10 LGBTQIA Companies To Shop For Pride Month 2023

  • Celebrate Pride Month 2023 with these 10 LGBTQIA-owned cannabis companies. 
  • From delicious infused food, soothing CBD skincare, and out of this world sublingual edibles, LGBTQIA-owned cannabis companies offer something for everyone. 

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Gear up for Pride Month 2023

To celebrate Pride Month 2023, gear up with delights from these 10 LGBTQIA-owned companies. These brands have just what you need. Are you looking for high-end edibles to up your cooking game? Or a friendly dispensary with high quality products? Even if you’re just looking for a CBD-infused balm to rub on your sore muscles after a barre class, you can find it and support the community. Read on to discover the 10 LGBTQIA-owned cannabis businesses we’re currently crushing on.


Calling all flower lovers! Upgrade your sesh during Pride Month 2023 with Biko Flower. Queer and black-owned, Biko was born out of a desire to celebrate the tradition of cannabis cultivation and usage. They focus on women, but welcome all. Timeka Drew, Biko founder and cannabis expert, is dedicated to providing a consistent and high-quality experience for cannabis amateurs and connoisseurs alike. On top of their obsession with quality, Biko also prioritizes equity and inclusivity within the industry. So, by supporting Biko this Pride Month, you’re not only indulging in a luxurious cannabis experience, but also actively contributing to building a more equitable industry overall. Buy Biko Flower or follow @bikoflower.


This Pride, we can’t stop talking about Blunt Skincare. This game-changing company creates clean and cruelty-free skincare products infused with the highest quality CBD. Blunt Skincare is built on the pillars of self-love, individuality, and inclusivity.  And that’s not just talk. Founder, Stas Chirkov, has committed to donating a portion of all profits to the ACLU and Bail Out programs. So, by supporting Blunt Skincare, you’re not only treating yourself to high-quality, plant-powered skincare. You’re also standing with a brand that embraces diversity and supports LGBTQ+ rights. So, use their full range of cannabis-infused products to get your skin radiating with pride! Buy Blunt Skincare  or follow @blunt.skincare.


For all things herbal and healing during Pride Month 2023, Brown Sugar Botanicals is our go-to. Founders Chris Wakefield and KaliMa Amilak are two Black, non-binary pals who started their business based on their mutual love for healing with cannabis. Brown Sugar Botanicals sells CBD-infused tinctures and salves, as well as a looseleaf blend and pre-rolls. This bi-coastal duo (based in Oakland and Brooklyn) put the utmost dedication and care into their products. Their topical herbal salves, made from organic olive oil, beeswax, and vitamin E, are perfect for sore muscles and moisturizing hands. And nothing can cure a long day of work and kid-wrangling like one of Brown Sugar’s pre-rolls with CBD and lavender. Just light, inhale, and enjoy! Getting huge props for 360-degree inclusivity, Chris and KaliMa are proud to source their cannabis from farmers who are also from marginalized communities. Buy Brown Sugar Botanicals and follow @brownsugarbotanicals.


Smoking not your thing? Hungover from one too many spiked seltzers? Maybe you’re Cali sober. Whether you’re looking for a social buzz or some calming relaxation, queer-founded Cann provides the most delicious alternatives to smoking cannabis or drinking alcohol for Pride Month 2023! But cannabis-infused beverages are having a moment in general, and Cann was the first of its kind when it comes to microdosed cannabis beverages. They have options for everyone with their range of sophisticated flavors. We’re especially partial to their blood orange cardamom. But you can also enjoy grapefruit rosemary, lemon lavender, and ginger lemongrass. Plus, Cann champions the LGBTQ community all year round, with their amazing queer-centric ad campaigns that destigmatize cannabis while uplifting queer and minority stories. Buy Cann and follow @drinkcann.


If you enjoy cooking with cannabis, Chef J’s is the place for you during Pride Month 2023! This queer and women-owned business makes canna-cooking easy as pie with their range of cannabis butters, oils, tinctures, infused seasonings, and sugars. If you’re lucky enough to live in the San Jacinto, CA area, you’re in for a treat! Get a taste of the infused delights they whip up through their catering services. Some past specialties include their What the FAQ Margarita Cake, Fruitty Peebles Krispy Treats, and Why Not Stir Fry. The cherry on top? They grow their own organic cannabis to use in their edibles. So, you’ll know exactly where the cannabis you’re putting in your body is coming from. Chef J is always working on something new—in both the wellness and food realm. Visit Chef J’s Specialties and follow @chefjsspecialties.


If you’re looking for a dispensary that truly embraces inclusivity, look no further than Farnsworth Dispensary. As legal cannabis becomes more accessible in the northeast, this Great Barrington, MA dispensary sets a high bar when it comes to creating a welcoming environment that feels both luxurious and warm. Farnsworth offers an unparalleled experience with their beautifully curated selection of top-notch cannabis products and dedication to inclusivity. On top of that, they also have an amazing selection of vintage smoking accessories from luxury purveyors like Hermès, Cartier, DuPont, and Tiffany’s. Visit Farnsworth Dispensary and follow @farnsworth.fcc.


If you have a sweet tooth that just won’t quit, the mouthwatering edibles from Fruit Slabs will help you quench that craving. Queer-owned Fruit Slabs has actively supported the intersection of cannabis and queerness for years. They sponsor awards for LGBTQ+ budtenders and  collaborate with other queer creators. The co-founders, Brandon and Maggie, are committed to creating high-quality edibles with the purest ingredients. All of their products are kosher-certified and contain no added sugars, artificial ingredients, pectin, gelatin, or animal parts. So, there’s a product for everyone! On top of that, all of their packaging is biodegradable. So, you can support the planet at the same time you’re supporting the LGBTQ community during Pride Month 2023! Visit Fruit Slabs and follow @fruitslabsca.

Craving cannabis? Sava is here to save the day

We’re all about women supporting women. That’s one reason we adore Sava. If you’re in the Bay Area for Pride Month 2023, this LGBTQIA, Latinx, and women-owned delivery service will bring cannabis products right to your doorstep. Sava’s founders, Andrea Brooks and Amanda Denz, are true trailblazers who hold their products to the highest standards. They’re all about inclusivity and supporting cannabis brands that serve women, the LGBTQIA community, disabled people, seniors, and other minorities. Whether you’re into edibles, pre-rolls, topicals, or vape products, they’ve got you covered. Buy Sava and follow @GetSava.

LGBTQ-owned Sonder embodies the kind of cannabis cos we want to support for Pride Month 2023.


Cannabis and creativity come together at Sonder. Wife and wife creatives, Faun Chapin and M. Paradise founded Sonder in 2018 to build a company rooted in their love for cannabis as a tool for connection and creativity. Sonder uses only the best cannabis in their cannabis products. Plus, they source from family-run farms in Mendocino County that use sustainable practices. Expand your cannabis galaxy during Pride Month 2023 and give their tasty sublinguals a try! Or, if they’re not your vibe, Sonder’s got your back with their oil cartridges. You deserve the highest-quality cannabis during Pride Month 2023, and year round! Buy Sonder and follow @Sondertime.


Stone Road’s founders believe cannabis is nature’s best unifier. It brings people together no matter their background, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or religion. Since it was founded, Stone Road has been growing cannabis as a gesture of love and friendship. They source it all from Nevada City, CA on their family-run biodynamic farm that spans 57 acres. Prioritizing sustainability? We’re here for it. The packaging for all of Stone Road’s joints is 99% recyclable and made from 100% post-consumer recycled goods. They’re always looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint. Stone Road is all about love and loving everyone, and so is Pride Month 2023. Buy Stone Road and follow @StoneRoadFarms.

Looking for More LGBTQIA Businesses to Support for Pride Month 2023?

