Everything you need to know about how to elevate your weed wedding.

Something New! How to Plan the Best Weed Wedding

  • More and more couples are having weed weddings.
  • Serving cannabis at your wedding just takes some extra research and planning.
  • Did you know that cannabis can be more affordable than alcohol?
  • To include cannabis at your wedding, download House of Puff’s Ultimate Cannabis Wedding Planning Guide below.

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How to Serve Cannabis at Your Wedding

Now that cannabis is legal in many states, you might be wondering how to bring this something very new into your big day. At first, a weed wedding might spark visions of toking at the altar or bouquets of fan leaves. If that’s your jam, go for it. But, unless the plant is a defining factor in your relationship, putting it front and center will just overshadow the happy couple. Instead, incorporate cannabis the same way you would any other element of your wedding. Use the magic of the plant  to elevate the overall experience—just like your decor, flowers, and music. Here’s how.

Get Familiar with Local Laws

Don’t assume that vendors will be on top of the local laws about cannabis. Even in long-running legal markets like California, cannabis consumption still isn’t completely normalized. So check out the regulations for yourself. The last thing you want is any last minute disappointments. Scroll down to get our Cannabis Wedding Planning Guide with resource links to get you started.

Weed Wedding Key: Communication

Just because cannabis is legal where you live, not every venue will be cannabis-friendly. Ask up front if venues allow cannabis. Then, get their policies in writing. Look for a cannabis-savvy wedding planner to help you get all the details right. Another huge benefit of hiring a wedding planner who specializes in cannabis weddings is sourcing. While recreational cannabis might be legal, it’s still highly regulated. So, it’s unlikely that most caterers will be able to source it for you. Since legal cannabis is so new, it’s also really important to communicate about it in advance to your guests. Of course, don’t make the mistake a Florida bride made—she served her wedding guests infused food without their knowledge. Yikes! But no need to make a big deal about it either. Just add a note to your wedding invitations and/or website like you would with event attire. Only, instead of “black tie” specify that ”alcohol and cannabis will be served”.

Communicate clearly to guests about your weed wedding.

Weed Weddings and Costs

Weddings can be crazy expensive. But serving cannabis instead of (or in addition to) alcohol can be a huge cost saver. That’s because a little bit goes a long way. For the cannabis curious or beginners, plan for doses of 2-5mg. There are more low-dose products coming onto the market every day, including 1mg bites. Low doses will intrigue novices while allowing for multiple helpings by cannabis connoisseurs. And to keep your event elevated, plan for only 20mg total servings even for the most experienced guests. With this in mind, some experts estimate that serving cannabis is only ½ to ¼ the cost of a fully stocked bar.

Dosing At Your Weed Wedding

Even if you’re the consummate stoner, chances are that not everyone you know is experienced with it. Just as much as you don’t want your Uncle Larry getting hammered at your bar, you don’t want your Aunt Katie falling off her chair because she got too high. So, microdosing is the name of the game at weed weddings. That’s a must, no matter whether you’re serving edibles, cannabis beverages, or flower. Plus, your wedding is a big party. When we celebrate, we all tend to overindulge ourselves. Take that tendency into account and go for lower doses than normal. If some of your guests have high tolerances, they can always imbibe more. Also, many of us like to crossfade. What’s crossfading? It’s combining alcohol with cannabis. So stick with low THC percentages in the cannabis you put on your menu.

When to Serve Cannabis at Your Wedding

Just like alcohol, many of your guests will want to enjoy cannabis throughout your celebration. And just like most weddings, we suggest that you wait until the ceremony is over to start officially serving it. Then, you can offer cannabis in different forms throughout your party. Start serving it during your cocktail hour via pre-rolls, infused hors d’oeuvres, and cannabis beverages. Then, you might want to offer a mid-meal edible as an amuse bouche. Finally, after the cake, perhaps have a server pass pre-rolls again for an after-dinner smoke.

