Setting the scene is an important part of how to get high

The Dos and Don’ts of How to Get High

  • Here’s how to get high for the first time. 
  • It’s best to create a safe space and be open to the experience. 
  • There are several methods you can use to get high.

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Different kinds of cannabis can have vastly different effects

Cannabis isn’t one-size-fits-all. There are hundreds of strains and tons of formulations. And all of them have pros and cons. That’s where cannabis differs significantly from alcohol. When you’re picking your booze of choice, the experiential difference mainly comes down to just strength and taste. Both the blessing and the curse of cannabis is that all those varieties of the plant can have vastly different effects on you. That means, much more so than alcohol, you can tailor your experience of it to your needs. But it also means that cannabis is more complex than just popping a cork. So we polled you, our amazing community, to come up with the dos and don’ts of how to get high.

Why are you trying to get high?

If you identify why you want to get high before you hit a cannabis dispensary, you’ll have a much better experience. With legalization, we’re now spoiled for cannabis choice. You can consume the plant for loads of reasons—from some good old fashioned giggles to serious medical treatment. But all that choice means your experience with the plant might not be the same as your peers. Ultimately, you need to do your own research. That way, you can make the right decision for yourself and your needs. 

Peer pressure and how to get high

Cannabis is a very personal thing. Your friend might like concentrates. But dabbing might be too strong for you. Your significant other might love smoking while you don’t dig it because it hurts your throat. @Xeno_morphine shared her first experience. It wasan absolute nightmare, peer pressured by an ex, greened out real bad, like exorcist projectile… only found my peace and solace with dope years later lmao.” As they discovered, having a great cannabis experience is all about honoring your personal preferences. So, take inventory and figure out how to get high in the way that works best for you. Don’t bow to peer pressure.

Learn how to get high because YOU want to

When you feel like cannabis might be the right fit for you, go for it! The plant might be able to help you with medical issues as diverse as anxiety, blood pressure, mood, and appetite. But it often takes more than one try to enjoy cannabis. Some people hit it off with the plant right from the start. But most of us don’t. Nonetheless, we keep trying it because we want to experience its many potential benefits. @Gt.rollingco explained that it took 4-6 times for them. “Then I finally felt something. But when I did feel it. I was like hmmmmm this is nice.”

When you're thinking about how to get high for the first time, go for a calm, relaxing environment

How not to get high

@Grandmas_cottage_books shares some great insight into what to avoid with their cautionary tale. “I was 38 and worried about trying it. The person I trusted to dose for me got it way wrong. Then they gaslighted me and told me that nothing I was experiencing could be from the weed. I threw up for hours. (They told me that marijuana helps with nausea, so it couldn’t be the weed’s fault.) The room was spinning and things like the kitchen sink were moving. (They said weed couldn’t have that hallucinogenic effect.) Then I was couchlocked. (They said that weed makes you happy and energetic, so my reaction to it was wrong.) An absolutely terrible experience all around.”

Do create a safe space for yourself

If you can, when you’re getting high for the first time, try it with someone you really trust. Even better, make sure you’re in a safe space while enjoying the ride. Your choice of setting can be as important as your strain. For @agency.jones, the first time was transformative. “We used a cored out apple and watched James and the Giant Peach. I never giggled so much in my life at that point. Never turned back. 🙌” Cannabis can be a very social experience. So, if you pick the right place and the right people, sharing it can be wonderful. @Iamelizabaked used cannabis for the first time at only 11 years old in a cemetery in Germany. Then she “wandered the streets singing Elvis laughing at strangers with my friends. First joy I had felt in years.”

How to get high in the right place

We recommend not getting high for the first time in an unfamiliar setting, like a festival or a party. Why? Because you can’t measure what type of experience you’ll have the first time. For example, @hotdamngemmabrown tried it for the first time at a drive-in movie. “Northern lights strain, 22 years old, and I couldn’t feel my legs! Glad I stuck with it though 😂” In case you don’t get the right dose right away, either, control your environment as much as possible. Everyone is unique. Your body mass, your psyche, your metabolism—all of these variables will play a part in how cannabis affects you. So, even if you’ve done your research, you won’t know exactly how cannabis will work for you until you actually try it. Your experience of each strain and formulation will be somewhat unique to you. 