As you can guess, there are more than just 10 LGBTQIA-owned cannabis companies out there for you to support during Pride Month 2023—and year round. Any cannabis product you want or need, you can find it from an LGBTQIA-owned business. Cannaclusive’s InclusiveBase is a great place to check out minority-owned cannabis companies. For more conscious consumption, check out our guide to our fave Black-owned cannabis businesses as well as Latinx-owned cannabis cos.


  • The benefits of cannabis for sleep could make it the perfect alternative for you to Big Pharma drugs. 
  • Cannabinoids—including THC, CBD, and CBN—play a role in helping you both fall asleep and stay asleep. 
  • There are a variety of ways you can take advantage of cannabis for sleep.

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An All-Natural Alternative to Sleep Aids

Getting a good night’s sleep shouldn’t sound like a dream. Whether it’s difficulty falling asleep or trouble staying asleep, not getting enough rest can take a toll on your daily life. If you’re looking for a natural substitute for prescription medications or over-the-counter sleep aids, you might want to consider cannabis for sleep. Did you know people have been studying the use of cannabis for sleep since the 1800s? So, it’s not surprising that 11% of US consumers report that their primary motivation for using cannabis is for sleep, according to a 2023 study just released by New Frontier Data.

Does Using Cannabis for Sleep Really Work?

Pharmaceutical sleep aids have some pretty crummy side effects. In fact, 75% of adults who take these kinds of meds want to reduce their use of Big Pharma sleep drugs. Many consumers, including us, find that using cannabis for sleep can be a fantastic alternative. Cannabis has a sedative effect that can maximize relaxation and help us drift easily off to dreamland. It also can help with staying asleep throughout the night. But, maybe most importantly, the majority of people who consume cannabis for sleep report that it helps them get some zzz’s without leaving them hazy in the morning.

A Quick Recap of Our Sleep Cycles

It’s probably been a minute since you took high school biology. So, let’s start with a quick recap of our sleep cycles to better understand the benefits of using cannabis for sleep. Our bodies shift between rapid eye movement (REM) and non-REM sleep throughout the night. Non-REM sleep is divided into 3 stages: falling asleep, light sleep, and deep sleep. Regularly completing this cycle is most important for physical recovery and feeling well-rested. On the other hand, REM sleep, where we experience vivid dreams, is vital for processing emotions and promoting healthy brain development. Recent studies suggest that cannabis may increase the amount of time you spend in non-REM cycles.

Using cannabis for sleep might help you get more non-REM sleep.

THC for Sleep

While cannabis can impact both falling and staying asleep, each cannabinoid can affect your sleep cycle differently. THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, is probably the most recognizable cannabinoid, and it plays a big role in how cannabis improves your snooze. Of course, it’s also the compound that makes you feel high. But the sedative effects of THC are notable, too. When we use cannabis for sleep, THC aids the body’s transition from wakefulness to sleep and regulates sleep-wake cycles. Without getting overly technical, THC connects with CB1 receptors in the brain. Those receptors play a role in managing our sleep-wake states. Basically, THC nudges us into sleep and encourages a good night’s rest throughout the night.

CBD for Sleep

We understand that the psychoactive side of THC isn’t everyone’s thing. So, if you still want the mellowing effect of cannabis for sleep, CBD is another option. CBD is a popular cannabinoid that supports sleep without the high. That’s why CBD is much more widely available than THC products are. Most of us can even buy it online. (Check out our personally vetted CBD faves here.) Studies have shown that CBD can increase your total sleep time and contribute to helping you feel more awake during the day, too. It’s also linked to promoting generally more restful sleep—something all of us can benefit from!

CBN for Sleep

You’re probably thinking, “Ummm, what’s CBN?” CBN, or cannabinol, is just another cannabinoid. Similar to THC and CBD, it’s one of the many active compounds in cannabis. While it’s not as well-known, CBN was actually the first cannabinoid ever discovered—way back in 1899. As THC breaks down over time, it forms CBN. It’s been reported that, when used together, CBN and THC improve the overall quality of sleep. In fact, study participants found that, on average, they slept nearly 30 extra minutes per night! Added bonus? Like CBD, CBN is legally available for purchase in every state.

Should You Inhale Cannabis for Sleep?

The effectiveness of cannabis for sleep depends a lot on the type of cannabis you’re consuming and how you’re doing that. Smoking and vaping are the quickest ways to feel the effects. So, if your main issue is getting to sleep, inhalation could be the best option for you. We’ve all been there. When you wake up at 2:30 in the morning, the last thing you want to do is wait for a sleep aid to start working. Along the same lines, you might also choose to inhale if you can’t take a sleep aid until it’s already late and you have to get up early. That’s because the effects from inhalation also dissipate the fastest—normally, in a few hours. By inhaling, you’ll get to sleep quickly without risking waking up high.

Or Should You Ingest Cannabis for Sleep?

If smoking’s not your thing, edibles and tinctures are great alternatives to inhalation. In fact, as routine sleep aids, they can be better. First, there’s no potential for harm to your lungs. Second, your body metabolizes cannabis differently when you ingest it. Your digestive system actually multiplies the effects of THC when your liver processes it. That’s a bonus for your cannabis budget. But, ingesting also releases cannabinoids into your body more slowly for longer lasting effects. For those of us who struggle to stay asleep, that’s a big benefit. CBD-dominant and CBN isolate products (like oils, tinctures, and capsules) are perfect options if you want the benefits of cannabis for sleep without feeling high. Isolate involves the harvest of single cannabinoids—like CBD or CBN—from the cannabis plant. This process filters out other cannabinoids and plant compounds. So, you can pick and choose what’s right for you.

Which Cannabis Flower Works Best For Sleep?

Different cannabis strains can have a wide array of effects. And new science calls into question the old divide between sativa as cannabis A.M. and indica as cannabis P.M. So, if you want to use flower for sleep, here are a few things to remember. Research suggests that balancing a high dose of CBD with a low dose of THC maximizes the therapeutic effects of cannabis for sleep. Since CBN is often associated with THC, high-THC strains like Death Bubba, Platinum Kush and Bubblegum can contain CBN. But check the label to see what testing reveals about the levels in that specific cultivation. Also, if THC levels are too high in any strain, cannabis can produce a stimulating effect. So, if you want to take advantage of CBN, an isolate product with low  THC could be the right way to go for you.

Our Fave Cannabis Products for Sleep

We’ve tried a ton of different products touting the benefits of cannabis for sleep. Here are some of our top contenders that you might want to try. They include a few of the permanent staples on our nightstands. Keep in mind that, in the US, legal cannabis has to be grown and processed in the state where it’s sold. So, the availability of these products will vary depending on where you live.

oHHo Blackberry & Chamomile Good Night Dots

If you’re in New York, oHHo’s Blackberry & Chamomile Good Night Dots are our gold standard. Enjoy this jammy blend of blackberry and chamomile enhanced by balanced 5mg doses of THC, CBD, and CBN.

Rose Los Angeles Rose Delights

If you’re in California, these Rose Delights and a few other states are a must! Formulated with a holistic approach, they don’t contain any isolates or additives. So, the flower’s natural flavor and terpenes are preserved for maximum effect. Added bonus: they taste just like really good Turkish Delight!

Wyld Elderberry CBN + Indica Enhanced Gummies

Wyld’s Elderberry CBN + Indica Enhanced Gummies provide a perfect blend of THC and CBN for a restful night without feeling hazy in the morning. Plus, they’re legally available in more states than any other THC product for sleep.

Potli Dream Honey

Dream Honey from Potli offers a different way to take advantage of cannabis for sleep. Mix it into your evening tea or drizzle it over your dessert and enjoy the way you glide into dreamland.

What Else do You Need to Know about Using Cannabis for Sleep?

