How to make the best cannabis brownies

How to Make the Best Cannabis Brownies On the Planet

  • Cannabis brownies are one of the most popular edibles to make. 
  • For a quick and easy recipe you can use a store-bought brownie mix and readymade cannabis butter or oil. 
  • Here’s how to properly dose cannabis brownies. 
  • Follow this recipe for the best molten chocolate cannabis brownies you’ve ever tasted. 

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Here’s how to make the best cannabis brownies

Life is stressful. So a little chocolate indulgence can make those moments easier. And, of course, we also like to use cannabis to destress. So, what could be better than cannabis brownies? It’s the best of both worlds!

Cannabis brownies are a great recipe for newbies and OG Cannabis chefs

There’s a reason why hash brownies (or pot brownies) are the OG of edibles. Chocolate is great for disguising the taste of cannabis. And who doesn’t love a rich, gooey brownie? Cannabis brownies are also one of the easiest edibles to make. Whether or not you have access to readymade cannabutter and cannabis oil or whether you’re a gotta-make-it-from-scratch baker as opposed to a quick-fixes-with-mixes type, we’ve got you covered. Here’s our complete guide to making cannabis brownies.

Sweet Grass Cannabutter is a great readymade for baking cannabis brownies.

Readymade cannabutter and cannabis oil

If you have access to it, we highly suggest treating yourself to readymade cannabutter or cannabis oil. Unless baking is your stress relief of choice, having these cannabis-infused essentials on hand dramatically cuts down your time in the kitchen. They also make dosing more accurate than home infusion. 

Our Favorite Readymades

We love the cannabutter from Sweet Grass Kitchen. Each stick includes 100mg of THC (no CBD). The child-resistant box makes it refrigerator-safe for everyone. Or, if you’re looking for vegan edibles (or at least non-dairy edibles), one of our favorite cannabis oils is CannaPunch Cannabis Coconut Cooking Oil. It also comes in a child-resistant 2-oz bottle. Again with 100mg of THC (no CBD). One bottle of CannaPunch cannabis oil is the perfect substitute for butter in our pre-mix recipe below.

Don’t skip decarbing!

The thing that most newbies skip in making their own infusions is activating the cannabinoids with heat before infusing them into edibles. Heat activation (or decarboxylation) will help you get the best bang for your buck from your flower. All you need to decarb your flower is an oven, a pan, and some scissors.  It’s super simple. Just follow our step-by-step instructions

Making Cannabis Butter is Easy

The ease of making your own cannabis butter and cannabis oil is growing every day. You don’t need any special equipment to do it. Just normal kitchen tools and appliances. Again, just follow our step-by-step instructions for how to make cannabis butter. Making cannabis oil is even easier. Just follow the same directions for cannabis butter, but substitute oil.

Homemade edibles In a snap with a cannabis infusion machine

You don’t need special tools to make cannabis butter or cannabis oil. But, if you’re as all-in on edibles as we are, you can now buy a gorgeous cannabis infusion machine. These appliances are huge timesavers. Ardent offers a couple options. Their FX even lets you infuse and bake in the same machine. You can just set it and forget it. Plus, they even have butter molds that will make your cannabis butter even easier to measure. That’s great for dosing! With Ardent, you also get the added benefit of shopping a Black-owned business.

Maximum temperature for baking with cannabis

Now, let’s get on with the real baking! The baking temperatures for our brownie recipes are perfect for cannabis. As cannabis chef, Julie Dooley, advised in the Denver Post, in order to preserve THC levels the maximum oven temperature for baking with cannabutter is 350 degrees.

How to make edible brownies from a box

If you want to know how to make edibles fast, you can’t beat a quick fix with a brownie mix. One of our fave gourmet brands is Stonewall Kitchen’s Triple Fudge Brownie Mix. They have several other brownie options. Including a gluten-free mix, a peppermint, and a caramel version. Yum!

Baking with Cannabutter

If you’re all good with dairy, you can just substitute a 1:1 ratio of cannabutter for the required amount of butter in the recipe. The triple fudge mix calls for 7 tablespoons. To get the most out of your cannabutter, just follow the special mixing instructions we have. We lay them out in our recipe for Molten Chocolate Cannabis Brownies below. Maybe the best thing about this brownie is that it’s lightning fast to make. The prep is a snap. And the cooking time tops out at only 30 minutes.

