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6 Next-Level Smoking Gifts for Holiday 2021

It’s that time of year again—the holidays are almost upon us. More than ever,  everyone we know is already holiday shopping to make sure they get those gifts on time. Adding to the joy of the season and the FOMO, most of us are actually getting to spend the holidays with our loved ones in person, too. After such a rough holiday season last year, this year can’t help but bring heightened expectations. So we’re here to make your gift giving as thoughtful as possible this year. Of course, that includes smoking gifts for the cannabis lovers in your life. We won’t steer you wrong. Here’s our 2021 gift guide.


Looking for something special but small to slip in their stocking? You’re sure to knock their socks off completely with either of these exceptional smoking gifts.

Le Pipe is the ultimate smoking gift

LE PIPE | $32

Our Le Pipe now comes in six gorgeous colors—one to match every outfit. Our ceramic one hitter embodies New York style. It’s minimalist in design but maximal in impact. Choose from Adela Lavender, Birgit Blue, Gentileschi Green, Mickalene Marigold, O’Keeffe Camellia pink, or Signature Pink. Regardless of the color, our sleek ceramic one hitter is sure to delight. And who can’t always use a new pipe? It’s the perfect gift you don’t have to think twice about.


They might think they have everything…but they don’t. Because our Soho Holder is brand new! This hand-blown borosilicate glass holder will add sophistication to their everyday sesh. And they won’t just feel fabulous using this holder. This gorgeous accessory also safeguards your throat, fingers, makeup, and clothes. The length of the holder cools your smoke before it gets to your throat. It also keeps your fingers away from the flame and keeps your rolling papers off your lips—or anyone else’s. Choose from Emin Orchid pink, Gentileschi Green, Keun Cornflower blue, or Taeuber Tuxedo white.

The perfect smoking gift—our new Soho Joint Holder
Our artsy joint holders and pretty rolling papers make wondering smoking gifts


This one’s for that friend who always makes an entrance. They step to a different beat, like Folktronica—yep, that’s a thing. Their hero is Swedish painter, Hilma af Klint. And somehow they rock sequins as daywear. We don’t know how they do it. But we love them for it. So make their smoking gifts as artistic as they are with our Soho Duo. This gift set includes our most artsy accessories—our new Soho Holder and our Paula Flores Collection Rolling Papers. They’ll adore our sophisticated joint holder. They might look like seductively gossamer jewelry. But an artist in California hand blows them for us in resilient borosilicate glass. This joint holder will give them that extra dash of fancy that they crave. Choose from Gentileschi Green or Emin Orchid Pink. Plus, gift them with a new artist to obsess about. Our pretty rolling papers come wrapped in the vibrancy of an original painting by internationally acclaimed Latine artist, Paula Flores. Endear yourself to them even more with the fact that a portion of the proceeds from your gift went directly to support the artist. 

Our matching one hitter and ashtray are great practical smoking gifts


Matching sets are one of those things that will always be in style. You know it’s true. It’s one thing to have a dramatic green dress. It’s a whole other level to add fabulous shoes to match. A matching set is double the chic. We love matching our pipes to our outfits. But they’ll love our Downtown Duo with a monochrome Le Pipe ceramic one hitter and herb bowl/ashtray. No matter whether they grind their mix into our Barrow Street Herb Bowl, use it as a unique footed ashtray, or both. They’ll smile every time they puff with this most practical of smoking gifts. Choose from Adela Lavender, Gentileschi Green, or O’Keeffe Camellia pink. Match your gift to their bedroom decor. Or choose a contrasting color that will really pop on their nightstand.

Forget about stuffing their stocking—gift them our Stuffed Stash Bag


Do something more than just stuff that special someone’s stocking this year. Indulge them instead with our Stuffed Stash Bag! Our luxe Crosby Pouch isn’t the usual stash bag that’s doomed to dark colors to stay looking chic. In pale Signature Pink, the Crosby is still stain-resistant, antimicrobial, and odor-resistant. That’s because we used state-of-the-art Krypton performance fabric. So the outside of the Crosby has a soft chenille hand with a matching, textured pink satin lining. But that’s not all! Exclusively for this holiday, we’re stuffing our posh stash bag with matching pink puffware. First, they’ll love our bestselling ceramic one hitter, Le Pipe, in Signature Pink. Then they’ll adore our seductive new Soho Cigarette Holder in Emin Orchid. And finally, you’ll gift them with our pink king-sized Signature Rolling Papers. This year, give them everything they really need to have the happiest of holidays.


Do you long to share your daily sesh with your spouse, but they can’t get into it because of their delicate throat? Tested by our most fragile-throated, we have a new gift set on the way that’ll solve this problem forever! We can’t share the details yet. Not until just after Thanksgiving. But our exquisitely designed, high-tech marvel will have you sharing the intimacy of a sunset smoke with your boo just like you’ve always wanted. Sign up for our mailing list or follow our Insta to be the first to know when they drop.

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