While cannabis can offer benefits for sleep, it’s still important to know about any potential drawbacks. Research about cannabis for sleep is still fairly limited, and cannabis can affect individuals differently. So, finding the right dose and strain for you might take some trial and error. Also, regular use can build up your cannabis tolerance. So, you might need more over time to experience the same effects. If you’re new to cannabis, remember to always “start low and go slow” when it comes to dosing, especially with edibles.

Sweet Dreams Are Made Of These

Our dreams occur during REM sleep. Because THC can shorten the time spent in REM, regular cannabis users may remember fewer of their dreams. This can be especially therapeutic for people dealing with PTSD because it reduces nightmares and sleep disturbances.

Cannabis for Sleep in the Long Term

As with other medicines, consuming cannabis for sleep over the long term can have diminishing returns. And we do mean the long term. For some of us, the same 5mg gummies have been working for years. But, over time, you might discover that you need higher potencies than you’re comfortable with to get the same results. In that case, just take a tolerance break from cannabis for 4-6 weeks. We suggest that long because your body takes about 45 days to completely eliminate cannabis from your system. But, once it has, you should be able to start back up with a small dose to get a good night’s rest again.

Infuse Your Snooze With Cannabis for Sleep

Sleep and cannabis make a dreamy combination. When it comes to using cannabis for sleep, there’s a lot to be excited about. Cannabis can be wonderfully calming and help you luxuriate in deep, rejuvenating sleep. While there aren’t 1-size-fits-all solutions, cannabinoids like THC, CBD, and CBN offer tremendous promise for those seeking an alternative to traditional pharmaceutical sleep aids. So, if you’re looking for a natural approach to support your slumber, exploring the benefits of cannabis for sleep could be a game-changer.


  • The benefits of linalool include tons of pluses for your health and wellness—most importantly relaxation.
  • Linalool is the terpene that’s responsible for the gorgeous aromas of lavender, lilacs, and some cannabis, too.
  • To up your relaxation this spring, check out our recipes for  linalool-rich entertaining.

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If you’ve ever slept on hotel sheets that are lightly scented with lavender, you already know the benefits of linalool. Its soothing scent can help calm anxiety, ease depression, and even help you get a good night’s sleep. Sweet and floral with a hint of woodiness, it’s the same terpene that gives lavender and lilacs their intoxicating scent. But, get this, the benefits of linalool may also contribute to the health of your cells. One study shows that this terpene reduced the damaging effects of stress by preventing shifts in white blood cells. Another suggests that linalool is also an anti-inflammatory. Lots of cannabis strains include linalool, too. While it isn’t normally the dominant terpene, that doesn’t mean you won’t feel its effects. If, like most of us, you turn to cannabis to unwind, look for strains with high concentrations of linalool.


That’s a trick question. While the benefits of linalool are apparent even in low doses, there aren’t any side effects unless it’s super concentrated in a lab. Overall, we humans respond incredibly well to this terpene. Case in point, linalool is used in 60%-80% of the perfumed hygiene and cleaning products you’ll find on the shelves in your local drugstore.

What’s a terpene again?

Terpenes are found in all plants. They’re responsible for every plant’s distinct fragrance. Cannabis is especially gifted in the terpene department—with at least 100 of them. They affect us because our sense of smell connects to the brain’s memory and emotion centers. But there’s also some evidence that, like other cannabinoids, the benefits of linalool and other terpenes might directly affect our brain cells, too.


Linalool can have a lot of positive effects on your mental health. The benefits of linalool have been proven to include calming effects on the mind and body. Of course, that helps reduce feelings of anxiety and stress, too. Also, it’s effective in easing the symptoms of depression. That makes this completely natural compound a great natural alternative to prescription medications.


The benefits of linalool extend beyond simply calming your mind. Linalool could help you keep your brain healthy. Some studies suggest that this terpene could improve cognitive function and memory. So, linalool could be a useful natural protector against conditions like dementia. On top of that, many studies suggest that one of the most significant benefits of linalool could be in preventing seizures.

The benefits of linalool are what makes lavender so soothing.
In tablescaping for the benefits of linalool, don't forget the cannabis accessories.


One of the primary benefits of linalool is pain management. It has anti-inflammatory properties. So, it can help reduce pain and inflammation in the body. One of our favorite ways to incorporate linalool is through aromatherapy or fragrant topicals to soothe pain.


If you’re like us, though, one of the most important parts of your evening is your cannabis. According to a 2023 study from New Frontier Data, a whopping 82% of us use cannabis to unwind. In fact, it’s the most common reason for consuming cannabis in the US. Happily, loads of strains include linalool. Not shockingly, that includes Lavender. But so does Girl Scout Cookies (GSC), Do-Si-Does, Scooby Snacks, Zkittlez, Amnesia Haze, Master Kush, Pink Kush, Special Kush, OG Shark, LA Confidential, Chem Dawg, and Skywalker OG.


Warmer weather is here, and summer’s on the way! So, it’s the perfect time to use beautifully fragrant terpenes, like linalool, to set the mood for your summer entertaining. Cannabis isn’t just CBD and THC. Its terpenes also contribute to how each strain can make you feel. You know how champagne can sometimes make you giddy, while red wine might mellow you out? Understanding the benefits of linalool and other terpenes helps you choose the right cannabis strains to set whatever mood you want.


Do you want to create a relaxed mood for a summer meal? Then, go all the way and plan your menu with the benefits of linalool in mind. Whether you make an infused menu or not, take your pick from basil, cilantro, guava, peach, plum, pineapple, and passionfruit.


Lavender, on the other hand, might seem like a risky flavor for entertaining. Most of us rarely think to add it to our dishes. But it’s an incredibly popular ingredient in tons of products that you probably already use. Because this flavor can be strong, pair it with other equally strong flavors. Lavender works well with acidic notes. That means it complements tart and fruity ingredients like citrus—juice or zest. You can also pair it with creamy ingredients. It’s a great way to gourmet up ice creams and custards. In savory dishes, try using lavender to season meats with strong flavors, like lamb or venison. Most of all, soak up that linalool, relax, and enjoy!

Lavender Cocktail

If you’re not feeling daring enough to add lavender to food, you can always introduce the relaxing benefits of linalool to your entertainment arsenal via cocktails. Here’s a gorgeous drink to de-stress your guests and make the evening with them feel even more special. It’s a stunning way to get everyone into a mellow mood before they sit down at your table. Bonus, this drink will look amazing on your table, too.

Lavender Gin Cocktail Ingredients

1½ ounces Hendricks gin, 1 ounce freshly squeezed lemon juice, ½ ounce Creme de Violette, soda water, and ice.

Lavender Gin Cocktail Instructions

Add gin, lemon juice, Creme de Violette, and ice to a cocktail shaker. Shake for 20 seconds. Then strain into a glass filled with ice. Top with a splash of soda water. Garnish with lemon slices.

Try incorporating more linalool with cannabis and lavender infused cockktails.


We love going all-in on a lavender-themed tablescape to celebrate the return of warm-weather socializing. Here’s our tips for a linalool-inspired dinner party. It’ll give you and your guests the ultimate experience in relaxed, summer conviviality.

Exploit the benefits of linalool to relax your guests.


One of our favorite benefits of linalool is that it’s soothing. So, luscious tones of lavender are perfect for anchoring a tablescape. You can offset this ultimate spring hue with touches of bright white, crystal, and a hint of blue. We love starting with a fantastic tablecloth. The one pictured here is a geometric herringbone pattern that’s perfect for keeping our floral-themed plates modern. Since we went with such a strong pattern on our tablecloth, we opted for simple white napkins. Then, we built on our lavender and white theme with a rustic vase full of the aromatic flower itself. We layered purple cabbage canapé plates on top of vintage floral dinner plates. To top it all off, we went with textured champagne flutes to contrast with the clean lines of our clear crystal water goblets. This simple setting packs a big punch of summer style.