Smoking at Your Wedding

Not everyone wants to inhale smoke—of any kind. But don’t let that stop you from including smokable flower at your wedding. Just follow some simple ground rules. First, most US states now have laws that prohibit smoking in indoor public spaces. That applies just as much to cannabis as it does to anything else. So, if you’re having an indoor wedding, look for a venue with an outdoor space that connects to the room you’re booking. And if you really want to incorporate smoking seamlessly, plan an outdoor wedding. Depending, though, on how comfortable most of your guests are with cannabis, you still might want to designate a smoking section that’s cordoned off with a discreet “Smoking Area” sign. Your non-smoking guests will heave a big sigh of relief, and you’ll minimize any friction between guests. In short, everyone will have a better time.

Other Inhalation Options for Weed Weddings

One of the best things about inhaling cannabis is that you don’t have to wait to feel its effects. For events, that can be a big plus. Another option for inhalable cannabis is to go with vapes. This is an opportunity to bougie things up. Just like many couples give away personalized matches at their weddings, you could provide personalized vape batteries to your guests. If you’re a vape fan, you know that there’s a qualitative difference between smoking and vaping. But remember that most laws don’t distinguish between them. So, you’ll still need to designate an outdoor space for it. If a winter wedding is the day of your dreams, you can still make it happen. Just hire a swanky party bus to park outside your venue as your VIP smoking/vaping lounge.

What Kind of Cannabis Should You Serve?

There are BIG differences between cannabis and alcohol. For a weed wedding, there’s one difference that’s more important than all the rest. For most of us, whether it’s wine, beer, or whiskey, alcohol produces similar effects. Some kinds might agree with you better than others. But an alcohol buzz is generally the same regardless of what you’re drinking. Cannabis, however, can produce radically different effects. So, choosing the right strain is critical for your wedding. You don’t want guests falling asleep, getting anxious, or giggling uncontrollably during the best man’s speech. Instead, you want to put everyone in a good, social mood. If you choose your strains wisely, cannabis can do that much more effectively than alcohol. For specific strain advice, check out House of Puff’s Ultimate Cannabis Wedding Planning Guide below. And, by all means, sample several kinds before you make your choice—just like you would potential wedding cakes.

For a beautiful weed wedding, arrange pre-rolls on a platter with THC signage, personalized matches, and an ashtray.

How to Include Smokable Cannabis at Your Wedding

Some of your guests might come armed with their own joints or vapes. But offering pre-rolls is one of the best ways to make it easy for your guests to enjoy cannabis. The chicest way to do this is to have your pre-rolls passed by a server just like hors d’oeuvres. Put them on a beautiful tray with personalized matches, a hemp wick, and an ashtray for the burnt matches. Most importantly, don’t depend on your wait staff to educate your guests about your pre-rolls. Even if you’re hiring actual budtenders for this role, don’t leave your guests’ dosing in their hands alone. It’s too important. Instead, use place cards and print out the strain, terpenes, and potency. Then, your guests can easily decide whether and how much to partake.

Sourcing Pre-Rolls for Your Weed Wedding

If you’re somewhere that recreational cannabis has been legal for a long time, you might find a wedding provider who can source pre-rolls for you. But, more likely, you’ll need to source them yourself. In the US, every state has strict laws about how much cannabis you can buy at once. Also, dispensaries can’t always get the same strains. That means you just need to plan ahead. If you live somewhere with a robust recreational market, you might be able to buy your pre-rolls. But, unless you’re having a very small affair, you’ll need to start purchasing them well in advance of your big day. If you don’t have access to pre-rolls and you really plan ahead, you could grow your own flower to make your own. You’ll find advice about how many pre-rolls you’ll need and the best ways to make your own in our cannabis wedding planning guide.

Serving Edibles at Your Weed Wedding

We love edibles! But they tend to take longer to hit and their high lasts longer, too. Still, that’s no reason to exclude them from your wedding. Just be judicious. First, most of the food you serve shouldn’t be infused. You want your guests to indulge themselves as much as they want gastronomically. And you definitely don’t want them going hungry because they’re afraid to imbibe too much. As with pre-rolls, we suggest passing edibles like hors d’oeuvres and carefully listing THC percentages. That way, your servers can do several things to keep your nuptials as beautiful as they should be. First, they can keep children away from accidentally getting into the edibles. Second, just like you’d expect from a good bartender, if someone is really overindulging, they can assist you in graciously cutting that guest off.

