5 Things to Do When You Get Too High

  • While cannabis can leave you feeling giddy and relaxed, accidentally getting too high can be really unpleasant.
  • So, we asked our community to share the tips and tricks they use when they get too high.
  • Some remedies for the aftermath of getting too high include chugging water, using CBD, and—believe it or not—chewing on peppercorns.

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High, Higher, Highest

We love the delightful feeling of relaxation and euphoria that cannabis can bring. But let’s face it, sometimes we find ourselves in a situation where we’ve taken one too many puffs or underestimated the strength of that edible. We’ve all been there. As cannabis legalization continues to take hold across the country, more cannabis curious individuals risk over-consuming. So, we asked our community about their experiences with getting too high and how they’ve handled it. Many of you were happy to share with us. Here are your stories, remedies, and tips.

Have You Ever Gotten Too High?

Most people we surveyed have exceeded their THC tolerance at least once. More than 84% of the people who responded to our poll told us that they’ve been there. So, it’s safe to say that many of us have found ourselves getting too high at least a time or two. Of course, part of that problem has been prohibition. With legalization comes more access to consistent and regulated cannabis. If you’re buying from “your guy” instead of a dispensary, you probably don’t have a choice about where your flower comes from. Worse, when you’re not buying legal cannabis, it’s hard to be sure what’s in it—let alone exactly how much THC. Our community shared their stories of when and where they got too high, as well as what they do to come down from getting too high.

Where Were You When You Got Too High?

With recreational cannabis being legalized in North America, it’s easier than ever to consume cannabis outside of your home. That’s especially true with easier access to more discreet products like edibles and infused beverages. Some of you got too high in places the rest of us could easily guess. We got answers like at someone’s house, a party, or a concert. Others were a bit more unusual. One of our followers got too high while on a hike. The poor guy ended up laying face down on a dirt path. (Yikes!) We love a good hike—especially at elevation. But landing face-first in the dirt would definitely kill our nature-loving vibe. At the opposite end of the spectrum, someone else got too high at a Beverly Hills nail salon. Her husband ended up having to drive across town to pick her up because she couldn’t drive herself home. At least her nails looked dope, right?

Can You Overdose On Cannabis?

The feelings you can experience when you have too much cannabis include the spins, feeling out of body, nausea, dizziness, migraines, or paranoia. Yuck. We’ve all been there. Luckily, the sensations that come with getting too high don’t last forever. Most importantly, did you know that you can’t fatally overdose with cannabis? That’s because our autonomic nervous system doesn’t include any cannabinoid receptors. The autonomic nervous system is the part of your body that controls your breathing and heart rate. So, unlike other drugs that do affect these autonomic functions, cannabis can’t stop your heart or your breathing. So, if you do get too hight, you can just ride it out. Or you can try some of these common remedies to come down quicker

Puff, Puff, Panic?

Typically, people consume cannabis for its positive effects, like calmness, euphoria, and higher energy.  But if we go a little overboard, we can find ourselves feeling less than stellar. Sometimes ingesting too much THC can leave you feeling physically unwell. That’s the case for the 37% of you who reported either being dizzy or nauseous after getting too high. Another 40% of you mentioned feeling paranoia, while the other 23% had out-of-body experiences. To some people, that might be a good thing. But, to each their own. Fortunately, there’s a silver lining: any unwanted symptoms you’re experiencing with THC will eventually fade away, just like a puff of smoke.

How Much THC Gets You Too High?

THC content is what makes or breaks the optimal cannabis experience. It’s the compound responsible for the majority of cannabis’ psychoactive effects. Keep in mind that everyone’s tolerance is different. So, some people can handle higher doses of THC than others. With THC, there’s a point where the dosing is optimal for you. Over that dose is the point where negative effects can kick in. Microdosers prefer very small amounts, like 2.5-5mg. For a stronger effect, though, you might need to use strains and products with higher THC content. That’s usually around 5-10mg of THC. So, start low and go slow to find what’s optimal for you.

How Much THC Is Too Much For You?

People consume THC for different reasons. Some people prefer a light buzz over an out-of-body high. It’s all based on personal preference and the effects you’re trying to achieve. For the 8% of you who crave the subtle touch of a microdose, you’ll want to stay under 10mg, at the max. On the other hand, 17% of you draw the line at 20mg, and 24% at 30mg. Anything over 50mg is where 51% of people who responded set their THC cutoff.

Too High While Crossfading?

If you’re into crossfading, you know that mixing cannabis with alcohol can result in an entirely new experience. For newbies, the intensity can catch you off guard. With crossfading, it’s important to be especially mindful of your limits. That’s because the wrong balance of cannabis and alcohol can leave you feeling dizzy or disoriented. So, being in a familiar environment when you start experimenting with it can provide you with a better sense of security. If you do consume too much, just remind yourself that the effects will gradually subside with time and try to stay calm. Also, take slow, deep breaths to help regulate your breathing and ease any anxiety.

Finding The Ground When You’ve Gotten Too High

If you ever get too high again, here are our community’s tips and tricks for weathering the storm. All of this is anecdotal, of course. But we’re sharing the most popular and endorsed responses.

A Super Simple Fruity Fix

If you’re looking for a simple solution, try orange juice. Yes, we seriously mean that. Two people said they drink orange juice to come down from a strong high. Why? Because citrus contains an enzyme that counteracts the effects of THC. We haven’t tried it ourselves, but we sure will now. And chances are that you’ll already have OJ in your fridge. But if you’re fresh out of OJ, hopping into the shower is another popular way to come down faster. Just don’t make it too hot! Too much heat can exacerbate dizziness.

Citrus, water and sleep are just a few of the ways our readers remedy getting too high.

Feel Zen Again

Chugging water is super popular among our readers. And that’s a remedy that doesn’t require any forethought. Or, for some, chewing on a few peppercorns works like magic. About 30% of you turn to CBD, while about 50% have gone the water route. Less than 1% of you have tried the peppercorn remedy. But if you have, you swear by it. The rest of you have come up with coping mechanisms like just sleeping it off. With so many remedies out there, it’s all about what floats your personal boat. But, one of the best things to do when you’re too high is to just relax and wait.

CBD To The Rescue!

This may sound contradictory, but CBD may be able to come to the rescue when you’re too high. Why? There’s loads of research suggesting that cannabis with equal amounts of CBD and THC are less anxiety-inducing than high-THC strains. This is because, while CBD is a cannabinoid, it doesn’t make you feel high. That’s THC’s job. And CBD may reduce THC’s ability to bind to the receptors in your brain. So, since excess cannabinoid activity in the brain can cause anxiety, CBD has become a popular remedy for getting too high. An edible or tincture can do the trick. But, if you’ve got some CBD flower on hand, you can get it into your system much faster by smoking it. We find that, if you pair CBD with sleep and hydration, you’ll be feeling better in no time. So, sip some water, catch those z’s, and let CBD do its thing.

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