @caffeinatedvegan also DM’d us this tip that she uses for her glass pipes: “I like to combine a teaspoon of salt and baking soda with water. Then I bring it to a boil and simmer it for about 10 min.” You could do something similar for your ceramic pipe. Just don’t put your pipe in the solution until after the boil and simmer very gently.

Pro tip: If you encounter any particularly hard bits, you can also throw your pipe in the freezer for a bit and then repeat.

An eco friendly option we love

Here’s an option for when you don’t want to use alcohol. We’ve all been there. If you want a more eco-friendly option, we’ve got you covered. You can lose the alcohol and the swabs. Instead, make a solution from water, baking soda, vinegar, and salt. Of course, you can play around with these ingredients to make something that works best for you. Add baking soda, vinegar, and salt to a pot of boiling water. Place your pipe in the water. Make sure you don’t cook your pipe. When your solution starts boiling, you’re gonna want to reduce it. The solution should loosen and remove the residue in about 10 minutes. If there’s any gunk left, you can scrub it off with a scrubber or pipe cleaner. We recommend giving your pipe a final rinse and dry. Then you’re good to go. Check out our video above to see a demonstration of this boiling method and 2 more!

More Green Cleaning with Lemon Juice

Say goodbye to the harsh chemicals in common cleaning solutions. You can clean your pipe with natural ingredients you already have at home. If you’ve got coarse salt and lemon juice on hand, try this method. Lemon juice can be substituted for isopropyl alcohol. It’s acidic enough to effectively get rid of resin and stains. Lemon juice and salt are also antibacterial and great for neutralizing odors. Simply shake up your accessories in the mixture of lemon juice and salt to strip away residue and gunk. With that and some rinses of boiling distilled water, you’ll get the most natural clean. Use a cloth and a pipe cleaner to wipe off the last bits of residue and you’re set for your next smoke sesh.

How to clean a pipe with olive oil

Yep, that’s right. You can even clean your pipe with olive oil. Even if you run out of other ingredients mentioned here, we’re betting you’ve always got olive oil or another plant-based oil in your pantry. While slathering your pipe in oil may sound  counterproductive, it’s actually a great cleaning option. The resin will soak up the oil and that will soften it, making it easier to get off your pipe. Plant-based oils can also minimize the appearance of scratches. 


If you’re a clean freak, you can clean your pipe after every use. But you don’t need to. We agree with Deon’s routine. She shared, “I do this process after 4-5 uses to help cut down any build up from plant matter.”  


Once your pipe is fresh and clean, you also might want to buff it with a soft cloth. Is this step necessary? Not at all. But if you’re a perfectionist like us, buffing your pipe will leave it extra sparkly. 

For more cannabis basics, check out how to grind cannabis with only the tools you can find in your kitchen.

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