The Art of the Apéritif

We humans have been finding ways to enhance our enjoyment of food since time immemorial. Considering that the munchies are synonymous with marijuana, shouldn’t mini pre rolls be celebrated as the ultimate apéritif?



The apéritif is an international tradition. It’s both a relaxing way to end the work day and a charming introduction to your evening meal. The word apéritif comes from the Latin word aperire, meaning “to open,” and that’s exactly what it does to your appetite. 


An apéritif has traditionally been an alcoholic drink served before a meal, and many countries have their own version. From the Italian aperitivo and the French l’apero, Spanish tapas and the American equivalent, happy hour, to raki in Turkey, everyone enjoys the time of day when they stop working to convene for a drink and some small bites. One thing we can all agree on is that pre-dinner drinks and snacks could quite possibly be the best invention ever!



The apéritif has been around since at least the 5th century when a Greek Christian cleric warned his disciples against indulging in beverages that opened up the appetite. His warning apparently stemmed from the Roman aristocracy’s reliance on a pre-gorge gustatio (a flavored, sweetened wine) to prepare their stomachs for their infamously overindulgent feasts.

The first “modern” iteration of the aperitivo appeared in 1796 when Antonio Carpano introduced vermouth to Turin. France gained its own version and the term apéritif came into being in 1846 when Joseph Dubonnet invented his eponymous and still very popular fortified wine—which was inspired by a government contest to make the anti-malarial drug, quinine, palatable. Other popular apéritifs include champagne cocktails, like the Bellini, and liqueur-based drinks like the gorgeously orange Aperol Spritz.



In the 21st century, who says an apéritif has to be a beverage? Cannabis is, of course, much more renowned for stimulating the appetite than alcohol has ever been. One of the most documented benefits of medical marijuana is its ability not only to induce hunger, but to actually improve the taste of food. At House of Puff, we take the apéritif very seriously—so seriously, that we had to create our own L’aperitif. 

Our new mini pre rolled cones are meant to be like a snack or an appetizer. At a petite 1 ¼”  (84mm) long, just an ⅛ to ¾ grams of flower fills these gorgeous pre rolls. That makes them perfect for a pre-meal smoke. So before diving into your amuse-bouche of choice, light up a L’aperitif and turn your meal from everyday to scrumptious.


Whether you’re new to pre rolled cones or simply adverse to hand rolling your own joints, they’re really easy to use. Just grind up your flower, scoop it up (or use a funnel) to fill your cone, pack it down, and twist! No COVID-prohibited licking or manual dexterity required.


Like its alcoholic cousins, a mini joint is a great way to open up your stomach. The particular receptor in the body that’s most often associated with cannabis use, and appetite regulation, is called the CB1. The CB1 receptor is found in several organs (the brain, lungs, liver, and kidneys), but cannabinoids have been scientifically proven to stimulate eating behavior specifically when they act on the CB1 receptors in the brain. If you want to dig more into the science behind appetite stimulation, check out this Smithsonian article.

There are several strains that are particularly renowned for enhancing the enjoyment of food. We recommend Blackwater, Chemo, Girl Scout Cookies (aka GSC), Head Cheese, Purple Kush, Tahoe OG, Skywalker, and Sour Diesel.



Like our L’aperitif mini pre rolled cones, hosting l’apéro should be low maintenance enough that you can enjoy it, too. Here’s our secrets for hosting an easy happy hour at home. In addition to serving our L’aperitif mini pre rolls, we like to serve Sparkling Negronis in a punch bowl—again, easy is the name of the game.

  • 1 cup Campari

  • 1 cup Gin

  • 1 cup Sweet Vermouth

  • 2 bottles Prosecco

  • Orange peel zest for garnish


Combine all ingredients, leaving the Prosecco for last. Stir to combine, and voilá!


Aperitivo Cheese Board

Of course, with opening up everyone’s appetites so beautifully, you’ll need a mouth-watering cheese board that also includes a great selection of cured meat. If you’re imbibing with cannabis, try to pair the strains with what you’re serving. Gouda can have a beautiful, grassy flavor which pairs really well with strains that contain a high level of mycrene like Tangie, Grandaddy Purple, and Harlequin. Be sure to accessorize the board with fruit, herbs, and condiments. Here’s our suggestions:


  • Cured meats: prosciutto, hard salami, hot soppressata 

  • Soft cheese: creamy brie, herbed goat cheese

  • Hard cheese: aged cheddar, gouda, manchego

  • Nibbles: olives, pickled peppers, artichokes, grapes

  • Bread: crackers, breadsticks, sliced baguette

  • Spreads: white bean dip, olive tapenade, fruit preserves



We love laying out cannabis for guests at our parties. Just like you celebrate a great cocktail or wine with a special setting, create a puffware tablescape for your cannabis—complete with L’aperitif pre rolled cones, a unique ashtray or two, and flower bowls labeled by strain. For more chic suggestions, check out happy hour at home ideas with interior designers, Jean & Wesley.

L’aperitif is just enough to get your party started—whether you’re on the beach with an ice cold bevvie or want a petite puff before your guests arrive. For your guests, L’aperitif is best served with a spread of hors d’oeuvres, plenty of drinks, and wonderful company.

Get your own L’aperitif now at House of Puff!

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