Why you should be using a joint holder

Why You Should be Using a Joint Holder

  • House of Puff’s Soho Holder is made to enhance your smoke. 
  • Joint holders are both stylish and practical smoking accessories. 
  • Women have been using cigarette holders since the early 20th century. 
  • Joint holders cool your smoke before it hits your throat, keep you from burning your fingers, and to keep ash from getting on your clothes.

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Why should you be using a joint holder?

Joint holders add undeniable style to your smoke. They make your sesh as sophisticated as you are. But a good joint holder is much more than an accessory. It safeguards your throat, fingers, makeup, and clothes. It also helps you make the most of your stash. With all that going for it, a beautiful joint holder is a must. They’re the perfect addition to your stash bag. Move over Holly Golightly—we can all be ready for breakfast at Tiffany’s now!


The story of House of Puff’s joint holders began with a Pat McGrath Lust Gloss. One night, House of Puff’s founder, Kristina Lopez Adduci, was getting ready to go out. She created a gorgeous pouty lip in Pat McGrath’s Aphrodisiac Lust Gloss—a to-die-for rose. Feeling herself, she got dressed and lit up a pre-party personality joint. A few puffs in and she felt fantastic…until she realized that little bits of rolling paper had stuck to her beautifully lined and glossed lips. Yuck. Not only did she have to completely redo her lips, but her joint had wilted into a soggy mess.

A modern JOINT holder

Enter the Soho Holder, House of Puff’s hand-blown glass joint holder. Not a foot-long flapper prop, this new holder is just over 2 inches long and was hand-crafted by an artist in California. Each hand-blown glass joint holder is a one-of-a-kind work of art made to enhance your smoking experience. And it’s specifically made to accommodate different joint sizes. You can smoke out of either end. A slimmer joint fits in one end, and a thicker one in the other. Best of all, when you use this holder, there’s no more contact between your lips and your rolling papers. Your joint stays nice and firm, and your lips stay picture perfect. But there’s much more!

How does a joint holder affect your smoke?

There are times when we all want the immediate onset of cannabis that you can only get from inhaling it. But that can be hard if you’re cursed with a Victorian throat. You know who you are. Every time you take a puff, your throat burns and you cough uncontrollably. After years of hacking your head off every time you join the puff-puff-pass ritual, you might’ve even given up smoking entirely in favor of edibles. A joint holder can help.

Why is a joint holder the best for a smooth smoke?

Don’t get us wrong, we love edibles. But sometimes, you want the instant high of getting those cannabinoids directly into your bloodstream. If you’re like us, you might’ve used a bong in your college days. But bongs can be messy. Plus, let’s face it, 99% of them make you feel like you’re back in your dorm room. A one hitter could work for you. The length of it can give your smoke time to cool. But one hitters don’t have the filtration a joint can offer. Instead, smoking a filtered joint through a glass holder can give you the best of both worlds. This combo means a smoother, cleaner smoke that babies your delicate throat. You get the combined benefits of the joint’s filter and the cooling that results from the extended time that the smoke spends in the holder. 

Using a joint holder will elevate your smoke sesh


Joint holders work with whatever kind of joint you’re into. Whether you enjoy rolling your own or the ease of a pre-rolled cone. Simply insert your joint into the holder, light up, and enjoy smoother, fuller hits. 


By cooling the smoke before it gets to your throat, a joint holder eliminates the harshness of your hit. That, in turn, reduces coughing and the possibility of an irritated throat. Instead you get smooth, full hits that are easier to inhale. Plus, as Kristina’s joint-meets-lip-gloss travesty illustrates, putting your lips directly on a joint can wilt it with moisture. That can happen even when your lips are au naturale. But the problem with a  soggy joint filter goes beyond simple annoyance. It can restrict the airflow you need to take a good hit and to keep your joint lit and burning evenly. Finally, using a joint holder allows you to easily smoke your entire roll with no burned fingers or lips—no fuss, no muss.

Joint Holders have been in fashion for decades, starting with cigarettes


Besides enjoying the sophistication of the accessory, women in the early 20th century started using cigarette holders for practical reasons, too. Back then, it wasn’t the thing for women to wear smoking jackets. So the extended length of a cigarette holder kept ash away from their clothes and smoke out from underneath their hats. Their cigarette holders also cooled their smoke before they inhaled it. And, of course, they kept cigarette paper from sticking to or tearing on their lips.

Cigarette Holders are still a sophisticated accessory

Fashion might have changed in the last 100 years, but the benefits of using a cigarette holder haven’t. Considering the hotter burn of cannabis, that goes double for when you’re smoking a joint instead of a cigarette. The length of the holder mellows your hit while keeping ash off your Dior and smoke out of your eyes. That means your eyeliner stays picture perfect, too—right down to the very last puff at the filter end of your joint. 


Unlike paper, plastic, wood, metal, or silicone, glass preserves flavors. So if you’re loving those flavorful terpenes, a glass joint holder is just the ticket to fully enjoy the taste of your favorite strain.


Simply soak your glass joint holder for approximately 15 minutes in an everyday cleaning product like rubbing alcohol or your glass cleaner of choice. You might need a longer soak time to get rid of stubborn resin build up. For quick spot treatments, wipe clean using an alcohol-soaked cotton swab. For smoother hits and the best flavor, clean your glass joint holder frequently.


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