For a cannabis-friendly meal, include elegant smoking accessories. We set this table with our Barrow Street Herb Bowls—in Adela Lavender, natch! They’re great for guests because they hold just enough flower for one guest and then double as their personal ashtray. We also laid out matching purple Le Pipes. These ceramic one-hitters are especially good for cannabis-curious friends. They make trying cannabis elegant and easy. They hold just enough flower for 2-3 hits. They’re also super simple to pack and light. Plus, they’re a snap to clean. For the rolling pros, we added coordinating rolling papers. If you’re hosting outside, hemp papers can also double for guests as oil blotting sheets in the heat. To complete our setting, we added a vintage crystal table lighter.

Where we got it

Ssshhh, don’t tell, but we snagged the herringbone tablecloth on Wayfair. We got the flatware from Lenox Portola and the champagne flutes, in amethyst, from Godinger Alba. We picked up the canapé plates, in blue purple, are from House of Hampton’s Orr collection. The floral dinner plates, the vase, and the Ronson crystal lighter are vintage.

Staff Picks: the 10 Best CBD Products for 2023

  • CBD products are getting more sophisticated. Innovative new formulations are coming out every day. So, it’s hard to know which ones really work. 
  • To help you choose, here are the CBD products our team relies on for everything from sleep to soothing skin. 
  • Whether you want to eat it, smooth it on, or stir it into a drink, we think these are the best CBD products that 2023 has to offer so far.

11-minute read

Our Go-To CBD Products for 2023

With so many CBD products on the market, it can be hard to find what’s right for you. And, with Mother’s Day just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to treat the moms in your life to a CBD gift that will keep on giving. So, here are the CBD products we can personally vouch for. They’re the best CBD products we’ve found for sleep, relaxation, beautiful skin, and pain relief. You’ll note that many of them were also on our 2022 list. What can we say—when something works, it works!


Looking for a new way to relax? Tonic’s Chronic Blend Bath Soak is the perfect addition to your routine! Kristina, House of Puff’s founder, loves this bath soak above all other CBD products. “Tonic’s bath soak makes my body feel like a bowl of jello. It literally washes my aches and stress away!”


Tonic’s bath soak is made with full-spectrum, single-origin hemp extract and a powerful selection of essential oils to provide the full body relief you deserve. Also, it softens your skin, leaving you with a silky smooth feel you’ll just love. And the best part? Its relaxing and soothing scent won’t overpower your senses. This CBD product is made with a blend of pink Himalayan Sea Salt, Epsom Salt, and Dead Sea Salt. It’s also infused with full-spectrum hemp extract from Tricolla Farms in upstate New York. 

Chill Out is one of the must-have CBD products for menopause.


Let’s talk menopause. It may not be your first instinct to reach for CBD products when suffering from hot flashes. But Plant Juice’s Chill Out Cooling Spray is going to change that. Their refreshing blend of CBD, Peppermint, Clary Sage, Lavender, and Lemon is not only effective but also smells fantastic. And, it’s easy to use! According to Holly, our COO, “A couple spritzes instantly cool the heat and sweatiness of hot flashes—it’s a godsend.”


CBD products specifically for menopause symptoms are still few and far between. But Chill Out spray is changing the game when it comes to hot flashes. It could also help with the discomfort of mild fevers, too. We don’t always want to wait for oral medications to kick in. So, this special blend of oils and CBD is super fast-acting. So, we absolutely love the immediate relief Chill Out offers!


It’s a fast-paced world, and life gets hectic. So many CBD products on the market claim to ease stress. That means trying to figure out which product is right for you can be even more stressful. But have no fear—we’ve found just the thing to help take the edge off. HempLucid’s Stress watermelon flavored gummies are the perfect way to reduce stress without leaving you either groggy or foggy.


If you’re looking to wind down with CBD products that reduce stress and taste great, don’t skip HempLucid’s gummies. Emma, our hardworking head of business development, takes these daily as part of her nighttime routine. She finds that, “the combination of CBD, GABA, ashwagandha and functional mushrooms provides a perfect blend for end of day winding down. One of these gummies combined with a little puff of cannabis from my House of Puff Le Pipe is a perfect alcohol replacement for my end of day relaxation routine.” The all-natural adaptogens in this blend can help your body cope with the effects of negative stress. And, of course, that boosts your overall resilience. Pretty cool, right?

Flor de Maria Chocolate is one of our favorite CBD products.

#4 Flor de Maria CBD Chocolate

Most chocolate edibles taste less like chocolate and more like weed. But Flor de Maria has changed that. Not only are their CBD chocolates packed with CBD, they’re also some of the most delicious chocolates we’ve ever tasted. Whether you’re treating yourself or looking for the perfect gift, Flor de Maria is the way to go. And they’re so beautiful that they make wonderful gifts.


Through our travels, we’ve sampled some of the world’s finest chocolate—from Finland’s Karl Fazer to Japan’s Royce. Still, Flor de Maria holds its own against all of them. That’s because the founder sources their chocolate from his native Venezuela. Each bar is also packed with 120mg of relaxing full-spectrum CBD. That’s a LOT! Kristina’s husband ate a whole one and woke up hours later on the couch. 😂 While all of their products are truly delectable, we adore their Ghost Pepper Caramel—it’s a total winner in our books!

#5 oHHo CBDaytime Chocolate

If you’re looking for CBD products that won’t make you wonder if it’s bedtime yet, oHHo’s CBDaytime Chocolate is the one for you! According to Cassie, one of our uber-productive relationship managers, “oHHo CBDay Chocolates give me that little boost to tick things off my to-do list all day. Plus, it’s delicious—a perfect treat.”


Beautifully packaged, oHHo’S creamy salted caramel bars are infused with 200mg of sustainably sourced CBD. To cater to everyone’s tastes, they also come in light and dark chocolate. Don’t worry, though, this CBD shouldn’t make you feel like jumping under the covers again. Instead, it’s meant to sharpen your focus. Plus, it might help reduce anxiety and inflammation, too. And there’s more! The cocoa in this CBD product is packed with antioxidants that can boost heart health, improve blood flow as well as protect both your skin and teeth.

Try oHHo's CBDaytime Chocolate to improve your focus during the day.


Let’s get back to CBD and sleep for a minute. In a post-COVID world, we’re more aware than ever of how important it is to prioritize your sleep. There’s nothing more critical to your overall health than a good night’s rest. That’s because a lack of sleep can cause underlying health conditions to develop or worsen.

oHHo's New York oil is one of our go-to CBD products for sleep.

The Difference Between CBD Products and Big Pharma Meds

CBD products can be a godsend for sleep. Over the years, we’ve tried just about everything—from prescription medications like Xanax and Ambien to over-the-counter options like Benadryl. Unfortunately, we’ve found that most of Big Pharma’s solutions have unpleasant side effects. Xanax isn’t recommended as a long-term solution by our doctors because it’s highly addictive. Meanwhile, Ambien can cause bizarre dreams and sleepwalking. Benadryl, on the other hand, leaves us feeling sluggish and groggy in the morning. But oHHo’s New York CBD oil is a natural, effective solution that doesn’t come with any of those unwelcome side effects. It works wonders to help us achieve deep, restful sleep, night after night. Even better, it’s safe for you and your pets. Sprinkle a few drops on your fuzzy friend’s treats to aid their recovery from any health issues. Since you can try it yourself first, you’ll have a much better idea of how much to give them.


CBD products have gotten a lot of media attention because of their popularity with professional athletes as pain management and recovery tools. When you consider the potential risks involved in using cannabis products as an athlete, that means they recognize CBD’s benefits as truly significant. (We stand with you, Brittney!). We’ve personally experienced how CBD can help us perform at our best and provide natural relief for pain and soreness.