Sourcing Edibles for Your Weed Wedding

We strongly suggest sourcing edibles from a legal provider. Why? Because you can trust the potency of their products. We love homemade cannabis brownies, but they’re notoriously hard to dose with accuracy. Even if you follow our Simple Edible Calculator to the letter, more THC can end up in one part of your batch than another. If that happens at home, it’s not a big deal. But it’s the last thing anyone wants at their wedding. The best option is to hire a caterer who specializes in infused treats. But, depending on where you live, that might not be possible. Instead, you could offer your guests gummies or some other low-dose edible. Like pre-rolls, just make sure to plan well ahead so you have time to buy enough. To elevate their presentation, arrange them on the trays like petit fours. And, of course, don’t forget the THC signage.

Cannabis Beverages

We raise our glasses to cannabis beverages. They’re a wonderful way to bring cannabis into your wedding. Cannabis beverages are especially great for the canna-nervous. First, they come in very low doses. Plus, people are used to nursing a few drinks throughout an event. So, cannabis cocktails are easier to control than other edibles. They also make it less likely that someone will overindulge on a combination of alcohol and cannabis. And they’re great for those who are wary of smoking. Finally, you can make cannabis beverages uber-elegant. Hire a mixologist to create specialty drinks just for your weed wedding. Again, THC signage is critical. But with speciality drinks, you can pop a description of them in a beautiful frame at the bar. Bonus points, no hangover if you stick to the cannabis bevvies! Plus, you can offer CBD versions for your guests who aren’t into THC.

Sourcing Cannabis Beverages

More and more cannabis beverages are coming onto the market. And many of them are absolutely delicious and incredibly haute. See our Ultimate Cannabis Wedding Planning Guide below for a list of our faves. If you can find a cannabis-friendly caterer, they might be able to source cannabis beverages for you. But, again, it’s more likely that you or your wedding planner will have to source them. So, once more, plan well ahead so you have time to buy enough. Or you can go another route that gives you more freedom and can be more economical. Hire a mixologist to create cannabis cocktails from tinctures. Then, you can serve any cannabis cocktail your hearts desire!

Cannabis as Florals or Decor

We truly appreciate the many amazing qualities of the cannabis plant. But let’s be real. It’s not the most gorgeous floral. Sativas can be particularly unruly. And there’s so many other gorgeous options out there. Why try to make cannabis into something it’s not? You wouldn’t adorn your reception tables with cactuses just because you love tequila. Plus, using cannabis as decor shifts the focus away from the happy couple. Of course, if you disagree, ignore this point. For us, though, the only “just say no” moment is cannabis as florals or decor.

Weed Wedding Gifting

If your venue won’t allow cannabis or you’re having a destination wedding, you could gift it in your welcome bags. We love beautifully packaged edibles here. Edibles are especially appealing to groups that tend to be more canna-nervous, like women and older people. And that’s not just our opinion, industry data shows that older consumers and women buy cannabis edibles more often than they buy any other cannabis products. Or, if you’re serving pre-rolls at your cannabis wedding, you could supply your guests with beautiful joint holders. They’ll keep ash off chic wedding attire, reduce the germiness in any joint sharing, and generally make everyone feel as fancy as your special day. If cannabis party favors are out of budget for all your guests, think about gifting sophisticated one hitters or a pre-roll and joint holder set to your wedding party—in colors that will always remind them of your nuptials.

Plan, Plan, Plan Ahead

Weed weddings are a new world of possibility. But you might’ve noticed a constant refrain: more than anything else, cannabis takes planning. But don’t be daunted because we’ve got you covered. Just download our planning guide so that you and your guests can enjoy the ultimate “something new” at a wedding they’ll be sure to remember.

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