Our Secret to Rolling the Perfect Joint: Our Newest Nebula Trays

  • Roll the perfect joint with House of Puff’s Nebula Rolling Trays. 
  • Our Nebula Rolling Tray draws inspiration from Amsterdam-style trays. 
  • The keys to rolling the perfect joint are a good rolling tray, filters, and good cannabis. 

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The story of our rolling tray

The story of House of Puff’s mini rolling tray, the Nebula started in Amsterdam. Our founder, Kristina Lopez Adduci, got inspired in the Dutch capital that’s known for its cannabis. “On my very first trip to Amsterdam, we were new indulgers. Cannabis was already legal, and we were adults. But our lack of experience made nervousness sweep over us like a typhoon as we walked into a ‘coffee shop’—knowing quite well we weren’t joint-rolling experts.”

An Amsterdam inspired rolling tray

Luckily for Kristina, the Dutch are happy and kind (actual facts BTW). So, naturally, they offered to help. They brought her a plastic M-shaped apparatus that was the color of Pepto Bismol. The owner of the coffee shop told her it would “helpen je rollen.” The plastic rolling card was meant to help keep the paper tight and hold her extra flower throughout the process. With just a few tries, she had perfected her rolling skills and the rest is history.

House of Puff cannabis accessories including Nebula Rolling Trays

Bringing the Nebula Rolling Tray to life

Kristina took her newfound knowledge back to Brooklyn and immediately got cracking on a rolling tray of her own that would help other women roll joints more easily. She also adapted the original design so that it would double as a unique ashtray. A few prototypes later, and the Nebula Rolling Tray was born!


The Nebula Rolling Tray makes it easy for anyone to roll their own. (And if you love our new color palette, check out the artists who inspired it!) Here’s our beginner’s guide. Follow these steps, and you’ll be rolling like a pro in no time.


In a perfect world, here’s what you need to roll your own:

  • Herb

  • Grinder

  • Rolling papers

  • Filters (aka tips or crutches)

  • Rolling tray

  • Moist cotton swab


Why use a grinder? Grinding might seem like an extra step that’s just for cannabis connoisseurs. But it’s key to making the most of your smoking experience for two reasons. We all want the best bang for our buck. Grinding keeps the cannabinoids on your flower instead of getting them stuck on something else (like your fingers). Just as nice, especially for beginners, grinding gives you a smoother smoke. If you don’t have a grinder yet, check out our tips for grinding cannabis with tools that are already in your kitchen.

Luxe up your puff

If your throat is really delicate or you just want to luxe up your puff, mix in some other aromatic herbs. Barbari Herbal makes delightfully thoughtful blends with great names, like Airplane Mode, and even better flavors. Our fave, Muse, combines peppermint, sage, raspberry leaves, and jasmine. Adding another herbal blend cools down your smoke so much that even the lightest weight among us can partake without even a hint of a cough.

Poolside setup featuring a red Nebula Rolling Tray


You can use any size or type of papers with the Nebula Rolling Tray. But king size papers fit this mini tray perfectly. Of course, we’re especially partial to House of Puff’s Paula Flores Collection Rolling Papers. They’re unbleached hemp. So they’re nice and natural. They don’t include anything that will interfere with the taste of your terpenes. Plus, they come with thin, slow burning tips that are perforated to make rolling filters with them easier.


Speaking of improving your smoking experience, filters are key. They make your smoke smoother. They also keep any herb from getting in your mouth. And, if you don’t have a cigarette holder, they keep your fingers away from any flames. But filters can stymie the best of us.

Roll a filter in 6 simple steps

  1. Start with the short end of the tip (or the “crutch”). If you’re using House of Puff papers, start with the edge that has the perforations.

  2. Gently fold over the edge as small as you can. 1/16” is perfect—that’s the size of the first perforation in House of Puff tips.

  3. Roll up the tip as tightly as possible. Keep the edges aligned so you have a nice, straight tube.

  4. When you get about ¼” from the end, unroll it a bit and reroll it again between your fingertips a couple of times to get any stiffness out.

  5. Before you roll up that final ¼”, fold over the other short edge and roll that side of the tip just like you did the first one. That’ll make your filter stay tight even when you let go.

  6. Unroll the second end and finish rolling the first end all the way. Let go, and you should have a perfectly rolled tip!


  1. For those of you who want to take your smoke to the next level, increase the airflow in your joint with an M filter. (Are you sensing a theme here?) Increased airflow makes for an easier draw. So you won’t be struggling to keep your herb lit.
  2. To make a perfect M filter, the perforations on the tip to guide you into making an “M” fold on the inside of your filter.
  3. Start with steps 1 and 2 above.
  4. After the first fold, instead of continuing to fold the paper in the same direction, make your next folds at the perforations. But make them in the opposite directions until the paper is folded into a little “M” shape.
  5. Then go back to step 3 above so that the M shape is rolled up in the middle of your filter. Continue with the rest of the steps and, voilá, you’ve got a fancy joint filter design.


  1. Lay your paper lengthwise on your Nebula Rolling Tray, with the crease of the paper in the dip in the middle of the tray. Again, it’s a small rolling tray sized to fit king size papers perfectly. But it’ll work with any.

  2. When you lay the crease in your rolling paper in the crease of the tray, you’ll automatically position your rolling paper the way that you want it. You might not notice it at first, but one long side of the rolling paper will have adhesive on it. It’ll look shinier than the rest. In order to seal your joint, you want the adhesive side of the paper facing up and on the far side of the tray from you.

  3. Place your perfectly rolled filter tip in the crease of the paper at one end of the tray. Line up the edges of the filter and the tip. Hold them in place with your thumb.

  4. Evenly sprinkle your ground mix into the crease until it fills up about half the width of the paper. The Nebula will help keep your herb nicely in the middle. Leave about a fingernail length of room at the non-filter end.

  5. Carefully lift up the filter end, pinching the paper between your fingertips. Tuck in the non-adhesive side of the paper first.

  6. Roll the paper back and forth over the filter between your index and forefinger to get a tight fit. Then wet the adhesive at the filter end with the moistened cotton swab (or lick it) and press it down into place.

  7. Continue to pinch and fold the paper over itself. Use the dip in the tray to help you roll the paper into a cylinder as you work your way to the other end. Go slowly, wetting the glue on the paper before pressing it into place to make it stick tight.

  8. Use a bobby pin or a tamping stick to compact your mix through the open end.

  9. If you have room, add any extra mix. Then twist the paper to close the lighting end. Admire your fabulous work, and enjoy!

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If you’re still leery of rolling your own, take the advice of artist Tina Snow Le. In the zen video above, she transforms the ritual of rolling a joint into performance art. “Rolling a joint is a language in itself. Trust your intuition. There may be times where you don’t get it right, and that’s okay. Listen to yourself as you gravitate towards certain tools or methods upon your practice to choose the path that’s right for you.”


In this post-Rona world, if you’re rolling solely for your own enjoyment, you can skip the moistened cotton swab and just use the traditional lick-and-seal method. But cannabis is social. If you still want to puff, puff, pass to others, minimize any viral spread by using the moist cotton swab to activate the adhesive on your papers instead of giving them a lick.

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