Why use a CBD salve?

It’s not always a viable option to consume THC or other intoxicating painkillers to alleviate pain that won’t quit. For those of us who need to stay alert and productive throughout the day, that’s where CBD topicals come in. You can use a high dose all day long to target those painful areas without affecting your ability to function.

One of our perennial fave CBD products is Flora Sophia's extra strength 1200 mg CBD Salve.


Flora Sophia’s 1200mg CBD Salve has been a lifesaver for us. Its unique peppermint scent is both refreshing and relaxing. Plus, it includes arnica. Most importantly, this salve boasts a more highly concentrated formula than any other topical we’ve been able to find on the market. Holly swears by it. “It’s like Windex in My Big Fat Greek Wedding. I use it for everything—from inflamed joints to achy muscles and bruises. It never fails me for pain relief and faster healing.”

We love 707 Flora's CBD products to keep our skin glowing.


For reviving your skin’s glory, we love 707 Flora’s Youth Boost Serum. The science behind this serum is what makes it so unique. Unlike other serums, this CBD product targets the cells below the skin’s surface to refine its texture and reduce those fine lines we love to hate. No dry retinol flaking. Instead, just soothing hydration.


We’ve found that 707 Flora’s Youth Boost Serum is one of those CBD products that truly lives up to its name. It feels great going on—the perfect light base for your night cream. More importantly, after using it for just a few weeks, we saw a noticeable improvement in our skin. From smoother texture, fewer fine lines, and an overall glow, it made us feel like a million bucks! And all that without having to break the bank.


There are few things we love more than a hot shower, wrapping our hair up in a towel, and applying massive amounts of Plant People Body Lotion. It’s one of our absolute favorite CBD products. This whipped lotion is made with full-spectrum extract and contains more than 10 types of potent botanicals. It also packs 1% hyaluronic acid to keep your skin tight and looking fresh. And, the fact that it’s whipped is one of our favorite things about it. Applying it right after you shower helps the lotion absorb more deeply into your skin. It’s also packed with calendula flower, which reduces the appearance of irritation and stimulates that collagen we, oh, so need. It’s also got other fabulous ingredients like sunflower oil and yuzu, which makes it smell wonderful.


With all the hand washing going on these days, we also love to apply this lotion after we wash or sanitize our hands. But don’t worry about touching your phone or throwing on a jacket right afterwards. There’s no stickiness whatsoever!

Plant People Nourish Lotion CBD products are nourishing without being sticky.
Xula Solo Hemp Relief Drops could be great CBD products for fighting inflammation.


Most of us use CBD products for their wellness benefits. What makes Xula’s Solo Hemp Relief Drops stand out is their inclusion of CBG, too. Their relief drops have a 1:1 ratio of CBD and CBG. Short for cannabigerol, CBG is just another part of the plant.  While CBD can ease anxiety, CBG could amplify that with uplifting effects. So, Xula’s relief drops combine these two cannabinoids to maximize stress relief and boost your mood. Each dose is 650mg of CBD and CBG. Just place the drops under your tongue. Or, if that’s not your vibe, you can also mix them into your drink of choice. Either way, you’ll be on your way to feeling your best self.


Xula is a Latina and Black-owned brand with roots in Mexico City. Part of their mission is to dignify, amplify, and revive all bodies. So, when we shop Xula’s CBD products, we feel doubly great. We’re both supporting our health and a brand that’s committed to doing good in the world.

6 Game-Changing Facts You Need to Know about Smoking Cannabis

  • Smoking cannabis isn’t the same as smoking tobacco. Here’s the difference.
  • Depending on your health, there can be advantages to smoking as opposed to other ways of ingesting cannabis.
  • Due to secondhand smoke, it’s never a good idea to smoke cannabis containing THC around children.

5-minute read

Smoking cannabis—is it ok? 

It’s 4/20. If you’re not into cannabis culture, it’s just another day. But April 20th has become a national holiday of sorts for weed. No one knows exactly when it began. But the lore is that a group of friends started meeting up at 4:20pm to smoke cannabis. Of course, if you’re concerned about your health, the smoking part of cannabis culture might be off-putting. When it comes to tobacco, science certainly supports the conclusion that smoking isn’t a habit you want to start. So, why do seemingly health-conscious people advocate for smoking cannabis? That’s because there are important qualitative differences between smoking different substances. In fact, depending on your specific state of health, there may be certain benefits to consuming cannabis and, specifically, for smoking it. Naturally, this is a sensitive topic that needs more medical research. But here’s what we know now.

Smoking cannabis with a one hitter is especially helpful for microdosing.

Fact 1: There are Advantages to Smoking Cannabis

While there are many ways to consume cannabis, smoking has several unique advantages. First, smoking allows for a quicker onset because the lungs absorb the cannabinoids directly into your bloodstream. That means the effects of cannabis can be felt almost immediately. If you’re battling nausea, anxiety, PTSD, or pain, fast onset can be a huge plus. Second, smoking allows for much greater control of your dosing. Unlike with edibles, you can quickly gauge whether you’ve had too little or too much and course correct. Plus, if you use a one hitter, smoking makes it easier to microdose. When you’re first starting out with cannabis, that’s really important. Of course, edibles and tinctures have their own joys. But smoking remains a popular choice for those of us who want an immediate, controlled experience.

Fact 2: Smoking Cannabis isn’t the Same as Smoking Tobacco

Smoking can, of course, still be detrimental to your health. But it’s important not to lump all smoking together. We have a lot more long-term research about the health consequences of cigarette smoking than we do for cannabis. What we do know is that smoking cannabis has not been proven to cause lung cancer, while smoking tobacco definitely does. Cannabis smoke does contain some carcinogens, like tobacco. But, unlike tobacco, it also contains cannabinoids that have shown to fight against cancer cells. This isn’t to say that smoking cannabis can’t have any negative health impacts. We’re just pointing out that the health risks between cannabis and tobacco aren’t the same.

Fact 3: The Health Risks of Smoking Tobacco are Indisputable

It’s not like you needed reminding, but one of the worst long term effects of smoking tobacco can be cancer. Cancer associated with tobacco most commonly attacks the lungs. Nonetheless, tobacco smoke can also cause numerous other types of cancers. And that’s not all. Smoking tobacco makes you vulnerable to lots of other health problems. Another risk of prolonged tobacco use is cardiovascular disease (CVD). According to a 2014 US Surgeon General’s report, 1 in 4 CVD deaths are caused by tobacco smoke. The CDC puts the long-term effects of smoking cigarettes quite clearly: “Smoking causes cancer, heart disease, stroke, lung diseases, diabetes, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), which includes emphysema and chronic bronchitis. Smoking also increases risk for tuberculosis, certain eye diseases, and problems of the immune system, including rheumatoid arthritis.”

Fact 4: Smoking Cannabis Doesn’t Pose the Same Risks as Tobacco

Unlike tobacco inhalation, no study to date points to smoking cannabis as the cause of any cancer. Cannabis is a complex plant. It contains hundreds of compounds, many of which interact with our bodies. While the inhalation of any smoke is generally associated with the elevated risk of respiratory challenges, cannabis is different than other plants. That’s because it also contains cannabinoids that can have healing properties. Cannabis is used to relieve pain and inflammation. In addition, some studies have even shown that cannabis seems to work against certain forms of cancer. There’s just not enough research yet to support any definitive claims. But, because of these studies, even the American Cancer Society advocates that we need more in-depth studies to determine exactly how smoking cannabis affects your health. 

