The stash bag gets sophisticated with the Crosby Pouch

All Your Stash Bag Questions Answered

When it comes to stash bags and how to store your cannabis, you’ve got choices to make. Do you hide your stash away in a discreet spot? Do you keep it out on the coffee table for easy access? Or do you have a stylish stash bag made especially for it, like House of Puff’s new Crosby Pouch? We polled our community to find out where you’re keeping your stash. Your answers reflect the rapidly shifting attitudes towards cannabis these days. Very happily, in a positive direction. As attitudes toward the plant continue to change, cannabis consumers are starting to feel more comfortable talking openly about their relationship with the plant. Back in 2017, ⅔ of women in the US and Canada hid their stashes. We’re happy to report that, today, ⅔ of our community feels no need to hide their cannabis consumption at all. Now, that’s progress!

Where do you keep your stash?

Where’s the best place to keep your stash? For some of you, that’s the drawer of your coffee table or desk. One of you has repurposed an old pocket manicure kit to save any half smoked joints. That way, none of your cannabis goes to waste. Someone else in our community uses a wooden wine bin as their stash box. And some of you go for the classic mason jar—which is a great way to keep your flower fresh even if it’s not the most fashion forward.

Why do you keep your stash where you keep it?

Convenience is the most common answer we got from our community—signs of refreshing normalization. Having your stash easily accessible makes your life simple. When you’re in the mood for a smoke sesh or want to grab a CBD salve, the last thing you want is to have to search high and low for what you need. One of the most convenient places people choose to keep their stash bag is right by where they typically consume. 80% of women who consume cannabis specifically use it at night before they go to bed (Brightfield). So, if you’re a tincture person, you might keep it in your bathroom vanity. That way, you can easily incorporate it into your nightly routine. Or you might keep it your stash bag in one of your bedroom drawers. And, of course, for people who want to keep their consumption on the DL even within their household, discreet spots are still the way to go. But a lot of us clearly aren’t feeling that need for discretion anymore.

Do you have a bag or a box that’s specifically for your stash?

If you don’t yet have anywhere specific to store your cannabis, we recommend getting your hands on a stash bag or stash box that’s made specifically for it. Keeping it secure will minimize the risk of anything happening to what you’ve got. Of course, that’s not the only reason to invest in a stash bag. Most containers made for cannabis contain the odor, too. And even if you’re completely open and proud about your consumption, you still want to keep your stash fresh by using something that’s airtight. If you’re a heavy smoker, you’ll probably need a separate container for your flower. Same for edibles. But if you’re a microdoser, you can likely fit your entire stash into just one bag. It’s also nice to be able to keep all your cannabis products organized and close at hand. Most of our community, 63% to be exact, already own a stash bag.

Finding the right stash bag

Coming across the right stash bag for you and your cannabis use isn’t always easy. We get it. We know from personal experience that it can take time to find the perfect one. That’s why House of Puff created the new Crosby Pouch. This posh, pink stash bag is stylish enough to fit your lifestyle—including your designer handbags and your swanky interior design. It’s also odor-resistant, stain-resistant, and antimicrobial. That makes it practical for both at home and when you’re on the go.

Do you lock up your stash?

You might think that it’s common to lock up your stash. But most of us don’t. Only 11% of the people who responded to our poll put their cannabis under lock and key. Typically, the reason they do is to prevent others, like their children, from getting into it. One mom shared that she keeps hers in the garage. In her house, the garage is just for grownups.

Do you hide your stash? 

Locking up your stash is one thing. Most people do that for safety reasons. It keeps kids and pets from accessing cannabis. One of you shared that you lock up your stash in a filing cabinet just in case your landlord needs to get into your home. Even though cannabis is increasingly legal, not everyone is on board yet.  But attitudes about cannabis are clearly changing because 63% of you don’t hide your stash at all. Considering that, in 2017, 66% of us purposefully hid our cannabis consumption, that’s a stunning about-face! This change seems to be the result of three factors. First, legalization in the US and Canada is definitely a factor. Second, a growing majority of our society now recognizes the myriad medical applications of the plant. Third, with more research and education, the myth that cannabis is more dangerous than other socially acceptable adult-use substances, like alcohol, is being dispelled. So cannabis consumers are starting to feel more comfortable being open about their consumption. We’re certainly all for proudly embracing the beauty of cannabis culture.

What’s in your stash bag?

Now for the most important question—what are the go-tos in your stash bag? After all, cannabis culture has always been about sharing. Most of you shared that you have a little bit of everything. But one thing’s clear—flower is still the queen! Most of you make sure you always have plenty of your favorite flower strains as well as the accessories you need to consume them. So the most common things you keep on hand, by far, are pre-rolled cones, rolling papers, and lighters.

What’s your fave thing in your stash?

There are countless products to love, and here are some of your favorites. One of you adores your gold seashell grinder. Someone else in our community is especially loving the uplifting energy they get from the Durban Poison flower that they keep in their stash bag. And a few of you agree with us that your fave accessories are House of Puff’s Le Pipe One Hitters and Nebula Rolling Trays. 

An essential for your cannabis stash bag is your favorite flower.

What do you most covet for your stash?

One of the best things about the growth of the cannabis industry is that new products are constantly hitting the market. So you can continue to grow your stash. Many of you are on the lookout for new strains to test out. And one of you is looking for a better herb grinder that isn’t metal. Hmmm, our ears are burning…. We can’t say more right now, but keep your eyes peeled in the months to come!

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