Cannabis brownies are a year-round treat, and you can freeze them!

How to make edibles without butter

If you want to know how to make brownies, or any edibles, without butter you just have to do a little math. You can substitute oil for butter in most recipes. But you need to scale back the quantity. The general rule is to use ¾ the amount of butter that the recipe calls for. For example, if it calls for 10 tablespoons of butter, use 7 ½ tablespoons of oil. Things can get a little complicated, however, because you also need to balance your dosing with the right proportions for taste. That’s why we love our Stonewall brownie mix. We’ve found that 1 2-ounce bottle of 100mg THC cannabis oil works as the perfect substitution for the 7 tablespoons of butter that the recipe calls for. So, on your first try, you’ll get scrumptious taste with just the right dosing.

How to make Molten chocolate cannabis brownies

If you really want to indulge in all senses of the word, skip the mix and make our Molten Chocolate Cannabis Brownies from scratch. If you already have your cannabutter made, the prep and baking time still only take a little over 1 hour. And they’re SO worth it. We’ll even stick our necks out there and claim that these will be the best brownies you’ve ever had—cannabis or otherwise!

Molten Chocolate Cannabis Brownies

(adapted from Donna Hay’s recipe on Epicurious)

Cannabis Brownies Ingredients

1 cup all-purpose flour

¾ cup cocoa powder

¾ cup brown sugar

1 ⅓ cup caster (superfine) sugar

½ tsp salt

10 tbsp (100mg THC) cannabutter (or use all regular butter and add a concentrate)

3 tbsp unsalted butter

1 tsp vanilla extract

3 large eggs

1 ⅓  cup (4 ½ oz) dark chocolate chips


What makes these cannabis brownies so special is their crispy top and gooey center.


Initial Prep

Preheat your oven to 325 degrees. Then, lightly grease an 8” square baking dish (we like using MCT oil) and line it with nonstick baking paper.

Melting Your Butter

First, melt both butters together in a heat-safe bowl in the oven at 325 degrees. When it’s almost fully melted, remove from the oven and let the butter mixture cool but not harden. Cannabutter is clarified butter. So it can clump in the batter if it’s solid.

Using Cannabis Concentrates

If you want to use a cannabis concentrate—like crumble—instead of cannabutter, add the equivalent of 100mg of THC. Then, melt 13 tbsp of unsalted butter and add the concentrate into once it’s melted. Stir the concentrate into the butter until it’s fully dissolved and thoroughly combined.

Finishing Your Batter

Combine flour, cocoa, both sugars, salt, vanilla, and eggs in large mixing bowl, stirring together by hand with a rubber or silicone spatula until well combined. If you can help it, don’t substitute regular sugar for the caster sugar—it’s what gives these brownies their lovely crisp top in contrast with their molten center. Wait to stir in the melted butter until after the eggs have liquified the batter somewhat in order to prevent the butter from clumping. This step is important to promote even THC distribution. Stir batter until the butter is well incorporated, breaking up any clumps until batter is smooth. Stir in dark chocolate chips until evenly distributed. 

Baking Your Cannabis Brownies

Fold batter into a baking dish with a large spatula, spreading to fill in the corners of the dish. Minimize any cannabutter waste by using a small spatula to clean off the larger spatula. Then, bake at 325 degrees for 50-60 minutes until set. Remove from the oven and let the dish cool for 5 minutes. Cut into 16 squares, serve warm, and dissolve into delight. Makes 16 servings with 4-6mg of THC per serving.

Edibles dosing

10mg is the standard recommended dose for edibles. But newbies should start with 5mg, or even 2.5mg. To accommodate everyone, cut the brownies you make from either of our recipes in an 8” square pan into 4 rows of 4. Each serving will contain somewhere from 4-6mg of THC. With our brownies, that dose is delivered in a big enough serving to let you enjoy chowing down on the chocolate without getting uncomfortably high. (Lightweights, start by cutting our serving size in half.) Word to the wise, though, completely accurate dosing in homemade edibles is tough—especially if you make your own cannabutter or cannabis oil. Plus, the metabolism process strengthens the potency of cannabinoids and edibles can take up to 4 hours to kick in. So, no matter how delicious your brownies turn out, always start low and go slow!

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