Fact 5: Secondhand Cannabis Smoke is Dangerous for Children

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) specifically calls out the dangers of secondhand cannabis smoke for children. But that has less to do with the smoke itself than with the THC that’s in it. Since the brain is still developing during the teenage years, the consumption of THC by children can have some devastating effects. Those can include attention deficits, reduced intelligence, cognitive inhibition, and impaired abstract reasoning, and abnormal brain activation. That’s not to say that there might not be reasons when the pros of cannabis outweigh the cons for children. For instance, many children benefit enormously from cannabis as a treatment for epilepsy. Nonetheless, it’s never a good idea to smoke around children.

Fact 6: The Healthiest Option is Non-Combustion 

Inhaling burning plant matter isn’t probably ever going to be risk-free. In particular, smoking cannabis can make you prone to chronic bronchitis. And most of the medical community’s concerns about the health impacts of cannabis, have to do with smoking it.  So, if you’re concerned about your lung health or have an existing respiratory condition, it’s safer for you to avoid smoking cannabis altogether. Instead, just stick to edibles, capsules, or oils.

Weighing the Pros and Cons 

When it comes to the long-term effects of smoking cannabis, it’s important not to lump it in with other substances. The health data on tobacco smoking is clear—there are major risks and there aren’t any health-specific benefits. In comparison, there can be health-related reasons for smoking cannabis. And, like in all things, moderation can mitigate the risks. With the advice of your doctor, you should weigh whether the pros of smoking cannabis outweigh the risks for you.

Cannabis for Anxiety—Can It Really Help?

  • Anecdotal evidence and early studies show that you might be able to use cannabis for anxiety. 
  • When trying cannabis for anxiety, experiment with CBD, THC, and strains with terpenes like myrcene and limonene.

6-minute read

can cannabis help relieve anxiety?

There’s no question that the past few years have upped our collective state of anxiety. Seems like there are more of those days when you’re feeling like Holly Golightly—except it’s on the morning after. Some people take anti-anxiety meds. Others turn to natural remedies, from meditation to cannabis. But should you be taking cannabis for anxiety? In the past, prohibition prevented scientists from researching cannabis as a viable treatment. But doctors are beginning to conduct clinical trials on cannabis for anxiety and other mental health issues. While the scientific jury is still out, there’s tons of anecdotal evidence that cannabis helps a lot of us cope. We speak from personal experience. Whether your anxiety is chronic or situational, here’s what we do know.

What is cannabis?

Most simply, cannabis is a plant. Many of us consume its flowers, leaves, and seed oil for both medicinal and recreational purposes. Cannabis includes over 120 different compounds and active ingredients. The two most abundant are CBD and THC.

CBD or THC for anxiety?

When it comes to anxiety, which cannabinoids might help you? The short answer is that both THC and CBD have helped us with our anxiety. But they can have very different effects. For the cannabis curious, THC is the chemical most responsible for cannabis’ psychotropic effect—the “high”. Unlike THC, on its own, CBD can relax you but is unlikely to make you feel high. So you have options. If you don’t want to be high, stick to CBD alone.

Using cannabis for anxiety

Everyone gets anxious from time to time—even people who aren’t diagnosed with an anxiety disorder. As we all know, getting stressed is totally normal. More and more of us incorporate cannabis into our wellness routines to help soothe these feelings. Although we need more clinical trials, there’s promising research about CBD for anxiety. A 2018 study looking at the effects of CBD on anxiety suggests that it might have benefits for those with anxiety-related disorders. CBD decreased anxiety symptoms in most of the participants in this small study with no adverse affects. 

Some people combine Big Pharma anti-anxiety meds with cannabis for anxiety relief.

Find the combo that works best for you

While some of us solely use cannabis to manage our anxiety, that’s not for everyone. It’s all about finding the best mix for you. Many of us who’ve been diagnosed with serious anxiety disorders find that cobbling together a combo of Big Pharma meds with cannabis works best for us. Since the science about cannabis for anxiety is still in its infancy, you’ll likely have to experiment. But that’s no different from what most of us have done with Big Pharma meds. To find what works best for you, start with just CBD. Then, if that doesn’t do the trick, add in a little THC. The most effective strains that we’ve found for shutting off a spiral of anxious thoughts also tend to put us to sleep. But that’s ok. So maybe you pop a Wellbutrin in the morning and take cannabis for anxiety at night. There’s no wrong answer.

Want to use cannabis for anxiety but worried about feeling paranoid?

Some people experience paranoia when they consume cannabis. And there’s a scientific reason why. When you consume cannabis, the compounds of the plant bind to receptors in different parts of your brain. Depending on which receptors in your individual brain are most sensitive to it,THC can produce widely varying effectsfrom euphoria to paranoia. There are two ways to avoid feelings of paranoia. Either choose cannabis products that are low in THC. Or stick to CBD products, and steer clear of THC altogether. It just might take you a while to find the right cocktail of cannabinoids for you. Based on self-reporting, many of us have found ways to consume cannabis for anxiety without inducing paranoia.

Finding the right cannabis for you

Expect some trial and error. Anyone familiar with cannabis knows that there’s a lot to consider when picking out a product. Each strain is unique and will likely have different effects on you. But, once you find something you like, then you’ll be able to find related strains that can fine tune your experience to the effects you want. So, take some time to think about which effects you want to feel. Our advice is to take your time doing research. And, if you can, consult both your doctor and your budtender.

Cannabis 101

Here’s the quick low down on finding the right cannabis for you. Not all cannabis is the same. There’s different types that cause different effects. They’re mainly marketed as indicas, sativas, and hybrids. Most people think of indicas as relaxing, sedative strains for nighttime. Similarly, most people think of sativas as more stimulating, energy boosting effects. But, with more research, the indica/sativa divide is breaking down. Every strain also includes terpenes, and newer studies show that they’re likely to have a significant impact on how that particular strain of the plant effects you. That means that a sativa-dominant hybrid with lots of myrcene might be the ticket to reduce your anxiety. Whereas, a pinene-forward indica might put you on edge. The terpenes that show the most promise for easing anxiety are myrcene and limonene. So keep your eye out for those.

Best cannabis strains for anxiety we’ve found 

There are countless strains out there that are perfect for both newbies and experienced smokers. But a strain that might make a world of difference for one person could be a no-go for someone else. Again, it depends a lot on your specific physiology. To get started, here are some strains that have helped us with our anxiety.

Mendo Breath—for when you want to knock out at night

You’ve had a stressful day and want some cannabis to combat your anxiety before bed. We like the indica-dominant, Mendo Breath. Its sweet, vanilla-and-caramel taste is derived from a combo of the terpenes, including camphene and caryophyllene. And it’s our go-to for a heavy, sleepy buzz. On those nights when you want to relax and unwind, try this strain. 

More and more people are using cannabis for anxiety instead of just Big Pharma drugs.

Tangie—for when you want to stay active  

For a mid-day anti-anxiety boost, give myrcene-rich Tangie a try. It kicks our anxiety to the curb and leaves us feeling happy and energized. This is a potent strain best suited for micro-dosing in your one hitter or, if you’re experienced, to large doses. Tangie is rich in sweet, citrusy aromas and flavors like tangerine. Some say it’s one of the best tasting cannabis strains out there. 

Ways to consume

So, you’ve found the right strain or strains. Now what? This is your opportunity to experiment further. There are several ways to consume cannabis. You can smoke flower, give edibles and tinctures a whirl, or test out topical balms and salves. If you feel an anxiety attack coming on, your best bet is to seek immediate relief. Smoking will get the cannabinoids into your system the most quickly. But, if you’re treating anxiety-related insomnia, go for something longer lasting, like an edible. Those of us who deal with chronic conditions know that our best chance for relief includes pulling a variety of levers. So have some fun with it. There’s a whole world of cannabis and anxiety relief waiting for you.