Set the scene for how to get high

While spontaneous highs can be stellar once you know what you like, we advise starting out with a calm and controlled setting. Buy your favorite food, turn on some tunes, and enjoy yourself. A little planning will make your experience that much more enjoyable. Getting high should be a fun experience that you can share. @Thecanncierge explains that, even with subpar flower, her first time was hilarious. “Terrible weed smoked out of a can-pipe under a bridge near my high school with a friend I still know 20+ years later. Hella high off schwag, we got on the “late bus” with Doritos and red eyes and never looked back. 😍” And @Claudzilla had a similar first experience, “I was in my last year of college and surrounded by very supportive, kind friends and stoners. I laughed a lot, vibed with people and had the best first experience. 💚

Be open to everything the experience can bring

Cannabis can be an eye opening experience. More than that, it can be a third eye opener. For many of us, consuming cannabis challenges our norms. That’s especially true if you grew up in the “Just Say No” era. @Seanofthevapes explains, “I was driving down the road, saw the dispensary, and said to myself, ‘you just turned 40, I’m going to try something’. My world was changed forever. So many lies about what mj would do were blown away in a few clouds of vapor.” With this kind of a perspective shift, you can tap into a new, higher self. For many of us, that journey has led to new explorations of our cultures and our places within them. You might also find that you expand your social scene and start hanging out with different types of people.

What should you get high with?

It’s your first time getting high, it can be hard to know what to get high with. But we’ve got you covered. Here’s the basics.

How to get high with flower

Flower is the most common form of cannabis and the most natural. You just grow the plant, dry the flower, and it’s ready to smoke. But that’s where a lot of us get stymied. We’re not gonna lie, rolling a joint can feel as complicated as doing origami. And when you’re first starting out, there’s enough to think about. So, instead of stressing yourself with trying to roll right off the bat, pick up some pre-rolled cones. They do all the hard work for you. A pre-rolled cone is just the pre-formed paper and filter for a joint. Instead of figuring out how to roll your own, all you have to do is pour your ground flower into the cone, twist the end closed, and that’s it. You’re ready to light up and enjoy!

How to Get High with a Pipe

Our fave pipe for first timers is a one-hitter. You can use it at home or on the go. They’re great for controlling your dose because they only give you 1-2 hits at a time. Simply pack it with ground flower and smoke! Or, if you want to share, a bowl is like a one-hitter, but bigger. You typically also need to use a metal screen underneath your flower to keep from sucking it through the pipe into your mouth. Or you can try a bong. A bong is a pipe that cools the smoke with water. Pack the bowl of your bong with cannabis. Add water and ice to the chamber of the pipe. Then place your finger over the air hole (the “carb”) near the bowl, light, and draw. While continuing to draw, take your finger off the carb and the cooled smoke will shoot into your throat.

How to get high with Edibles 

The body processes edibles differently than when you inhale cannabis. Inhalation puts cannabinoids directly into your bloodstream via your lungs. But, when you eat cannabis, the way that your gastrointestinal system processes cannabinoids increases their strength. Because they have to transit your gut, edibles also take a lot longer to effect you—typically from 1-4 hours. And an edible high usually lasts much longer than inhalation. So, an evening edible can keep your sleep restful all night long. In other words, if you do it right with edibles, the experience can be wonderful. But, if you do it wrong, it can be extra bad. @Raquelsroom shared with us that their first time taking an edible “was a little scary. It was also the best time off an edible (or a few) 😂.”

How to get high with edibles

Dosing with Edibles 

Dosing with homemade edibles is difficult. That’s because it’s notoriously hard to determine the potency of edibles you make yourself. We love the sharing culture of cannabis. But, we have to admit, we don’t actually like to take edibles anymore if we don’t know how much cannabis is in them. By purchasing an edible at a dispensary, you can see for yourself how much THC is in each treat. Check out the label to learn its THC content. The rule of thumb with dosing is to start low and go slow. For your first time, start with 3-5mg of THC max. You can always take more. But resist the urge for at least 2 hours until you see how your initial dose affects you.

How to get high with Concentrates

If you’re looking for serious pain relief, concentrates might be your jam. There’s lots of different formulations to try, including vapes, hash, dabbing, etc. If that sounds interesting to you, check out our guide to concentrates for beginners. For us, what’s really important is what’s in them. There’s 2 types—isolates and broad or full spectrum. We’re broad/full spectrum fans. Why? When you consume an isolate, you’re just getting the single cannabinoid that’s in the isolate and not everything else that the plant has to offer. We’re firm believers in the entourage effect. That’s the idea that the whole is more than just the sum of its parts. The many compounds that naturally occur in cannabis tend to work together to increase the plant’s efficacy. Isolates are the opposite. In other words, you won’t be getting the full benefits of the plant.

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