Flying while high could elevate your entire travel experience.

Take Fight with Delight: the Ups and Downs of Flying While High

  • Flying while high could elevate your travel experience and ease your airplane anxiety.
  • We polled our community to bring you our take on the ups and downs of flying while high.

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Blue Skies and High Vibes 

Let’s face it. A stressful flight can upend even the most perfectly planned getaway. Delays, turbulence, and (worst of all) overweight luggage can all start your journey on the wrong foot. A cocktail might help some people unwind. But too much alcohol can dehydrate and leave you groggy when you land. That’s why we solve our travel troubles herbally. Whether you’re a seasoned traveler seeking a tranquil journey or a nervous flier who needs to calm aviation anxiety, flying while high can be your secret weapon to turn those travel woes into wonderful adventures. So, we polled our community to bring you all the do’s and don’ts of flying while high before you take off on your next adventure.

Flying While High? We Asked Why

We asked our readers and 85% said they’ve tried flying while high. But, we wanted to dig a little deeper and find out why and how. Their answers ranged from managing flight anxiety to battling mid-flight pain and boredom.

Easing a Turbulent Mind

Travel anxiety is a reality for so many of us. For some, the idea of flying through the air is simply terrifying. Others find the entire travel experience stressful from start to finish. Flying while high can serve as the ultimate chill pill. To battle mid-flight nerves @raquelsroom turns to cannabis, noting, “I prefer it over Ativan.” Pharmaceutical anxiety meds can be too strong for some, and no one wants to feel sluggish when they touch down in a new place. With cannabis, you can find the perfect balance of relaxation without the unwanted side effects.

Bid Adieu To Anxiety

We already know that there’s a bunch of anecdotal evidence that people turn to cannabis to ease anxiety. So, it makes sense that cannabis is becoming more and more popular for managing your travel jitters. Reader @cora.gzz feeds two birds with one seed, telling us that cannabis reduces her anxiety and, “also helps me sleep on the plane if I want” without having to take Big Pharma drugs with undesirable side effects.

Flying while high makes every in-flight moment an elevated experience.

Flying While High to Ease the Pain

Air travel can be physically taxing. Anyone who has arthritis in their lower body or back knows that sitting in one position for a long time can be a nightmare. Airplane seats have gotten so cramped that even a short flight can wreak havoc on your joints. Cannabis has natural anti-inflammatory properties, and medical marijuana is commonly used to manage chronic pain. Plus, many arthritis sufferers note that cannabis provides relief for their aches. Pain is the absolute worst travel buddy. But a well-timed edible could be a game changer when it comes to flying comfortably.

In-Flight Ennui? Flying While High Can Help

If we’re being completely honest, flights can be boring—especially with the lengthy delays that seem to be more and more common. A seatback catalog of movies and a salacious beach read won’t always save you from the restlessness that comes along with being confined to a metal tube for several hours. But flying while high makes every in-flight moment an elevated experience. Whether you create a special plane playlist, immerse yourself in a movie, or simply gaze out the window and marvel at the views—flying high can transform your journey. When we asked why our readers enjoy flying while high @jessvallle put it best, simply responding, “for the vibes.”

Getting Lifted for Lift-Off

Since it’s definitely a no-no to light up a joint in the exit row, we asked our readers how they get lifted for lift-off. Edibles are far and away the favorite method, with 69% of readers choosing them over smoking or beverages. Their discreet size and lack of scent make edibles the perfect travel companion. Pop one in your mouth before heading through security and enjoy the feeling of it kicking in as you settle into your seat a couple hours later. Edibles metabolize more slowly than smoking, ensuring prolonged effects—perfect for enduring lengthy flights. So, whether you want to relax with a movie or spend the flight asleep, edibles could help you achieve the ideal lift.

Flying While High—But Not Too Close to the Sun

Remember, moderation is key. @kenzonian reminds us that going overboard can ruin the trip you worked so hard to plan. “Don’t take a 100mg THC pill right before a 10-hour flight!” Edibles can be super versatile for traveling. And you don’t have to take the whole thing at once. Too much cannabis can spike your anxiety or make you nauseous一definitely not what you’re looking for when you’re about to hop on a plane. That’s why our team are big fans of microdosing for flights.

Fly Like Kristina

Our founder at House of Puff, Kristina cuts a 5mg gummy in half and pairs it with a glass of wine (crossfading FTW!) to make her time airborne more enjoyable without getting too high or anxious. Strapping in for a mid-flight panic attack is no way to kick off your vacay. So, as always with edibles, you should start with a low dose and build up slowly一especially if you’re new to cannabis or flying while high.

A Mouthful of Relief

If you’re a lightweight, taking an edible too early pre-flight can lead to trouble. That’s the case for Holly, our COO. “I’m afraid I’ll screw up and miss my flight if I take an edible ahead of time—especially if there’s any delays. So, for a long flight, I don’t feel comfortable downing an edible at the beginning. Instead, I keep a sublingual in my purse so I can take 1-2mg whenever I need it.”  Since they hit faster than regular edibles, a mid-flight sublingual microdose can be the perfect boost to keep any pain or anxiety at bay. Plus, because they have little to no odor, they’re really discreet.

Enjoying a Pre-Airport Sesh

Your vacation starts at the airport. Unfortunately, navigating around hoards of people, waiting in long lines, and $30 breakfast sandwiches can be a lot. For @lauramatlin, the entire airport process is totally exhausting. “Long lines and flight delays can make me anxious or impatient. I prefer to smoke just a little bit before heading to the airport to ease my nerves and make it all a little more tolerable.” A lot of our readers agree. More than 30% told us that they smoke before flights to make their airport experience more enjoyable. So, try a quick puff or 2 from your Le Pipe before your Uber arrives to kick off your trip in just the right mood.

Plan Strategically for Flying While High

Always remember to plan strategically. Consider your tolerance and the timing of your flight. Different consumption methods will help you achieve different results. So, choose a consumption method that can best help you achieve the specific kind of relaxation you’re looking for across the duration of your trip. For shorter flights, you might opt for fast-acting methods like vaping or smoking to enjoy immediate effects. However, for longer flights, edibles can be a more convenient choice, since they provide a longer-lasting and more gradual high.

Bon Voyage!

Air travel doesn’t have to be a total pain. Between travel nerves, security lines, and cramped seats, flying leaves a lot to be desired. But, incorporating cannabis into your flying routine could change your entire experience for the better. Whether you’re using cannabis to manage anxiety or to help fall asleep as soon as you hit that airplane seat, always remember to prioritize your safety, comfort, and the enjoyment of your vacation.

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  1. But don’t get high before you pack! After years of experience arriving at my destination and finding gummies but no toothpaste, skirts without tops … you get the idea. If you want to get high before you pack, or you’re high and find out you have to pack, I’ve learned that having a standard travel list of essentials will help immensely. Happy trails!

  2. I love this story. Since the pandemic I have dreaded flying and I also get nervous about taking an edible but have found low dose hard candies work well, better for me than gummies. But I probably should smoke before I leave the house because I get so nervous flying. Great blog, thank you.

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