Pretty Rolling Papers that Give Back? How to Champion Social Justice Every Time You Roll

GIve back effortlessly with pretty rolling papers 

  • Take pretty rolling papers to the next level with thought-provoking art on rolling papers that will also give back.  
  • With every pack of Paula Flores Collection rolling papers sold, House of Puff will now be donating to the Pachamama Alliance
  • Both Paula’s art and Pachamama urge us to forge better relationships with each other and the environment we all share. 

7-minute read

Pretty rolling papers that make a difference

How do you top pretty rolling papers? Add a giveback supporting social justice. That’s what House of Puff is doing with their artist series rolling papers, including their Chris Wilson Collection Rolling Papers. These papers put art at your fingertips while they simultaneously support important causes, like the reform of solitary confinement and the preservation of Indigenous cultures. And it’s not just any art. Case in point is the addition of a nonprofit giveback to their collab with internationally acclaimed contemporary artist, Paula Flores. Paula’s work inspires the same pleasurably deep thoughts that cannabis can. That’s partly because she uses cannabis to enhance her creativity. It’s also because her work is meant to build meaningful connections between humans and the world we share. What could be better? Supporting the rights of Indigenous people in the Amazon rainforest to defend their land and culture, on their terms.

Why Donate to the Pachamama Alliance?

Just like Paula’s work, the Pachamama Alliance works to restore our relationship with the earth, each other, and ourselves. Pachamama is an Indigenous word used throughout South America, roughly translating to “the spirit of mother earth”. This nonprofit originated from a partnership with the Achuar people of the Amazon rainforest to keep their land and culture intact. The Achuar only came in contact with the outside world in the 1970s. When they became aware of adverse effects on neighboring lands, the Achuar used Ayahuasca to consult their ancestors. Based on their vision ceremonies, they reached out to those outside of the Amazon rainforest to shift the dominant culture from consumption, exploitation, and extraction to one honoring and sustaining all forms of life. To accomplish this mission, the Pachamama Alliance was born. Since then, they’ve inspired and trained people worldwide to regenerate our planet’s ecosystems and bring justice to our communities.

What could be better than pretty rolling papers that help save the lands of indigenous people in the Amazon rainforest?

Saving our World through Pretty Rolling Papers and Interspecies Communication

We couldn’t think of a more fitting nonprofit than the Pachamama Alliance to partner with Paula’s painting, Grass Level. But you might want to take a puff before reading our interview with her below because Paula takes environmentalism to a whole new level. She’s not just working to save the planet. Similar to the Achuar and Pachamama, her intention is to do that by unlocking more interspecies communication.

Plant and animal life is central to your work as an artist—how did that start? 

It’s a long story that started in my childhood. My grandparents would tell me stories about how they spent hours playing outside. They told me about plants, trees, fruits, animals, cycles, and events in nature that I knew little or nothing about. Throughout my life, I listened to these stories and started to ask more questions of my own. What fascinates me most is the wisdom that non-human life forms have. Many of them dedicate their lives to making sure there’s a habitable future for all life forms, not just for their own species. That made me want to learn, not only of the botanical aspects of plants, but more about the infinite interconnectedness of all species—and what that means for us.

Tell us about your painting, Grass Level, that makes these such pretty rolling papers

Grass Level was one of my first attempts to try to unblock my communication with other species. At that point, I was limited to humans and dogs. One of my life dreams is to help establish conscious, intimate interspecies relationships. For that, I had to let go of the hierarchical concept that’s imposed on many of us in our education. And it wasn’t hard to do. When you learn about the life energy of the world, it becomes obvious that there aren’t hierarchies between species. Otherwise the natural world wouldn’t exist. I believe that hierarchical systems are one of the main problems that some humans have created to justify all kinds of destruction and violence. I want to be able to get into a free state of mind that allows me to connect deeply with other life forms and natural entities.

How does cannabis influence your work? 

Cannabis changed my life. I have a sleeping disorder that keeps me from being able to rest fully. Not being able to achieve a long, deep sleep made me anxious. I couldn’t think about anything else other than wanting to sleep. Once I started using cannabis, I finally started sleeping well. I could suddenly work all day in my studio. That completely changed my perception of life. With cannabis, I can let go of the things that used to block my creativity.

How can Grass Level help people understand your work as a whole?

Grass Level brings many of the different components of my work together. The painting explores one of the key intentions of my work: to explore the diversity in nature that’s often not immediately visible. It was also an essential piece in my development as an artist. The materials in it are very diverse, with a lot of detail. That’s something that’s always present in my work and that relates directly to nature.

Where is the original of Grass Level now?  

Grass Level is now part of a private collection in California.

Favorite cannabis strains? 

I can’t say that I have a favorite strain. When I’m in the US, I love to try different strains. I like relaxing ones for night and jumpy, but light ones during the day for work.

What do you wish more people knew about contemporary art? 

The art world is huge and full of amazing, very diverse art. You can always find new art that’s related to your interests or aesthetics.

Paula Flores in the studio, making art for more than pretty rolling papers.

Tell us about the palette that makes these pretty rolling papers so uplifting

My palette shifts depending on the materials I’m working with. When I work with plants or mushrooms, I like to respect the environment they prefer to grow in. When I incorporate live organisms, I prefer not to expose them to synthetic materials during their growth. So I use a lot of natural materials and earth tones. But, in general, my work is very bright and colorful. I have a natural attraction to color. That stems from the open air markets that I frequented in Mexico since I was a little girl. I use color to depict the diversity in nature—one that’s sometimes not visible at first glance. When people think of nature, they often think only of green and brown tones. But if you take a closer look, nature includes way more colors and textures than we can even imagine.

Do you have any cannabis-related rituals

The most important one for me is at the end of the day when I’m finished with work. I like to get into comfortable clothes, make a lemonade,  smoke a joint, and look out the window. Another one is when I’m stuck in a project, trying to solve creative issues. I smoke a joint, get into the shower, and use mint or rosemary essential oil on my hair. This ritual is magical for me and usually produces great solutions.

What changes in human behavior would you most like to see in the next 10 years? 

The first is to establish personal relationships with nature. That’s especially hard in cities. I soon hope to make work that opens this path up—not just for me, but for anyone who’s interested in having deeper personal experiences with nature on its own terms. I want to let go of all the impositions of white, western, colonialist, and anthropocentric views of the world. The second is to consume way less. And the third is to slow down into rhythms that are more in sync with nature. I think the speed of modern life is a major problem for most of us. We live at a pace that doesn’t wait for anything or anyone. It doesn’t leave room for being patient with life to grow as and when it’s supposed to. That tends to mold our perception of the world into something aggressive, where life isn’t really respected.

How can we keep up with your work?  

Follow me on Instagram, vimeo, and my website, where you can buy my original fine art.

7 Cannabis Concentrates for Beginners

  • Due to their high potency, cannabis concentrates are getting more and more popular. 
  • Learn what they are, how they work, and which ones might be right for you!

9-minute read

Why Cannabis Concentrates?

Cannabis concentrates are big these days. We know from experience that their high potency can be especially good for managing chronic pain. But they can also be intimidating compared to familiar flower or easy edibles. Not that cannabis concentrates are hard to use. Most of us are just less comfortable with them. Regardless, we should all be able to access every benefit the cannabis plant can offer us. So we asked Hala Laurette Elkhoury of The Good Strain to break down the different options for us. Here’s everything you need to know to try them out.

How can you know whether a cannabis concentrate is right for you? 

When it comes to concentrates, there’s no one right formula for everyone. As a general rule, they’re much more potent than flower. So, I’d suggest trying out different types of concentrates via your preferred method of consumption (vaping, dabbing, smoking, edibles, etc.). Start with a low dose and gradually work your way up.

Walk us through the different kinds of cannabis concentrates

Cannabis concentrates have exceptionally high potencies. In general, they’re made by extracting THC, CBD, and other compounds from the plant. And they’re most commonly consumed by dabbing or vaping. Here are some of the most popular kinds.

Shatter is the easiest to find of cannabis concentrates.

1. Shatter—the Easiest to Find Cannabis Concentrates

What is shatter?

Shatter is one of the most common cannabis concentrates and the easiest to find. Shatter is popular because it has extremely high THC levels—upwards of 80%. Concentrates typically get their names from their final forms. And this one is no different. Shatter has a hard, glass-like consistency. So, it shatters when you break it apart. As with all concentrates, it varies in color and texture by strain. Usually, though, shatter is translucent, solid, and a shade of amber. Although, many people think shatter is the most potent and pure concentrate, that’s not always true.

How do they make shatter?

Processors use solvents (like butane or hydrocarbons) to extract the cannabinoids from the plant. Those processes produce a concentrated oil. Then, they collect that oil and might even refine it further. After that, they vacuum-oven purge it to evaporate any remaining solvents and liquids. That leaves you with a hard, brittle texture. Generally, shatter contains lower levels of moisture and terpenes than other concentrates. 

How do you consume shatter?

Normally, you dab or vape shatter. 

2. Crumble—the Versatile Cannabis Concentrates

What is crumble?

Just like shatter, crumble (aka honeycomb wax) gets its name from its texture. It falls apart, or crumbles, when you handle it. Crumble has a soft, dry texture and should be mustard yellow. For this concentrate, both the texture and color are important. That’s because, if it’s stored incorrectly, crumble can harden or darken over time. So, watch out for that. Crumble is more versatile than other concentrates because it can be consumed almost any way. Its versatility, coupled with its high potency, make it one of the most popular extracts. 

Crumble is the most versatile of the cannabis concentrates.

How do they make crumble?

Processors can add almost any solvent to fresh or cured flower to make crumble. But the most common technique involves butane. The extraction process is generally the same as other concentrates. What changes here is the post-extraction process. Processors transform the texture of fresh shatter into crumble by either using higher temperatures during vacuum-purging or by whipping it on a hot plate before they purge it. 

How do you consume crumble?

You can either dab crumble or sprinkle it over joints, bowls, or blunts. Like most concentrates, you just need to activate crumble with heat to maximize the cannabinoids. Or you can even use it to make cannabis edibles, like our cannabis brownies.

Budder, badder, and batter are creamy cannabis concentrates

3. Budder, Badder, and Batter—the Creamy Cannabis Concentrates

What is budder, badder, and batter?

Budder, badder, and batter have a more malleable texture than shatter or crumble. They’re more like butter, cake batter, or frosting. Hence, the names. Note that the color and texture of these concentrates varies, depending on the starting materials and the extraction process. Some badders have a stickier texture. Others have a drier consistency. The color of these cannabis concentrates also varies from olive-green to buttery gold. Pro tip: the closer the color is to bright yellow, the higher the quality.

How do they make budder, badder, and batter? 

Like other concentrates, processors use butane as the solvent to make budder, badder, and batter. But their unique textures come from the post-extraction processes. Processors achieve their creamy consistency by whipping the rosin on a hot plate before placing it in a vacuum oven. And, if you’re looking for a chemical-free concentrate, some processors make these cannabis concentrates from solventless rosin. 

How do you consume budder, badder, and batter?

Most commonly, people dab these extracts. Dabbing brings out the terpenes and strengthens the potency. But you can also vape them or sprinkle them on top of a joint, bowl, or blunt.

4. Rosin—the Chemical-Free Cannabis Concentrates

What is rosin?

The term “rosin” doesn’t refer to a finished product. It actually refers to the extraction process. Instead of using solvents, rosin is made by using heat and pressure to squeeze the resin out of flower, hash, or kief. That produces a translucent, sappy, almost shatter-like product. Correctly processed rosin can rival the flavor, potency, and high of solvent-based products. Not only that, but rosin is one of the few full-spectrum cannabis concentrates. Rosin retains the plant’s full profile of cannabinoids, terpenes, and other compounds to give you the healing power of the entourage effect

How do they make rosin?

The rosin process doesn’t require any chemicals, like butane. Because of that, it’s getting more and more popular. Since rosin is made only using heat and pressure, it also doesn’t require additional purification. The final product is clean and ready in just a few minutes. With no background in chemistry or extraction, you can even try making it at home. Rosin is a groundbreakingly versatile, efficient, and safe method for achieving high-grade, solventless hash oil. 

How do you consume rosin?

Just like many other cannabis concentrates, dabbing is the most common way to consume rosin. But it can also be vaped or sprinkled on top of a bowl, joint, or blunt. And you can also use it to make edibles.

5. Distillate Oils—the Most Potent Cannabis Concentrates

What are Distillate Oils?

Distillate oils are highly potent products that can be consumed many different ways. While these cannabis concentrates forego the entourage effect, they give you cannabinoids with little-to-no residual flavors or aromas. 

How do they make distillate oils?

The process for making distillate oils is complex and takes a long time. A mature cannabis plant contains hundreds of compounds that interact with our bodies. Using alcohol and controlled temperatures, this process separates those compounds. So, it’s ideal for creating very high potency concentrates of specific cannabinoids.

How do you consume distillate oils?

You can vape or dab distillates. Or you can take them orally, under your tongue (sublingually), or transdermally, through your skin.

6. Live Resin—the Most Flavorful Cannabis Concentrates

What is live resin?

Live resin stands out among the concentrates because of its unique ability to capture the plant’s flavors and aromas. It typically has the most complex terpene profile. So, it delivers the most flavorful cannabis experience. Live resin’s texture ranges from a sappy, jelly-like substance to a more shatter-like solid. The variations in potency, consistency, and flavor-profile all depend on the strain used to make it. Typically, live resin is a dark yellow, malleable concentrate somewhere between the texture of oil and taffy.

How do they make live resin?

The process for making live resin is unique. To preserve the plant’s terpenes, processors skip the drying and curing phases. Instead, they flash-freeze freshly harvested cannabis. After that, they extract the plant’s active compounds using chemical solvents. 

Live resin is the most flavorful of the cannabis concentrates.

How do you consume live resin?

Most people dab or vape live resin. But, it can also be added to a joint, bowl, or blunt for an extra kick.

Crystalline is the isolate of cannabis concentrates.

7. Crystalline—the Isolate of Cannabis Concentrates

What is crystalline?

Crystalline (aka crystals) is the simplest of cannabis concentrates. It consists of just one type of cannabinoid (e.g., THC, THCA, CBD, etc.). That means crystals are free of all plant matter and terpenes. When exposed to heat, crystalline is quite potent. But you might not experience the full effect of this extract precisely because it does lack terpenes. Also, without terpenes, crystalline isn’t able to provide the same health benefits that are often attributed to the entourage effect. It comes in a solid state and looks like granules of sugar.

How do they make crystalline?

Crystalline can be made in a number of ways. One way is similar to making rock candy. To do that, you saturate hot water with sugar. As the water cools down, sugar crystals start to form. Crystalline works the same way. You mix refined cannabis concentrates with a solvent and then heat it. After you remove it from the heat, THC crystals form over time as the solvent evaporates.

How do you consume crystalline?

You can ingest crystalline orally, either in an edible or dissolved in oil. You can also smoke or dab these cannabis concentrates. 

How should we store cannabis concentrates?

When it comes to extending the shelf life of your concentrates, it’s all about proper storage! Store them in air-tight, light-proof containers in a cool temperature. If they’re exposed to moisture, oxygen, light, or warm temperatures, the concentrates’ colors and textures might begin to change. They could also lose some of their potency.

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